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2014-04-07 Wearable RH/T sensors track ambient conditions
While temperature sensors placed directly on the skin may influence the reading accuracy, Sensirion introduces a sensor fusion tech that estimates the temperature gain to allow for compensation.
2003-02-05 Vulcan acquires temp sensors manufacturer, calibrator
Vulcan Electric Co. has acquired General Measurement Co. Inc., a manufacturer and calibrator of temperature sensors.
2003-06-19 Using on-chip temperature sensors
This application note describes how to configure and use the on-chip temperature sensors (temp sensors).
2003-05-11 Tiny Temperature Sensors for Portable Systems
This application note discusses trade-offs in accuracy, as well as ways to choose between thermistors and analog output IC temperature sensors.
2007-11-23 Thermostat chip first with temperature switching
Rohm Co. Ltd has developed thermostat output temperature sensor ICs that electronically detect the temperature in electronic products requiring temperature control and circuits that generate heat including power supplies and motor drivers
2010-01-28 Temperature sensors up reliability of DD3 modules
The temperature sensors can trigger shutdown of a subsystem if the temperature reaches a critical point, enhancing reliability.
2014-01-03 Temperature sensors target advanced CMOS tech
Moortec unveiled what it describes as an improved range of on-chip temperature sensors with an uncalibrated accuracy of ±3°C and a calibrated accuracy of ±1°C, from -40°C to 125°C
2002-10-16 Temperature sensors detect real world conditions
Numerous industrial processes need accurate measurements of environmental factors for efficient production - temperature sensors can be a great help to these industries.
2006-11-07 Temperature sensor targets DDR memory modules
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced a small and low-cost temperature sensor designed for thermal monitoring in DDR memory modules
2011-08-02 Temperature sensor market sees 5% CAGR through 2016
Computers, mobile phones, LCDs and other personal electronics will boost the temperature sensor market to $739 million by 2016
2007-02-14 Temperature sensor delivers 0.5C accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS28EA00, a digital temperature sensor with 0.5C accuracy
2008-06-24 Temperature monitors boast high accuracy
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX6622/MAX6636 1C accurate, 5-/7-channel temperature sensors.
2005-09-22 Temp sensors tout speed, stability
The TSic temperature sensor family is said to be fully tested and calibratedwith absolute measurement accuracy on deliveryno further calibration needed
2006-08-31 Temp sensors suit 65nm, 90nm processors
National said its new temperature sensors are designed for applications powered by high-performance microprocessors manufactured on 65nm and 90nm processes.
2005-10-11 Temp sensors ensure accuracy
Standard Microsystems said its single-wire digital BudgetBus interface architecture results in smaller, lower cost temperature sensors.
2005-04-11 Temp sensors consume 6?A
The two low cost, temperature sensors from Microchip feature a power consumption of 6?A current (typ) in a small SC-70 package.
2013-10-03 Spray-based carbon nanotubes used to create low cost sensors
A team of researchers from the Technische Universit?t Mnchen recently fabricated a gas detection sensor on a flexible polymer substrate.
2006-07-19 Spectrum Control acquires temperature sensor maker
Spectrum Control announced that it has acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Advanced Thermal Products, a manufacturer of custom temperature sensors.
2007-01-03 SMSC unveils advanced temperature sensors
To meet the thermal management requirements of today's advanced, high-performance mobile electronics, PC and embedded applications, SMSC has unveiled two families of advanced temperature sensors.
2005-07-05 Sensors with user-selectable gains
National Semiconductor introduced what it touts as the industry's first 1.5V analog temperature sensors with user-selectable gains that increase thermal management performance in low-voltage systems.
2008-12-09 Sensors unite high accuracy, low cost
SMSC announced two new families of high-accuracy, low-cost temperature sensorsEMC1412, EMC1413, EMC1414, EMC1072, EMC1073 and EMC1074.
2007-11-16 Sensors toughen up for industrial use
While there has been a lot of discussion recently about the CMOS and charge-coupled device image sensors used in mobile devices, there's a plethora of sensor types used in other applications including HVAC, motion control, hydraulic systems and robotics
2015-06-10 Role of sensors in industrial Internet revolution
The wide variety of sensors now available can help simplify design-in, minimise integration challenges, and help engineers deliver attractive and easy-to-use smart sensors to market at competitive prices
2008-03-12 Platinum temperature sensors promise 'outstanding' stability
Thanks to a highly controlled platinum thin-film manufacturing process, Vishay's new flat-chip temperature sensors promise an outstanding stability of temperature characteristic of <0.04 percent.
2008-06-19 On-chip sensors regulate environment temp levels
NEC Corp. has made a possible breakthrough in the data center and related environments with the development of an on-chip temperature sensor technology that is set to ''visualize'' the thermal distribution levels in a device, reducing power consumption
2006-07-10 New temp, voltage sensors support SST platform
SMSC's new temperature and voltage sensors are compatible with platforms containing a single-wire simple serial transport host.
2002-01-24 Minco temperature sensors feature sturdy lead-wire construction
The company's new series of bolt-on RTD temperature sensors feature a rugged lead-wire connection that resists damage from handling, installation and operation.
2002-02-08 Minco miniature temperature controller handles 240W
Measuring 254-by-254-by-381mm, the CT325 temperature controller can manage up to 240W of heating power, making it suitable for outdoor use, telecom enclosures, medical devices and vehicular components
2009-06-12 Microwatt sensors suit energy-scavenging apps
ChipSensors Ltd has introduced a family of digital humidity and temperature sensors at the Sensors Exposition in Chicago Illinois.
2004-11-26 Microchip unveils 'most accurate digital-temp sensors in SOT-23 package
Microchip introduced what it claims as the industry's most accurate digital-temperature sensors in the SOT-23 package.
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