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2008-05-09 Thermal management kit offers 100 heat sink options
ATS has introduced the Thermal Management Design Kit that contains 96 of its maxiFLOW heat sinks and maxiGRIP sink attachment systems
2009-12-21 Thermal management for FPGAs
This application note provides the information you need to determine the thermal requirements for your application
2001-08-24 RDRAM thermal interface material specification
This application note specifies the thermal interface material properties for robust thermal/mechanical performance of the RIMM assembly. It applies to RIMMs with cover assemblies over the RDRAM components
2006-03-22 New material eases thermal management
Honeywell Electronic Materials has announced the release of a new screen-printable phase-change material that aims to provide semiconductor chip manufacturers flexibility in thermal management
2015-08-20 Market for thermal interface mat'ls to grow to $3B in 2025
The increasing need for faster, thinner and lighter electronics is opening up opportunities for thermal interface materials (TIMs) that can manage heat generation better stated IDTechEx Research
2008-07-31 Laird Tech takes wrap off thermal interface material
Laird Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its T-flex 700 for use as a thermal interface material.
2014-04-03 Interface polymer material conducts heat at 4.4W/mK
The interface material is produced from a conjugated polymer, and can operate up to 200
2006-11-02 Gore intros silicone-free thermal interface material
Gore's new Polarchip SF3000 silicone-free thermal interface material is a soft thermal gap pad suited for filling the undesirable air gaps between heat generating devices on PCBs and the heat sinks, heat spreaders and metal chassis that are used to dissipate the heat.
2001-08-27 Direct RDRAM thermal design methodology: Determining plate temperature based on die test temperature and device power
This application note establishes a methodology that a module vendor can follow to define the maximum allowable plate temperature, based on the following options they have in designing their module: device power; thermal interface material; module cover (or heat spreader); and maximum allowable device temperature.
2013-10-18 Thermal management materials post $1.8B for 2013
Lux Research forecasts that thermal management materials for LEDs and power electronics to grow by 4.8 billion market in 2020
2005-11-28 Phase change material offers performance and easy use
Laird Technologies introduced a new high-performance phase change material that meets the thermal resistance and reliability requirements needed for advanced apps such as microprocessors, chipsets, graphic processing chips and custom ASICs
2003-06-17 Molex CoolFin heatsinks maximize thermal efficiency
The 37430 series of CoolFin heatsinks from Molex reduce weight and save space while maximizing thermal efficiency for Pentium 4 microprocessors
2002-09-12 Dow Corning penetrates thermal materials market
Dow Corning Electronics has deepened its commitment to end-users by entering the fabricated thermal materials market with traditional pads and films slated for release by year-end
2006-12-19 Thermal gap filler can be reused
Unlike many gap fillers, MH&W International said its Softtherm 86/200 thermally conductive gap filling retains its memory after compression, which enables the material to be reused
2013-06-17 Research team improves hexagonal material
Rice University and ORNL researchers have enhanced the growth of molybdenum disulfide semiconducting films for atom-thick circuits.
2012-03-30 Liquid-like material to pave way for new thermoelectric devices
The researchers studied a material made from copper and selenium that exhibits liquid-like behaviors due to the way its copper atoms flow through the selenium's crystal lattice
2002-03-01 Chomerics phase-change material simplifies heatsink removal
The T766 phase-change features a thermal impedance of 0.04C-inch?/W, providing a low thermal resistance interface path between hot components and heat inks, while allowing easy removal of sinks for rework operations
2013-10-21 3D memory improved via laser thermal anneal application
Laser thermal anneal application can enhance the current in vertical polysilicon channel devices for 3D memory, as demonstrated by Imec and Excico
2015-09-17 Spot IGBT degradation through power cycling
Here is a look at an experiment in which we conducted thermal transient tests from one steady-state to another to determine cause of failure for a small sample of IGBTs
2013-12-27 Simplify LED light assemblies with nano-ceramics
The latest nano-ceramic materials are now posing a challenge to existing metal-backed PCB technologies by providing a better combination of high performance and competitive cost.
2006-01-25 Semi packaging materials to hit $20B in 2010
The market for semiconductor packaging materials is expected to grow from $12B in 2005 to $19.5B by 2010, according to SEMI and TechSearch International.
2004-03-01 Intel boosts nanotech work via Zyvex link
Intel Corp. is studying the use of carbon nanotube-based polymers in thermal-interface materials, the latest evidence that nanotechnology is no longer a curiosity but is being put to work in the electronics industry
2015-05-12 Impact of piling on package manufacturing
To accomplish various performance enhancements, packaging engineers should consider intriguing combinations being constructed at the chip to package level.
2014-10-29 Advances in power supply packaging
Here's a look at where the power industry is going in terms of component integration and thermal management. It also covers the developments in DC/DC power converter density
2013-10-07 Richardson reveals extrusion profiles from Wakefield-Vette
The portfolio features more than 35 extrusion profiles along with various thermal management products such as bonded fin heat sinks and liquid cold plates, as well as thermal management accessories
2008-07-02 Phase change interference materials suit Intel's Penryn
Laird Technologies Inc. announced two new products in its T-pcm phase change line of thermal interface materials, T-pcm 670 and T-pcm 680
2005-07-28 Heatsinks designed for BGAs
Vette has announced the availability of its thermal solutions for ICs in ball grid array (BGA) packaging. The new BGA heatsinks target traditional high-volume motherboard, video card and networking board apps
2006-05-24 Carbon-nanotube arrays take heat off chips
Researchers from Purdue University say a carbon-nanotube-based thermal material can transfer heat from chip to sink 3x better than paste
2005-09-01 Packaging becomes problem-solving tool
Package technology provides improved electrical and thermal performance for today's single-die power products
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application.
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