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2006-02-07 Test sockets come in three mounting styles
Emulation Technology has expanded its test socket line with a surface-mount QFN/MLF Quick Lock version. The sockets are also available in through-hole and compression-fit mounting styles.
2005-07-14 Test socket fits 28-40mm? devices
Aries Electronics' new RF socket can be used for manual testing of devices with pitches as small as 0.50mm, in apps with speeds from 1GHz to 18GHz
2002-01-16 Shrinking pitches drive socket design
Shrinking pitches, smaller solder balls and higher IC speeds are driving the biggest advances in BGA and CSP socket technology for burn-in, test and development purposes.
2004-10-06 High-frequency test socket targets 28 to 55 mm? devices
Aries Electronics now offers a new high frequency test socket for devices that measure 28mm? to 55mm? wide.
2002-07-11 High-frequency test socket rolls
Aries Electronics has broadened its line of high-frequency test sockets with a unit that has a replaceable spring probe interposer
2005-04-25 Center probe RF test socket is designed for Delta handlers
Aries introduced a new center probe RF test socket designed specifically for use with Delta handlers.
2002-08-27 Aries, Synergetix test socket can handle up to 27mm
Aries Electronics Inc. and Synergetix Corp. has jointly-developed the Integra 27 test socket that accommodates any device type up to 27mm
2002-11-06 Aries latest HF test socket line features CAM lids
Aries Electronics' new line of HF test sockets will come with a CAM lid to help prevent damage to the package pads
2007-01-18 Test sockets accept 0.40mm pitch devices
Aries Electronics has announced that all sizes of its CSP/Micro BGA test and burn-in sockets accept devices with pitches as low as 0.40mm
2012-09-06 Test reveals Oil immersion as efficient cooling solution
The CarnotJet Vat delivered a cooling power usage effectiveness rating of 1.02 C 1.03 without impacting performance of the seven dual-socket Xeon servers
2015-04-14 Test adapter geared for SMARC computer-on-modules
The device from Yamaichi Electronics ensures a perfect alignment of the contacts and allows for 100 per cent contacting reliability up to 50k mechanical cycles.
2002-06-20 TAB tape carrier with micro plating bumps for burn-in testing socket
This application note describes the use of a new contact substrate for the burn-in testing socket for 0.5mm-pitch BGA package
2006-09-01 Solving the MCP memory test challenge
Multichip packages (MCPs) are the standard for cellphones, with nearly all modern cellphones having at least one MCP. Using MCPs allows manufacturers to offer the new multifunction devices while maintaining small form factors.
2006-01-10 Socket designed for 0.4mm pitch QFN ICs
Ironwood expanded its high-performance socket line with the addition of an 11.5GHz socket for 12-pin, 0.4mm pitch QFN ICs. The devices allow users to socket QFN ICs without compromising performance in high-bandwidth applications
2006-05-16 QFN socket targets 0.4mm pitch ICs
Ironwood Electronics introduced a high-performance QFN socket for 0.4mm pitch devices
2005-11-11 New IC test handler from Epson
Seiko Epson announced that it will begin sales of the NS-7160W, newest model of its NS-7000 series.
2005-04-22 Ironwood's 10GHz socket designed for 0.5mm pitch BGA ICs
Ironwood's new high performance socket, the SS-BGA324K-01, supports 0.5mm pitch, 12mm body, 22 x 22 array ICs without performance loss in very high-bandwidth apps
2012-05-11 Impact of standards on test impulses
How a standard defines a voltage or current pulse greatly influences wave shape.
2015-10-27 Fully-automated PHY test sol'n aimed at mobile storage apps
The M-PHY TX automated solutions from Tektronix promise to provide support for 100 per cent of tests as per M-PHY 3.1 and CTS 3.1 using the TekExpress 4.0 framework.
2006-11-08 10GHz socket targets 1mm pitch ICs
Ironwood Electronics' high-performance 10GHz socket, designated as SS-BGA772A-01, is designed for 1mm pitch, 31mm body, 30-by-30 array ICs
2007-01-30 USB adapter suits any power socket in the world
Phihong's PSB05R 5W USB adapter, for peripherals and portable equipment, includes four interchangeable clip adapter plugs for virtually any power outlet around the world.
2005-10-05 Ironwood's microBGA prototyping adapter simplifies device test
Ironwood Electronics offers a new prototyping adapter for 0.5mm pitch, 84-position, microBGA (?BGA) ICs.
2005-02-10 Quick Lock sockets suit BGA packages
Emulation Technology has expanded its Quick Lock series to include BGA and mBGA test sockets
2002-11-27 Credence gives up DCI subsidiary
Credence Systems Corp. has announced the sale of its subsidiary Dimensions Consulting Inc.
2003-07-23 Aries sockets accommodate to 13mm? packages
Aries Electronics has released the BGA/CSP test and burn-in socket for devices with a pitch from 0.5mm or larger in applications of up to 1GHz.
2004-03-24 Advanced sockets offer coplanarity within 0.15mm
The 1mm pitch BGA sockets from Advanced Interconnections provide improved hole-to-hole accuracy, and reduced insertion and withdrawal forces.
2003-05-05 Tyco compression contacts cut BGA electrical disturbances
Tyco Electronics' Matrix Series BGA sockets use what the company calls a compression contact technology to eliminate electrical disturbances.
2006-01-23 Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, EEPROM programmer
Corelis' new I2C bus analyzer packs a JTAG controller that supports data rates up to 5Mbps.
2002-03-07 Reality hampers vision of interoperable IP cores
Although the worldwide market for semiconductor IP is growing 20 percent a year, the electronics industry's efforts to establish open IP trading have been hindered by instability and self-recrimination, according to panelists at the Design Automation and Test in Europe conference
2011-03-10 LM3444 A19 Edison Retrofit evaluation board
Read about an evaluation board that converts 85VAC to 135VAC input and drives five to thirteen series connected LED's at the currents.
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