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2006-05-23 Temperature sensor operates on low supply range
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS75LV temperature-sensor that operates over a 1.7V to 3.7V supply-voltage range
2005-03-02 Sensor measures temperature with pinpoint accuracy
National Semiconductor's TruTherm thermal management technology facilitates pinpoint-accurate temperature measurements for chips with integrated thermal diodes
2006-12-05 Module enhances temperature measurement accuracy
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a cold junction compensation module, providing design engineers a device to enhance the accuracy of temperature measurements
2005-10-28 Maxim's temperature sensor measures with 1C accuracy
Maxim's new precision five-channel temperature sensor accurately measures its own temperature and the temperature of up to four external locations with 1C temperature accuracy
2004-12-09 Maxim temperature sensors offer built-in flexibility
Maxim introduced two precision 7-channel temperature sensors that offer built-in flexibility in its small 8.5-by-6mm, 20-pin QSOP package
2003-06-28 How to Interpret DS1847/DS1848 Temperature Readings
This application note demonstrates the two methods of translating the hex data found in addresses E2h and E3h into a decimal degrees Celsius temperature value
2004-08-02 Dallas temperature-sensor IC operates in 1.7V to 3.5V range
The DS620 from Dallas Semiconductor is touted as the industry's first digital temperature-sensor IC to operate from a low supply-voltage range of 1.7V to 3.5V
2006-05-16 Sensor monitors battery's temperature, float charge, impedance
LEM's Sentinel, the transducer company's first active sensor product specifically for VRLA (lead-acid) battery monitoring, measures temperature, float charge and the impedance per cell
2005-11-24 New optical power meter instrument offers 100,000-readings/s
The new optical power meter instrument from dBm Optics provides both speed and repeatability when measuring fiber optic systems.
2013-08-15 Microchip rolls temperature sensors with 1.8V SMBus, I2C
The EMC118X family use an advanced sample-frequency-hopping filter, enabling temperature-monitoring traces of up to 203.2mm in noisy environments with accurate readings.
2007-11-07 MEMS-based sensors measure pressure readings
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced three integrated pressure sensors, the MPXV7002, MPXV7007 and MPXV7025, designed to measure positive pressure and vacuum conditions.
2003-06-28 How to Interpret DS1854, DS1857, and DS1858 Temperature and Voltage Readings
This application note explains the procedure in interpreting the values stored in the Main Device SRAM and translating them into temperature and voltages
2003-06-28 How to Interpret DS1852 Temperature and Voltage Readings
This application note explains how to interpret the digital values for temperature, Vcc, and analog input data and translate them into temperature and voltages
2003-09-17 Chipmakers look for new ways to take PC's temperature
As processors get hotter and the desktop systems they go into get smaller and more complex, some engineers believe it's time for a new way to track the PC's internals.
2008-09-25 Catalyst starts temperature sensor line with 12bit device
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has unveiled its first device in a new line of temperature sensors
2006-04-25 Button-sized temperature logger stores 2,048 readings
The SmartButton is a miniature temperature logger that's similar in size to a clothes button
2007-04-17 Translators convert Intel's PECI data to I?C
Maxim has introduced the MAX6618/MAX6621 translators that convert PECI data to I?C protocol.
2011-07-04 Thermocouple module accepts multiple signal inputs
Opto 22's thermocouple and millivolt module touts up to four channel inputs that are channel-to-channel isolated and individually configurable.
2006-08-31 Temp sensors suit 65nm, 90nm processors
National said its new temperature sensors are designed for applications powered by high-performance microprocessors manufactured on 65nm and 90nm processes
2009-07-13 Temp sensor provides thousandth of a degree precision
Cambridge Temperature Concepts has designed a wireless temperature sensor that can measure body temperature to within a thousandth of a degree, while current solutions typically have precision of a tenth of a degree
2007-05-28 Temp sensor enables 27 addresses on an I?C bus
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the low-voltage DS75LX, a digital temperature sensor that allows up to 27 addresses on one I?C communication bus
2002-10-12 ispPAC30-Based Thermistor Interface Circuit
This application note describes how an ispPAC30 can be used in high-resolution temperature measurement systems which output temperature readings as high-level calibrated voltage.
2006-08-30 Accurate temp sensor suits 65nm process tech
Maxim has introduced the MAX6689, a 1C accurate, 6-channel temperature sensor designed for next-generation 65nm process technology
2014-04-07 Wearable RH/T sensors track ambient conditions
While temperature sensors placed directly on the skin may influence the reading accuracy, Sensirion introduces a sensor fusion tech that estimates the temperature gain to allow for compensation
2008-07-28 Temp sensor with EEPROM touts .5C accuracy
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the DS7505 0.5C accurate, digital temperature sensor and thermostat with non-volatile memory (EEPROM
2008-12-09 Temp sensor packs EEPROM
ON Semiconductor has unveiled the CAT34TS02 temperature sensor that combines a 12bit digital output temperature sensor with 2Kbit of Serial Presence Detect EEPROM for DDR3 applications
2005-08-30 Temp logger prints using USB
Computer Aided Solutions' new USB temperature logger can accommodate a wide range of K-type and T-type thermocouple probes
2012-10-22 Sensor AFE with 4-wire RTD interface
Know the use of LMP90100 /LMP90098 (24 bit) and LMP90080/ LMP90078 (16 bit) sensor AFEs together with a resistive temperature device using a four-wire configuration
2005-09-26 New HVAC test tool from Fluke
Fluke introduced a new rugged, pocket sized test tool designed for professionals in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), building maintenance and indoor air quality (IAQ) fields.
2013-03-11 Developing a fertility monitor
Here's a look at the design of a fertility monitor, a small portable device used to monitor a woman's fertility levels by checking the hormone levels in her body.
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