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2009-05-14 Wipro test facility rises in Bangalore
Wipro Technologies has launched Tarang, a product qualification and compliance certification facility, in Bangalore, India.
2011-09-05 Use spread spectrum clock generators for EMI reduction in digital systems (Part 2
Read about the types of spread (down, center, and up); and the precautions to be aware of when using a spread spectrum clock.
2011-09-01 Use spread spectrum clock generators for EMI reduction in digital systems (Part 1
Spread spectrum clock generators can be used to manage and suppress EMI. However, designers must be aware of the tradeoffs that come along with it
2006-02-23 Tyco introduces CORCOM WG EMI filters
Tyco's new EMI filter is designed for applications requiring a low-cost method of providing industry compliance for conducted EMI/RFI emissions
2015-11-25 Tracking down ECU disturbances from EMI
In this article, we examine how to use oscilloscopes to detect ECU disturbances from electromagnetic interference.
2010-02-21 Test
Electronic products sometimes fail EMC just before they can hit the shelves. You can avoid the cost of redesign and device recall, and product launch delay with "pre-compliance."
2015-08-06 Taking a look at every kind of EMI antenna
EMI antennas come in several forms: biconical; log-periodic; horn; bi-log, biconilog, hybrid-a combination of log-periodic and biconical; and specialty antennas
2006-03-15 Self-calibrating EMI receiver spans 20Hz to 18GHz
AR Worldwide Receiver Systems has introduced the CER2018 receiver, an EMI test solution that self-calibrates on-demand at every frequency scan.
2008-06-24 Real-time spectrum analysis for EMI diagnostics
This application note from Tektronix briefly examines the different stages of design and test with respect to test equipment and measurement techniques
2013-05-15 R&S FSW-K54 optimises EMI performance in design phase
The new R&S FSW-K54 software option contains EMI detectors such as peak, quasi-peak, CISPR-average and RMS-average in line with CISPR and MIL standards
2008-10-01 PulseCore favors Tektronix USB serial test suite
PulseCore Semiconductor has selected a full suite of Tektronix Inc. test instrumentation to test and validate its recently announced USB 2.0 IC
2010-06-10 ON Semi China test JV plans $30M expansion
ON Semiconductor Inc.'s joint IC-assembly and test venture in China outlined its roadmap and expansion plans amid growing but choppy demand for the U.S. chipmaker
2003-01-06 Lambda EMI 1U power supply delivers 1.5kW
The company's Genesys 1U 1.5kW programmable switching power supply accepts a single-phase input from 85Vac to 265Vac.
2015-07-24 Impact of GaN technology on EMI
The value of GaN power switches is clear, in that efficiencies are vastly better than MOSFET devices. However, much more study needs to be done in EMI consequences
2008-01-29 EMI, ESD protection included in these USB connectors
Spectrum Control's new series of USB connectors incorporate EMI or ESD filters into an industry-standard USB package
2006-08-25 EMI test receiver features FFT-based time domain scan
Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a new family of CISPR16-1-1-compliant EMI test receivers, said to be the first to offer Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)-based time domain scan capabilities.
2009-08-27 EMI test receiver detects disturbance up to 7GHz
Rohde & Schwarz has launched a new CISPR 16-1-1 compliant EMI test receiver for the frequency range from 9kHz to 7GHz.
2009-06-17 EMI filters: recommendations and measurements
The application note aims to explain test conditions for EMIF devices
2009-06-10 EMI filters feature touch safe block connectors
Delta Electronics has released new EMI filter series to optimally cover the requirements of today's industrial markets
2014-07-18 EMI and EMC considerations for energy meters
This application note tackles the metering type-tests along with different tampering conditions. It also provides the best practices to create a robust metering system.
2006-03-17 EMI adapter supports multiple interfaces
The universal EMI adapter from Molex Inc. enables fast and easy conversion to SC, ST and FC user interfaces
2011-07-18 EMC Basics #8: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Find out how to begin finding and fixing your EMI problem(s
2011-07-11 EMC Basics #7: A primer on troubleshooting EMI problems
Learn about the specific troubleshooting techniques for the four key EMI problemsemissions, electrostatic discharge, radio frequency interference, and power disturbances
2012-05-21 EMC Basics #14: How to make plastic housing work for EMI
Learn how a coated plastic enclosure can work as a shieldand why it often doesn't.
2006-08-01 EDA&T-Taiwan showcases latest in EDA, test
To update engineers on the latest developments in EDA and test, the 14th Annual EDA & Test Taiwan Conference & Exhibition will gather the world's top vendors on August 17-18 at the Taipei International Convention Center
2011-01-13 Basic test strategies, guidelines for EMI-/EMC-ready SerDes
Learn about the basic concepts and guidelines on how to prepare your SerDes system for EMI/EMC testing
2003-12-15 Aerodev EMI filters suit navigation systems
Aerodev Electromagnetic Tech Inc. has announced the availability of its DNF11 series of feed-through EMI filters that are designed to suit communication, navigation and other electronic equipment and systems. Featuring high contact reliability, the product has a 75A to 100A current rating, rated voltage of 440V/50-60Hz or 600Vdc, and test voltage of 1,800Vdc, 5s (L-G).
2014-10-14 Address M-PHY issues to boost test efficiency
Learn about the requirements of the M-PHY standard relevant to oscilloscope probing, and the tests required in the M-PHY Physical Layer Conformance Test Suite
2011-11-09 Accelerate time-to-market using benchtop EMI scans
The use of benchtop very-near-field EMI scanning could facilitate rapid resolution of electromagnetic issues in safety-critical systems design
2014-05-29 45W AC/DC power supplies support test systems
The TU425 and provide 300W of convection cooling or 425W with moving air. It boasts a robust protection including EMC/EMI compliance, and surge immunity
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