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What is redundancy testing?
Redundancy is the duplication of critical components of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system, usually in the case of a backup or fail-safe. In telecommunication, a redundancy check is extra data added to a message for the purposes of error detection and error correction. In solid-state circuits, particularly memory ICs, redundancy architectures that employ "spare elements" are sometimes used to address yield-related issues. Choosing the appropriate amount of redundancy is tricky. Too little redundancy ends up with unrepairable dice. Too much of it means the silicon area grows, which causes the yield to drop again. Test and repair algorithms find the faults and allocate new (previously redundant) rows or columns such that the device continues to work.
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2007-09-11 ZTE, Qualcomm complete first MBMS testing
ZTE announced that it has, in collaboration with Qualcomm, successfully completed an MBMS testing based on the 3GPP R6 standard conducted at its Shanghai Research and Development Center.
2011-04-29 ZTE completes CDMA2000 1x IOT testing
ZTE Corp. unveils its completion of CDMA2000 1x Advanced IOT testing in partnership with Qualcomm Inc., which advances the commercial availability of the technology.
2007-05-10 Zigbee software package enables low-cost, one-box testing
LitePoint Corp.'s Zigbee software package is said to provide test support for Zigbee 802.15.4-based products and can be used with existing LitePoint IQview and IQflex Test Solutions.
2001-09-18 X.50 testing
This application note describes the procedure for performing X.50 framing structure testing with the PFA-35 analyzer.
2014-11-14 Worst practices for DDR memory testing
There are some things to watch out for when testing DDR memory deviceswe call them worst practices. These can adversely influence measurement accuracy or even wreck your probing setup.
2005-05-02 WLAN baseband Tx module testing with DAQ cards
DAQ cards must have sampling rates of 20MS/s to 100MS/s, a bandwidth between 30MHz and 60MHz, and the ability to provide simultaneous software-selectable multigroup analog signal inputs
2002-10-10 Wireless Telecommunications testing with Ultra-Linear
This application note focuses on the
2006-08-25 WiMedia Alliance completes fourth PHY interoperability testing
The WiMedia Alliance announced that it has completed its fourth PHY interoperability testing, which signals the Alliance's progress in completing its PHY Test Specification which readies products for the next stage of testing of WiMedia's certified common radio platform.
2008-10-06 WiMAX emulator allows real-world network testing
Elektrobit has released what it claimed as the industry's first radio channel emulator aimed at makers of base stations and subscriber devices using WiMAX, LTE and other 4G wireless network standards.
2004-08-16 Wi-Fi Alliance enlists testing labs
The Wi-Fi Alliance is rolling out several new testing laboratories that will cover regulatory compliance and product testing in Europe, Asia and the U.S.
2008-10-24 Wi-Fi Alliance authorizes new testing lab in China
The Wi-Fi Alliance has added Shanghai-based TA Technology as its newest Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL), providing independent testing services to its worldwide roster of member.
2009-04-29 Why WiMAX protocol conformance testing matters
Protocol conformance testing for WiMAX is vital for minimizing time-to-market for vendors by ensuring that any problemssuch as differences in implementation and software bugsare detected and rectified as early as possible in the development cycle.
2003-08-11 Wafer inspection system allows rapid testing
Nikon's SITECH group has introduced the AMI-3000 wafer inspection system that is designed to meet 300mm wafer production in the 90nm node and beyond.
2001-09-18 Voice over IP testing with Domino internetworking analyzers
This application note provides information on using Domino internetworking analyzers to identify problems with signaling and call quality on VoIP networks that are H.323 compliant.
2010-09-21 VOICE 2011 Forum on Semiconductor Testing Technologies call for papers
The VOICE 2011 Forum on Semiconductor Testing Technologies is now accepting papers from the international community.
2004-02-13 Vishay strain gages target high-temperature testing apps
The high-temperature weldable strain gages from Vishay Intertechnology is designed for high-temperature testing applications.
2010-09-17 Verigy bags SEMI's 1st advanced testing innovation award
Verigy, has won Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International's (SEMI) first Advanced Testing Innovation Award
2011-05-30 Verification tool integrates with Ethernet testing
EVE and Xena Networks of Copenhagen, Denmark, jointly announced today a strategic development partnership integrating EVE's ZeBu with Xena's Ethernet testing solution.
2010-05-14 Verification platform suits algorithm design, LSI testing
Xilinx K.K. and Hitachi Information & Communication Engineering Ltd have released the LogicBench system-level design verification platform that uses Xilinx Virtex-6 LX760 FPGA.
2003-05-26 Varistor Testing
This application note details the common tests of varistor parameters and describes suitable test methods using simplified test circuits.
2008-10-27 Validation software boosts 10GBASE-T Ethernet testing
From Agilent Technologies Inc. comes new electrical performance validation software and test fixtures that enable engineers working on 10GBASE-T designs.
2007-01-22 UTAC: China testing, packaging industry yet to mature
Singapore's United Test and Assembly Center said that mainland China's IC testing and packaging industry still lacks market potential despite having Taiwan-based companies transfer their business to the region.
2001-04-23 Using NAND tree test circuits for input parametric testing
This application note discusses how to implement a simple NAND tree test structure for input parametric testing of ASIC designs.
2014-11-03 Using interposers for DDR memory testing
So, say you need to get probes onto a dual data-rate memory device and some (or all) of the pins are inaccessible. Here is where chip interposers come in.
2001-06-18 Using Chariot for switch and router performance testing
This application note describes scenarios for testing various features of routers and switches with real world traffic by using NetIQ's Chariot application software.
2012-03-07 Use non-required guard banded testing for calibration
Learn how the use of a guard band to reduce the acceptance limit will increase the confidence in calibration.
2001-09-27 USB2.0 and 1394: At-speed production testing of 480+Mbps transceivers
This article reviews the basic differences between 1394 and USB2.0 devices at the electrical signaling level and how that compares to production test system capabilities in the factory.
2002-02-26 USB-IF picks NI TestStand for USB 2.0 compliance testing
The USB Implementers Forum has chosen National Instruments' TestStand as a standard test management software.
2011-10-28 UPnP compliance testing skyrockets
Device certifications for the home networking standard exceeds 900 while a new test tool streamlines interoperability testing.
2001-09-18 Unframed 2048Kbps (G.703) testing
This application note describes the procedure for performing a bit error rate (BER) test on unframed data carried over G.703 interfaces, using HDB3 or AMI line codes.
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