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2000-11-30 Linear regulators: Theory of operation and compensation
This application note discusses the theory of operation and compensation of LDO regulators and quasi-LDO linear regulators that utilize an NPN Darlington pass transistor.
2001-09-14 HTC2500 theory of operation
This application note details the description of the HTC2500 clock chip and outlines the IC's complete clock design with parts list and schematics
2008-02-20 Ethernet theory of operation
This document specifies the theory and operation of the Ethernet technology found in PIC MCUs with integrated Ethernet and in stand-alone Ethernet controllers.
2009-06-03 Detection of RS-485 signal loss
This article shows how a differential window comparator can be constructed with the passive-failsafe feature of two SN65HVD3088E RS-485 transceivers and an AND gate. It also provides theory of operation, the basic circuit schematic, test results and other design considerations.
2003-11-25 Toshiba designer takes path of upward mobility
Delving into 'new transistor technology' is all in a day's work for Toshiba's Shinichi Takagi.
2013-01-07 Effects of burn-in on power supply reliability
Here's an examination of the impact of burn-in testing on power supply reliability and performance
2009-10-16 Utilizing the power shutdown capabilities of the Kionix tri-axis accelerometers
This application note provides the theory and equations needed to take full advantage of this power saving capability
2016-05-16 The ideal union of PAM and Ethernet
Understand how various Ethernet speeds evolved through the utilisation of various pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) schemes
2014-05-22 Sinusoidal control of BLDCM with hall sensors
Here's a design that takes the advantages of KE04Z peripherals for motor control. It is a 3-phase BLDC motor drive with Hall sensor based on sinusoidal waveform and Freescale's FRDM-KE04Z
2007-02-19 Power amplifier theory for high-efficiency, low-cost ISM band transmitters
System design, which addresses RF link budgeting, antenna design, battery life, regulatory concerns and other issues, often involves a tradeoff between the output power and the current drain of the transmitter. This application discusses an overview of power amplifier theory and presents simulation results for insight into the operation of the PA on all Maxim LFRF transmitters and transceivers.
2006-01-13 Design and analysis of a basic class D amplifier
Deceptively complex, Class D amplifiers have a whole series of practical problems that must be overcome to achieve an acceptable result
1999-11-08 Secure wireless data control using ZiLOG's Z87L02/L03/L09
This application note will focus on the data control features of the Z87L02/L03/L09 Wave Chip?a wireless baseband processor designed to implement frequency-hopping spread-spectrum communications in the ISM bands
2002-06-12 EX-380/385 series 4-pin DIP evacuated miniature crystal oscillator
This application note talks about the theory of operation of the EX-380/385 EMXO.
2016-04-13 Room temp superconductors soon to come
Corrected theories by several research groups resulted to improved technology as far as superconductors are concerned. Find out how room-temperature superconductors are being developed in this article.
2002-12-04 Error correction may stall quantum computing
According to University of Arkansas physics professor Julio Gea-Banacloche, because error correction will generate more energy than chips can dissipate, quantum computers may be further off than previously believed
2001-09-21 Using the PT6100/6210/6300 as a constant current source
This application note provides an overview and theory of operation of the PT6100/6210/6300 series of integrated switching regulators (ISRs), particularly the use of the series as a constant current source.
2001-04-05 Reviewing key areas when designing with the SA605
This application note addresses key information that is needed when designing with the SA605. It discusses the device's theory of operation, important parameters, specifications, tables and graphs of performance.
2007-10-04 Quick start guide for a 0.5 amp buck regulator using the LM5574 and LM25574
The LM5574 and LM25574 switching regulators feature all of the functions necessary to implement an efficient high voltage buck regulator using a minimum of external components
1999-10-07 Programming the S5933 NVRAM
This note details the theory of operation for reading and writing to an NVRAM through the S5933s MCSR Address/Data register and NVRAM Access Control Register.
2001-10-15 Non-contact optical position sensing using silicon photodetectors
This application note examines the various types of silicon photodetectors and discusses the theory of operation and relative disadvantages of each type. An example of optoelectronic instruments utilizing these sensors is also presented.
2001-10-05 Constant current power supplies
This application note provides basic theory of operation and function of a constant current supply that work as a regulated current source.
2001-09-07 1kW Class-E 13.56MHz single device RF generator for industrial applications
This application note discusses the theory of operation and circuit design of the Class-E RF generator using the DE-Series MOSFETS.
2002-03-07 Reversible computing could pinpoint network congestion
A Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researcher has proposed a method for network modeling that he claims could significantly cut the time required to locate points of congestion
2015-03-06 Multi-core concurrency: Opportunities and hurdles
In this article, we provide a basic outline of the principles of concurrency, a fundamental mechanism by which multi-core systems manage and coordinate multiple tasks in parallel to achieve higher performance
2003-12-19 Designers stand up for gate-level simulation
In theory, static timing analysis and formal verification should render gate-level simulation unnecessary. But in reality, it's unavoidable, according to a number of engineers who contributed postings to the latest E-Mail Synopsys Users Group (ESNUG) bulletin
2007-12-03 Collaboration is key, say IP experts
In place of today's patent thickets, full of fears of unknown licensing and litigation costs, experts envision more open pools for collaboration, linked into new tools emerging on the Net
2004-02-25 The trouble with Rover is revealed
When the Mars rover Spirit went dark on January 21, 2004 a Jet Propulsion Laboratory team undertook to reprogram the craft's computer only to find themselves introducing an unpredictable sequences of events
2009-05-07 Sensorless BLDC motor control using MC9S08AC16
This application note describes the design of a 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor drive with Back-EMF zero crossing. It is based on Freescale's MC9S08AC16 that can be effectively used for motor-control applications
2013-10-10 SafeAdapt to create adaptive vehicle software architecture
Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems has joined with a group of companies to launch the SafeAdapt research project that aims to develop adaptive software architecture for vehicles
2009-12-01 Research team touts room-tem silicon spintronics
University of Twente researchers claim they can control a silicon electron's spin at room temperature
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