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2004-02-13 Vishay strain gages target high-temperature testing apps
The high-temperature weldable strain gages from Vishay Intertechnology is designed for high-temperature testing applications
2007-12-14 Temperature switch operates over 'largest' voltage range
TI has introduced the industry's smallest (SC70 package) low-power, resistor-programmable temperature switch that operates over the largest supply voltage range
2002-05-14 Temperature compensation IC pressure sensors
2002-12-16 Temperature compensation for Stratum 3 holdover
Pluto delivers stability over industrial and automotive temperature ranges which makes the oscillator suitable for applications that were formerly the domain of OCXOs including Stratum 3 and other SDH/SONET clocking applications
2002-12-09 Temperature compensation for passive LCD Panels
This application note describes how to implement a Temp. compensation with the JUMP LCD controller family
2001-06-04 Suggested circuit controller for a dual-control FET VVA in AGC temperature compensation
This application note describes a useful broadband technique of temperature compensation for GaAs FET amplifiers.
2010-11-09 Real-time clock features temperature compensation, tamper detection
IDT offers real-time clocks suitable for temperature-sensitive and tamper detection applications
2004-12-03 Power meter SoC includes digital temperature compensation
TDK Semiconductor rolled out a new member of its power meter SoC product line.
2007-08-22 Passive rejustor automates temperature compensation
Microbridge Technologies has introduced a passive rejustor that automates the adjustment process to compensate for temperature-induced drift using only analog components
2006-04-20 Industrial charger compensates for battery temperature
Absopulse Electronics' BCH501-BTC is a constant-voltage switchmode battery charger with automatic temperature compensation.
2002-02-16 Compensation critical in fitting analog pressure sensors
2003-03-12 Bayton SFF transceiver features temperature compensation
The company's BT7320-61-1 SFF transceiver comes with a 1,310nm or 1,550nm FP or DFB laser diode transmitter and a temperature compensation circuit.
2008-02-11 APD voltage control resistor has temperature compensation
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the DS1841 temperature-compensated resistor optimized for APD voltage control
2007-05-01 ADC integrates high-accuracy temperature sensor
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC2493, a 4-channel delta-sigma ADC with an internal temperature sensor that offers 1/30C resolution and 2C absolute accuracy
2011-09-21 Understanding IRTC clock compensation mechanism
Read about the results of a study done to evaluate the compensation mechanism present in the MCF51EM256 Independent Real Time Clock module to achieve an accurate clock signal
2007-01-03 SMSC unveils advanced temperature sensors
To meet the thermal management requirements of today's advanced, high-performance mobile electronics, PC and embedded applications, SMSC has unveiled two families of advanced temperature sensors
2006-12-05 Module enhances temperature measurement accuracy
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a cold junction compensation module, providing design engineers a device to enhance the accuracy of temperature measurements.
2011-06-28 MEMS eliminate temperature errors
Melexis released its third-generation of contactless MEMs infrared temperature sensors designed eliminate errors due to fast temperature variations and/or thermal gradients
2005-05-16 Isabellenhuette unveils USB temperature measurement system
Isabellenhuette's ITS-TC is a temperature measurement system with a thermocouple working on an USB 2.0 bus
2007-06-28 Implementing cold-junction compensation in thermocouple applications
This application note discusses the basic operation of a thermocouple, which includes the definition and function of a reference (cold) junction.
2008-02-27 IC temperature sensor accuracy compensation with a PICmicro MCU
This application note derives an equation that describes the sensor's typical non-linear characteristics, which can be used to compensate for the sensor's accuracy error over the specified operating temperature range
2007-08-16 HDMI/DVI cable devices offer 15dB signal-loss compensation
Maxim has introduced the MAX3814 TMDS digital video equalizer and cable driver for HDMI and DVI applications that provides 15dB of signal-loss compensation for long cables
2002-03-08 Basic temperature measurement using thermistors
This application note discusses how thermistors, (THERMally sensitive resISTORS) solid state devices, can be used to directly measure temperature, as well as be incorporated into control and compensation circuits.
2005-07-19 TC-OCXOs from C-MAC deliver high stability in a small package
C-MAC MicroTechnology has introduced its first commercial products based on the company's proprietary temperature-compensated oven-controlled crystal oscillator technology
2009-01-30 Solution to address stability problems
Silicon Clocks Inc. claims to have solved the stability problem with a passive approach that compensates for temperature with materials that consume no power but achieve results rivaling quartz crystals
2008-02-21 Hall-effect sensors tipped for auto, mechatronic apps
A series of Hall-effect sensors that integrate an MCU, temperature sensor, advanced on-chip compensation, and a digital interface have been announced by Micronas GmbH as specifically optimized for automotive and mechatronic applications.
2002-06-05 Fordahl TCXO offers Stratum 3 stability
Designed for SONET/SDH telecom systems, the DFA S1-LHZ TCXO from Fordahl SA offers full Stratum 3 stability from 00C to 700C up to 13MHz, and from 00C to 500C up to 20MHz.
2010-03-17 Calibrating iMEMS gyroscopes
This application note outlines a method for performing calibration and temperature compensation.
2002-05-16 C-MAC TCXOs consume 1.5mA
The CFPT-9005/9008 and CFPT-9057/9061 TCXOs from C-MAC MicroTechnology provides a clipped sinewave output, while consuming 1.5mA, making them suitable for use in low-power applications.
2002-06-21 C-MAC TCXO draws 2.5mA
The E2747 TCXO from C-MAC MicroTechnology operates from a 3.3V supply and draws 2.5mA, while providing Stratum 3 frequency stability within a 7-by-5mm device footprint.
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