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2007-04-12 Renesas 16bit MCU integrates Ethernet controller
Renesas Technology its first 16bit MCU incorporating an Ethernet controller, for use in temperature-control systems for low-end servers and industrial products
2011-05-10 Test device adds XTC features
Multitest has announced that their MT9510 pick-and-place handler now provides extended temperature control with its extended temperature calibration (XTC) feature
2005-09-14 Mattson wins follow-on strip, RTP orders from Promos
Mattson Technology Inc., a supplier of advanced process equipment used to manufacture semiconductors, has received follow-on orders for its Aspen III ICPHT and Helios RTP systems from Promos Technologies
2014-03-28 Embedded Web app server development (Part 2)
Find out how web application servers are set up and know how to implement this optimal solution.
2013-10-29 Design an efficient, smart thermal mgmt system
Build a thermal management system with fewer ICs while reducing the customisation needed.
2003-02-05 Vulcan acquires temp sensors manufacturer, calibrator
Vulcan Electric Co. has acquired General Measurement Co. Inc., a manufacturer and calibrator of temperature sensors.
2002-03-25 Magnecraft SSRs carry controlled ac/dc inputs
A series of SSRs from Magnecraft and Struthers-Dunn targets industrial applications, such as microprocessor-based controls, computers and peripherals, process control systems using PLCs, temperature control systems and UPSs.
2005-11-24 New optical power meter instrument offers 100,000-readings/s
The new optical power meter instrument from dBm Optics provides both speed and repeatability when measuring fiber optic systems
2002-12-16 Mitsubishi dispersion compensators eye 40Gbps networks
The company has announced the availability of a pair of tunable dispersion compensators for use in high-speed WDM optical network systems
2002-04-29 Hitachi AWG module offers <3dB insertion loss
Hitachi Cable Ltd has developed an athermal arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) module that offers <3dB insertion loss when used as an optical MUX/DEMUX in DWDM systems
2003-08-20 Enhanced Daqstation CX1000/CX2000 released
Yokogawa Electric has announced the availability of the Daqstation CX1000 and CX2000 Style 3 that is an upgrade to the CX series of control systems
2010-12-23 DB-LSA targets logic devices
Ultratech's latest dual-beam laser spike anneal system offers within-die uniformity, layout-independent process results, and closed-loop wafer temperature control
2006-08-03 Vishay Ta capacitors operate at 150C
Vishay recently released new TH3 molded solid tantalum chip capacitors with high reliability with high-temperature capabilities.
2008-09-11 TI brings 32bit real-time control to cost-sensitive apps
Helping bring processor intensive, real-time control to cost-sensitive applications, Texas Instruments Inc. announced a new series of 32bit TMS320F2802x/F2803x MCUs starting at less than $2 in volume.
2009-01-22 Thermoelectric coolers match optoelectronics, telecom apps
Nextreme Thermal Solutions has released the OptoCooler HV14 high voltage and high heat pumping thermoelectric cooler that operates at low currents and optimized for standard circuitry and power requirements.
2012-01-02 The lowdown on power line communication
Here's a discussion on power line communication and its segments, applications, and challenges.
2011-01-19 Temp sensor IC enables efficient LED lighting
Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) launches the S-5855A Series of pulse width modulation (PWM) output temperature sensor IC for LED lighting designs.
2007-12-31 Tantalum caps find niches in high-reliability markets
While the bulk of demand for tantalum capacitors comes from the handheld and gaming markets, there has also been quite a bit of activity in high-reliability marketsincluding military, automotive and medicalthat require higher-performance components.
2008-03-03 Tantalum capacitors bank on reliability
While the bulk of demand for tantalum capacitors comes from the handheld and gaming markets, as designers cram greater functionality into these ever-shrinking devices, there has also been quite a bit of activity in high-reliability marketsincluding military, automotive and medicalthat require higher-performance components.
2015-01-06 Smart gadgets rule CES Unveiled
If some of the products demonstrated at the pandemonium of CES Unveiled are any indication, this is a generation of gadgets designed to compete on simplicity, ease of use, accuracy and security.
2013-08-30 Shimadzu unveils compact turbo molecular pumps
The TMP-X series aims to reduce the costs and downsizing the footprint of manufacturing flat panel displays and semiconductor devices.
2006-11-23 Scan-field stepper delivers 50% more throughput
The NSR-SF150 from Nikon Corp. is a scan-field, i-line stepper for high-throughput, low-cost applications.
2013-04-25 Prevent colour from becoming a problem in LEDs
Modern solutions nowadays are the application of colour sensors to achieve the feedback control loop.
2011-11-01 Optical amplifier tech aimed to reach >40km
The next-generation access system applied to optical aggregation networks can have 128 terminal-equipment connections.
2015-04-06 Omron expands Sysmac design platform
In a bid to expand its Sysmac automation platform, Omron unveils the NX701 and NJ101. The machine automation controllers allow designers to create a variety of applications and access design tools.
2008-05-23 MCU 'first' to integrate high-current driver
NEC Electronics America and NEC Electronics introduced what they said is the world's first MCU with a constant high-current driver.
2006-08-24 Mattson receives largest order ever from Taiwan memory maker
Mattson Technology Inc. announced that it has received the largest order in the company's history from one of Taiwan's leading memory manufacturers.
2011-02-07 Low-energy radio released for wireless sensor nets
Toumaz has launched TZ1053 TELRAN, an ultra-low energy radio for wireless sensor networks, remote controls, green energy solutions, smart meters and environmental monitoring.
2008-05-26 Fixture-free soldering machine saves time, labor
To save time and labor during the manufacturing process, Mueller Electric developed the Mueller Fixture Free Soldering Machine.
2010-09-29 ECOC 2010 focuses on photonic components for high-speed networks
CIP Technologies leads discussion of environmentally sustainable photonic technologies
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