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2005-05-17 C-MAC TCVCXOs with 1.5ppm stability at 622MHz and above
C-MAC MicroTechnology launched a range of low-jitter high-frequency TCVCXOs for use in TDM switching systems for optical fiber backbone infrastructure
2003-10-03 Biasing Circuits and Considerations for GaAs MESFET Power Amplifiers
This application note outlines some of the considerations for biasing MESFET amplifiers.
2014-04-07 Wearable RH/T sensors track ambient conditions
While temperature sensors placed directly on the skin may influence the reading accuracy, Sensirion introduces a sensor fusion tech that estimates the temperature gain to allow for compensation.
2006-08-31 Temp sensors suit 65nm, 90nm processors
National said its new temperature sensors are designed for applications powered by high-performance microprocessors manufactured on 65nm and 90nm processes
2006-01-02 TCXOs tout tight stability
MtronPTI offers a family of low voltage, surface-mount TCXOs and VCTCXOs with tight stability and excellent aging characteristics for network and wireless engineers.
2014-12-03 Sub-GHz wireless for long range IoT connectivity
Learn about the role of the sub-Gigahertz wireless radio spectrum in extending the range of wireless devices in an Internet of Things network.
2008-12-09 Sensors unite high accuracy, low cost
SMSC announced two new families of high-accuracy, low-cost temperature sensorsEMC1412, EMC1413, EMC1414, EMC1072, EMC1073 and EMC1074
2006-07-10 New temp, voltage sensors support SST platform
SMSC's new temperature and voltage sensors are compatible with platforms containing a single-wire simple serial transport host
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application.
2007-07-17 Digital TCXO delivers high frequency accuracy, stability
The DS4026 digital TCXO from Maxim Integrated Products offers a frequency accuracy and stability better than 1ppm over a wide operating temperature range of 40c to 85C
2004-04-15 Dallas launches 0.5C accurate sensor
The DS600 sensor from Dallas Semiconductor is claimed by the company as the world's lowest cost, 0.5C accurate analog-output temperature sensor
2002-08-22 Ziptronix develops new wafer bonding technique
Ziptronix has introduced a process that achieves permanent, covalent bonding of semiconductor materials at room temperature without adhesives
2002-02-01 Xicor closed loop architecture allows auto-correction
The ODIN architecture for high-performance adaptive closed-loop control allows systems designers to implement auto-correction for errors related to time, temperature or other system-level effects
2005-01-03 Tiny thermistor offers enhanced response time
AVX developed a 0402 surface-mount thermistor for temperature compensation and control apps in handheld and portable electronics equipment.
2009-02-16 Silicon resonator consumes 1,000x less power
By adding a piezoelectric thin-film atop its silicon resonator and using a switched capacitor method for performing temperature compensation, the Swiss Center for Electronics (CSEM) is claiming a 1,000-fold decrease in power consumption in a paper presented during the ISSCC.
2014-02-27 MEMS pressure sensor drives location-based innovation
The pressure sensor from ST features enhanced temperature compensation that allows apps to perform consistently in changing environments.
2002-09-17 Maxim signal processor performs linearization
The MAX1463 two-channel, 16-bit sensor signal conditioner from Maxim Integrated Products provides amplification, calibration, signal linearization, and temperature compensation.
2005-01-31 Maxim sensor signal processor suits industrial, automotive apps
The new multichannel, 16bit programmable sensor signal processor from Maxim provides amplification, calibration, signal linearization and temperature compensation.
2007-04-03 Magnetic rotary encoder withstands up to 150C
austriamicrosystems says it has introduced the industry's first 10bit magnetic rotary encoder IC with an operating ambient temperature of up to 150C
2003-01-06 Laser diode bias controller features better accuracy
Xicor touts its X9530 laser diode bias controller as more accurate than competing products using temperature-compensated resistors
2014-04-29 Humidity sensors boast tiny mounting area of 2mmx2mm
Alps Electric's HSHCAL humidity and pressure sensors employ proprietary sensing film for the sensor part. In addition, an original sensor configuration enables temperature compensation within the sensor device.
2012-11-06 FARO CAM2 Gage 2.2 software unleashed
FARO's contact measurement software boasts news features such as enhanced QuickTools, barcode functionality and temperature compensation that claim to improve the accuracy of measurement.
2009-06-04 Designing with pH electrodes
The pH electrode is a temperature-dependent bipolar sensor that has a very large source impedance. These design challenges are handled with level shifting and temperature compensation in a single-supply pH-electrode circuit.
2002-02-26 Densitron announces auto-contrast adjusting LCD
Utilizing flat-response-fluid technology, the LM4040 LCD requires no contrast adjustment and eliminates the need for temperature compensation circuitry or user adjustment of the contrast voltage.
2013-06-28 DC Accelerometer uses gas damped MEMS technology
The 4610A is a rugged, ultra-low-noise DC accelerometer operates over a wide temperature range of -55C to 125C and shock and vibration levels up to 2,000g's
2007-11-13 Conditioning network eases sensor calibration
Microbridge Technologies has introduced the MBW-303 Wheatstone bridge offset conditioning network that integrates four electronic temperature compensation rejustors.
2002-06-12 Clock oscillators and non-compensated sinewave crystal oscillators
This application note discusses the three primary parameters that must be considered for moderately stable crystal oscillators, where temperature-compensation and oven operation are not required.
2012-11-07 Choosing the right timing device (Part 2)
Know the other concerns for high performance oscillators: temperature response, frequency control and EMI reduction
2009-12-29 Automotive thermistors maximize design flexibility
Murata Electronics has launched a new automotive grade series of compact NTC (negative temperature coefficient) chip thermistors for operation at temperatures between -40C and +150C
2007-03-12 APN1012: VCO designs for wireless handset and CATV set-top applications
VCOs have come to the forefront of RF designs together with the first PLL circuits. In the era before the PLL, oscillators were mostly free running, and only in rare cases were varactors used for modulation or temperature compensation. Nowadays, we rarely see free running oscillators, instead they have become varactor-controlled oscillators. This is because most RF applications require band coverage, which can be realized through the PLL circuit requiring two sources of RF power. The reference source frequency is often a VCXO or TCXO, while the other frequency is controlled by the PLL phase detector.
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