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2009-05-26 Using the PIC MCU CTMU for temperature measurement
The Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) uses a constant current source to calculate both capacitance changes and the time difference between events. This application note describes the basic concepts of temperature measurement using the CTMU.
2006-11-20 TI announces high-accuracy temperature sensor
Texas Instruments has announced the TMP275, a low-power, 0.5C-accurate, digital-output temperature sensor
2004-06-24 TI ADC eyes high-resolution measurement apps
Texas Instruments Inc. claims that it has developed the industry's smallest four-channel, 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter.
2008-10-06 Temperature, voltage, and current calibration in Fusion FPGAs
Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGAs integrate configurable analog features, including I/Os, prescalers, lowpass filters, and an ADC, enabling customers to perform temperature, voltage, and current measurements in their applications
2011-05-17 Temperature sensor cuts size, power consumption
Texas Instruments has introduced the TMP103 that measures 0.76x0.76mm and is designed for high-density, space-constrained applications.
2012-12-28 Temperature sensing sol'n geared for LED MOCVD
LumaSense Technologies' UV 400 and UVR 400 pyrometers help manufacturers using MOCVD improve efficiency and reduce waste in their LED manufacturing process.
2008-05-20 Temperature measurement tool supports Ethernet
Data Translation has released an Ethernet version of its temperature measurement instrument, TEMPpoint.
2007-04-17 Temperature measurement theory and practical techniques
If one end of a PCB is at a higher temperature, energy is transferred down the PCB towards the colder end. The higher speed particles collide with the slower ones with a net transfer of energy to the slower ones
2008-01-25 Temperature measurement device delivers RTD inputs
Data Translation has released an RTD version of the TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument product line, in a compact, rugged 2U rack-mountable enclosure.
2007-01-03 SMSC unveils advanced temperature sensors
To meet the thermal management requirements of today's advanced, high-performance mobile electronics, PC and embedded applications, SMSC has unveiled two families of advanced temperature sensors
2006-02-07 Small board simultaneously measures temperature, air flow
Advanced Thermal Solutions is releasing its ISD board designed to measure air temperature and velocity from two independent sensors
2007-09-07 Sensors monitor temperature of computer DIMMs
STMicroelectronics has developed two high-accuracy application specific digital temperature-sensor chips intended for monitoring the temperature of DIMMs used in PCs
2002-07-30 Sanwa multimeters also measure temperature
The RD700 and RD701 digital multimeters from Sanwa Electric Instrument Co. Ltd include temperature measurement functions.
2014-03-31 RFID sensor tag operates at wide temperature ranges
The battery-free RFID sensor tag from Farsens is equipped with a thermistor that features an extended temperature range from -30 to 300 with an accuracy of 3
2001-04-17 Precision temperature measurement using RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with the CS5516 and CS5520 bridge transducer A/D converters
This application note discusses how the CS5516/CS5520 bridge-measurement A/D converters can be configured for precise measurement of resistance using a ratiometric resistance measurement technique
2010-07-08 Practical temperature measurements
The purpose of this application note is to explore the more common temperature measurement techniques and introduce procedures for improving their accuracy.
2008-03-12 Platinum temperature sensors promise 'outstanding' stability
Thanks to a highly controlled platinum thin-film manufacturing process, Vishay's new flat-chip temperature sensors promise an outstanding stability of temperature characteristic of <0.04 percent
2004-10-19 Omron IR thermosensor provides accurate measurement
Omron introduced a new infrared thermosensor that provides an accurate, highly stable and cost-effective way to measure the temperature of objects
2006-12-05 Module enhances temperature measurement accuracy
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a cold junction compensation module, providing design engineers a device to enhance the accuracy of temperature measurements
2003-06-29 Making high-accuracy temperature measurements with the 3497A data acquisition switch unit
This application note explains how to wire the E1586A remote isothermal panel and use it to make high-accuracy temperature measurements with a 3497A data acquisition switch unit and 34901A 20-channel multiplexer module
2005-05-16 Isabellenhuette unveils USB temperature measurement system
Isabellenhuette's ITS-TC is a temperature measurement system with a thermocouple working on an USB 2.0 bus.
2005-07-04 How to measure temperature in integrated systems
As thermal management becomes more significant, the techniques used become even more complex and conditional.
2001-04-09 High-resolution temperature measurement with Dallas direct-to-digital temperature sensors
This application note describes the principle of operation of Dallas Semiconductor's line of direct-to-digital temperature sensors, and outlines a method of achieving high resolution with these devices
2013-05-09 Digital temperature sensor ICs consume only 170uA power
The Hangzhou SDIC Microelectronics' SD5020, SD5075, and SD5003 digital sensor ICs have very low power consumption, high accuracy, and wide operation range.
2008-08-06 Data Translation rolls low-cost temp measurement instrument
Data Translation has developed a lower cost version of its TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument, which offers an 8-channel entry level version.
2008-04-03 Chips monitor hardware temperature
Winbond's new series of hardware monitoring ICs features an on-die temperature sensor as standard, and allows the user to set critical temperature limits
2006-06-05 Battery fuel gauge does measurement, data storage
Dallas Semi's battery fuel gauge integrates current, voltage and temperature measurement and nonvolatile data storage in one IC.
2002-03-08 Basic temperature measurement using thermistors
This application note discusses how thermistors, (THERMally sensitive resISTORS) solid state devices, can be used to directly measure temperature, as well as be incorporated into control and compensation circuits
2007-07-11 ADC requirements for temperature measurement systems
This application note by ADI's Mary McCarthy and Eamonn Dillon describes the available temperature sensors and the circuitry needed to interface a sensor to an ADC
2004-01-06 Zarlink diodes suit industrial measurement systems
Zarlink Semiconductor has unveiled the long-wavelength Fabry-Perot laser diodes that can be customized for surveillance systems.
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