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2013-10-18 Thermal management materials post $1.8B for 2013
Lux Research forecasts that thermal management materials for LEDs and power electronics to grow by 4.8 billion market in 2020
2008-05-09 Thermal management kit offers 100 heat sink options
ATS has introduced the Thermal Management Design Kit that contains 96 of its maxiFLOW heat sinks and maxiGRIP sink attachment systems
2009-12-21 Thermal management for FPGAs
This application note provides the information you need to determine the thermal requirements for your application
2001-08-24 RDRAM thermal interface material specification
This application note specifies the thermal interface material properties for robust thermal/mechanical performance of the RIMM assembly. It applies to RIMMs with cover assemblies over the RDRAM components
2006-03-22 New material eases thermal management
Honeywell Electronic Materials has announced the release of a new screen-printable phase-change material that aims to provide semiconductor chip manufacturers flexibility in thermal management
2015-08-20 Market for thermal interface mat'ls to grow to $3B in 2025
The increasing need for faster, thinner and lighter electronics is opening up opportunities for thermal interface materials (TIMs) that can manage heat generation better stated IDTechEx Research.
2008-07-31 Laird Tech takes wrap off thermal interface material
Laird Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its T-flex 700 for use as a thermal interface material.
2014-04-03 Interface polymer material conducts heat at 4.4W/mK
The interface material is produced from a conjugated polymer, and can operate up to 200
2006-11-02 Gore intros silicone-free thermal interface material
Gore's new Polarchip SF3000 silicone-free thermal interface material is a soft thermal gap pad suited for filling the undesirable air gaps between heat generating devices on PCBs and the heat sinks, heat spreaders and metal chassis that are used to dissipate the heat.
2002-09-12 Dow Corning penetrates thermal materials market
Dow Corning Electronics has deepened its commitment to end-users by entering the fabricated thermal materials market with traditional pads and films slated for release by year-end
2001-08-27 Direct RDRAM thermal design methodology: Determining plate temperature based on die test temperature and device power
This application note establishes a methodology that a module vendor can follow to define the maximum allowable plate temperature, based on the following options they have in designing their module: device power; thermal interface material; module cover (or heat spreader); and maximum allowable device temperature.
2007-07-23 Toshiba forms thermal power JV with China firm
Toshiba has formed a JV with China-based Xian Xingyi Group covering control and instrumentation systems for thermal power plants
2006-09-08 Thermal sensor delivers 1C accuracy
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced a 1.0C accurate thermal sensor for next-generation notebooks with upgradeable graphics systems
2006-12-19 Thermal gap filler can be reused
Unlike many gap fillers, MH&W International said its Softtherm 86/200 thermally conductive gap filling retains its memory after compression, which enables the material to be reused.
2007-05-31 Temp sensor simplifies thermal diode monitoring
TI has developed a temperature sensor that features programmable series resistance cancellation and diode non-ideality correction, which eliminates the need for individual processor resistance calibration.
2013-07-15 Smart power module offers thermal sensing, stable EMI
Fairchild SPM 5 smart power module series 3-phase MOSFET inverter solution aims to provide designers with an AC induction motor and Brushless DC motor inverter solution for motors up to 200W.
2014-02-26 Significance of LED thermal characterisation
Learn how improving the thermal characterisation of LEDs will help to spur on the LED lighting revolution
2007-03-22 Sensor interface offers six user-configurable I/O channels
Targeting fusion-sensing applications, Sensor Platforms Inc.'s SSP1401 multi-channel LRC sensor interface chip has six user-configurable I/O channels that can drive most types of sensor elements
2005-05-02 Science and art of telecom thermal design
Good thermal design is equal parts science and artan iterative process requiring constant adjustments based on real-world feedback
2005-08-25 Protecting the HDMI interface
HDMI combines a high-speed unidirectional TMDS data link with low speed, bi-directional control and status links and configuration protocols in a single user-friendly high-performance connector.
2009-03-23 Power monitor packs digital I?C interface
International Rectifier has launched the IR3725 input power monitor IC with digital I?C interface for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in energy-efficient CPU, server and storage applications
2006-05-10 PoE interface modules drive down component count, cost
C&D Technologies' family of fully-integrated powered device interface modules aim to reduce component count, design time and installation cost of Power-over-Ethernet applications
2013-05-30 PMICs cut thermal stress in phone, tablet processors
The AS3721 from ams claims to enable a compact remote feedback path from the processor to the IC's integrated DC-DC controllers.
2003-06-17 Molex CoolFin heatsinks maximize thermal efficiency
The 37430 series of CoolFin heatsinks from Molex reduce weight and save space while maximizing thermal efficiency for Pentium 4 microprocessors
2002-11-27 Microchip thermal sensors feature SPI interface
Microchip Technology has announced the release of the TC72 and TC77 digital thermal sensors that features SPI interfaces
2014-12-30 Melexis unveils robust, thermal-resilient pressure sensors
The MLX90815 and MLX90816 boast high sensitivity and strong linearity and are geared to measure oil or hydraulics pressure in environments such as a transmission or an internal combustion engine.
2003-07-14 Linear Tech interface controller simplifies PD design
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4257 Power over Ethernet Interface Controller that incorporates all the circuitry necessary to connect a powered device to an IEEE 802.3af powered Ethernet network
2013-03-08 Laird's PowerCycler features ultrafast thermal cycling
The Laird PowerCycler is capable of producing upto a 25C per second temperature ramp in a 50?L sample, which is five times faster than standard cyclers.
2008-08-12 Interface board built for high-speed data comms
Fujitsu Components America Inc. has introduced an interface board series for its 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch 5V thermal printer mechanisms.
2004-10-19 Integrated thermal designer analyzes complex ICs
PTD v2.0 from Harvard Thermal works with the Encore package-design system from Synopsys to automatically create highly-detailed thermal models at the component level
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