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2006-12-13 Vishay offers thermal models for optocouplers, SSRs
Vishay Intertechnology is now providing detailed thermal characteristics for its newly released optocouplers and SSRs that have a total power dissipation of 200mW and higher
2008-05-08 Thermal simulation of power MOSFETs on the P-Spice platform
R-C thermal model parameters for Vishay power MOSFETs available under the product information menu offer a simple means to evaluate thermal behavior of the MOSFET under a defined transient operating condition
2008-03-12 Thermal considerations for a UCSP package
This application note discusses the power-dissipation capabilities of the UCSP package, and how that package can limit dissipated output power compared to other package options.
2014-02-26 Significance of LED thermal characterisation
Learn how improving the thermal characterisation of LEDs will help to spur on the LED lighting revolution
2007-09-17 Recognize high-power LED thermal problems
Designers attempting to create high-power LED systems are well served by understanding the thermal problems associated with LEDs. Smart thermal management will increase the operating temperature range, and thermal monitoring will maintain the accuracy of LED products
2014-10-02 Optimise power designs with IGBT thermal calculations
Evaluating the temperature of the semiconductor dice in a multi-die package requires additional analytical techniques compared to those applicable for single die. This article shows how to do it properly.
2005-05-02 Science and art of telecom thermal design
Good thermal design is equal parts science and artan iterative process requiring constant adjustments based on real-world feedback
2008-01-17 Perform thermal tests on Class D amps
There are two kinds of amplifiers used to generate the output power, class AB and class D amplifiers. The shift to class D was mainly the result of the introduction of flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs, in which space was limited and heat dissipation became an issue. Since the thermal test standards were developed when only class output power AB was used, we want to investigate if they are still appropriate for class D
2004-02-16 Gyeonggi line amp offers high thermal conductivity
Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center has unveiled a CCTV line amplifier with high thermal conductivity and low dc power consumption
2007-12-12 Accelerometer provides thermal stability, global accuracy
Endevco's 7290D accelerometer is designed to provide the very high thermal stability and global accuracy required for measurement of relatively low-level accelerations
2013-12-27 Simplify LED light assemblies with nano-ceramics
The latest nano-ceramic materials are now posing a challenge to existing metal-backed PCB technologies by providing a better combination of high performance and competitive cost.
2013-11-19 Picking out FETs for hot-swap source connection
Know what needs to be considered when selecting FETs for hot-swap source connection.
2005-09-01 Packaging becomes problem-solving tool
Package technology provides improved electrical and thermal performance for today's single-die power products
2010-05-06 Estimating junction temperature by top surface temperature in power MOSFETs
The thermal data provided on MOSFET datasheets is usually limited to thermal impedance between junction-to-lead and junction-to-ambient.
2000-05-04 Current ratings of power semiconductors
The application note describes current rating for power semiconductors and continuous current ratings, along with current ratings under duty cycle conditions and transient thermal impedance.
2007-04-16 Programmable POL converter cuts part count
The programmable POL converter from Power-One reduces the number of part needed in inventory for board-level point-of-load applications.
2013-02-12 PHY performance metrics for JESD204B transmitter
There are several metrics to be evaluated when assessing the performance of the PHY for a JESD204B transmitter.
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application.
2011-07-15 Line drivers provides up to 30V supply voltage
Avago Technologies has launched the AEIC-7272, AEIC-7273 and AEIC-2631 quad differential line drivers that provide up to 30V additional supply voltage required for industrial applications.
2005-07-04 How to measure temperature in integrated systems
As thermal management becomes more significant, the techniques used become even more complex and conditional
2010-11-12 High-speed twin axial cable can twist and turn
3M releases new series of twin axial ribbon cable for high data rate applications
2014-09-10 Building high-reliability power systems
Learn about semiconductor solutions for the implementation of high reliability power supplies including redundancy, circuit protection and remote systems management.
2015-10-28 A brief look at intrinsic op amp noise
If you do not want to do the full detailed noise analysis and just need some quick rules of thumb to get your design in the ball park, this article is for you.
2005-12-28 Vishay ships power MOSFETs in PolarPAK package
Vishay is shipping the first two power MOSFETs to be offered in its innovative PolarPAK package, which uses double-sided cooling to reducing thermal resistance, package resistance, and package inductance for a more efficient, faster switching power MOSFET
2003-05-16 Northrop ships high-power stacked diode bars
Northrop Grumman Corp.'s line of high-power stacked diode bars and packaged arrays are claimed to offer more efficient cooling and thermal impedance.
2007-07-13 Leadless leadframe package
The leadless leadframe package (LLP) is a leadframe based chip scale package that may enhance chip speed, reduce thermal impedance, and reduce the PCB area required for mounting.
2002-03-01 Chomerics phase-change material simplifies heatsink removal
The T766 phase-change features a thermal impedance of 0.04C-inch?/W, providing a low thermal resistance interface path between hot components and heat inks, while allowing easy removal of sinks for rework operations.
2014-02-20 Using bq25504 for self-powered ambient light sensor
The bq25504 is an ultra low-power charger integrated circuit intended for interfacing to dc sources such as solar cells, thermal harvesters and high-impedance batteries.
2009-10-22 Power up your battery design with cell balancing
Cell-to-cell differences in temperature, capacity and series impedance are a major concern as more cells are required in a pack. This article addresses the effects of these differences and how to manage these in a battery design
2004-08-25 OLED industry challenged in the display market
Manufacturers of high-brightness light emitting diodes (HBLEDs) have done little to remedy flaws in thermal management and electrostatic discharge (ESD) despite the phenomenal growth of the market
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