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What is residual block termination (RBT)?
In cryptography, residual block termination RBT) is a variation of cipher block chaining mode (CBC) that does not require any padding. It does this by effectively changing to cipher feedback mode for one block. The cost is the increased complexity.
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2013-02-12 PHY performance metrics for JESD204B transmitter
There are several metrics to be evaluated when assessing the performance of the PHY for a JESD204B transmitter.
2014-07-24 PCIe buffer family cuts system complexity
IDT's PCIe buffers operate from the same supply voltage as modern SoCs and FPGAs, enabling designers to use the same power rail, thus reducing system complexity, physical size, and power consumption.
2011-07-04 Payload blades give 4x increased performance
Emerson Network Power has launched the company's first 40G AdvancedTCA payload blade.
2006-02-13 Patch panels transfer data at 10Gbps
Systimax Solutions recently released its 1100GS5 Cat 6a patch panels and M2000 universal modular panels designed for use in telecommunication closets and equipment rooms.
2006-08-28 NKK expands toggle switch offering
NKK Switches unveiled the lightweight ultra-miniature B series and subminiature G series of its illuminated toggle switches that are designed for front panel interfaces and handheld devices.
2005-10-26 New surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor from Vishay
Vishay announced a 1W/10W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is touted to be the industry's smallest such device to combine a low 15 to 100 milliohm resistance value range, a tight tolerance of 1 percent and low RTC values down to 75ppm/C.
2005-11-21 New resistor offers 1% tolerance
Vishay announced a 2W, surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor with a low resistance value range of 10 milliohms to 100 milliohms and tight 1 percent tolerance.
2006-10-11 National intros pair of 2Gbps LVDS buffer-repeaters
National Semiconductor's new pair of 2Gbps signal-conditioning buffer-repeaters are said to provide the lowest jitter transfer, highest ESD protection of 15kV, and on-chip termination.
2004-12-08 National analog equalizer affords high ESD protection
National introduced a multi-gigabit analog equalizer that extends the reach of high-speed switch, router, SAN and server backplanes.
2008-01-02 Nano-miniature connectors save space, weight
Utilizing a twist-pin micro-miniature contact technology, the new nano-miniature connectors from ITT Interconnect Solutions feature a reduced contact pitch of 0.635mm, providing significant space and weight savings when compared to conventional micro-miniature connectors.
2011-11-08 NAND flash device delivers 800MB/s per channel
The 256Gb HLNAND2 requires only one memory channel to reach a data transfer rate on the host interface exceeding 1GB/s.
2006-02-13 Mux combines low jitter and high bit rate
Touting true operation from DC to 20GHz, Inphi's 4:1 broadband multiplexer was designed for accurate testing across a wide range of frequencies and applications.
2002-04-17 Murata capacitors target HRF power apps
Murata Electronics North America has launched a High Performance RF Power (HPP) capacitor series in response to demand from the capital equipment market for the processing of semiconductor wafers that use HRF power electronics.
2008-01-18 Multimedia device OS protects files in flash storage
An OS that ensures file protection during power-failure for multimedia devices has been launched by Mentor Graphics Corp. Dubbed the Nucleus OS, the system features a Safe File System capability for devices using resident NOR, NAND and DataFlash flash storage.
2004-12-14 Multi-port serial I/O cards are low-profile PCI plug-ins
ACCES I/O Products is rolling out its Model LPCI-COM-8SM serial communication card.
2006-03-02 MOSFET driver offers 'highest' open-circuit voltage
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announced the VO1263AB solid state relay, dual photovoltaic MOSFET driver.
2005-04-21 Moisture-resistant RF capacitors
AVX 's new SQ series of high performance RF/Microwave capacitors have been designed for matching, bypass, coupling, feedback and DC block functions in various apps.
2007-12-04 MLCCs tout ultrahigh capacitance
Kemet has expanded its surface-mount MLCC product portfolio in the C0G dielectric with the addition of more than 80 first-to-market part types.
2010-02-11 MLCCs come with conductive polymer layer
From Murata Electronics North America come soft termination capacitors that reduce cracks caused by bending stress.
2011-12-20 MLCCs boast 1-2.5kV voltage range
Vishay's surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors offer a C0G (NP0) dielectric option and increased capacitance values.
2007-11-08 Miniature tact switches deliver up to 1,000,000 cycles
C&K Components has extended the operational life of two series of tactile switches to up to 1,000,000 cycles.
2011-05-17 Miniature connectors reduce form factor by 30%
Hypertronics has introduced its new miniature connectors that are designed to reduce the form factor by nearly 30 percent, while providing maximum signal reliability.
2006-01-16 Mini connectors support power/signal contacts
Positronic Industries offers the Dragonfly series for applications that require a high reliability miniature connector with signal and/or power contacts.
2013-01-23 Microtan chip capacitors boast high CV ratings
Vishay Intertechnology's latest solid tantalum chip capacitors have been tooled for space constrained electronics while boasting high CV ratings from 3.3?F-35 V to 220?F-4 V.
2008-02-29 Metal chip resistors rated for 3W at 80C
TT electronics IRC offers their metal element chip resistors for high volume, high current power electronics applications.
2009-04-20 Medical connectors promise fast, secure lock
ACAL Technology has released the Amphenol Alden range of medical connectors that offer Pulse-Lok mechanism, which guarantees fast and secure connection in life-sustaining and emergency applications.
2003-01-03 Maxim SiGe mixer fits GSM, iDEN, 3G infrastructures
Designed specifically for GSM/DCS/PCS/EDGE, iDEN, and 3G wireless systems, the MAX9993 SiGe mixer delivers an IIP3 performance of 23.5dB and an NF of 9.5dB.
2009-01-23 LVDTs handle deep water monitoring
Macro Sensors has developed a pressure-balanced, oil-filled and double bellows-sealed LVDT assembly to enhance the reliability of multiple redundant LVDT-based extensometers to monitor structural integrity.
2005-11-14 LVDT position sensors operate with many PLCs
The new hermetically-sealed GHSE/GHSER 750 series delivers an output of 0 to 10Vdc over the full sensing range.
2006-03-20 LVDS buffer features on-chip termination
National Semiconductor introduced a very small, low-jitter signal integrity buffer to its portfolio of LVDS products.
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