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2005-12-09 Axiomtek expands eBOX line-up
Axiomtek unveiled a new fanless embedded system, the eBOX638-FL, the new addition to the growing Pentium M family line of eBOX products
2008-01-18 ATE pin devices handle up to 2Gbit/s rates
Semtech claims its new family of off-the-shelf pin electronics devices is the first to integrate two complete channels of high-performance pin electronics with data rates up to 2Gbit/s.
2011-05-25 APUs offer 39% power reduction
AMD unveils the AMD Embedded G-Series APUs with thermal design power ratings of 5.5W and 6.4W, which boasts up to 39 percent power savings compared to its earlier versions
2007-06-18 Applying CTMs on FPGA-based devices
This article discusses better ways to predict temperature for these faster and denser FPGA components in a system environment
2004-01-14 Applied Materials systems aid UMCi move towards 90nm production
Applied Materials has received an order from Singapore's UMCi foundry for a multi-system suite of advanced transistor fabrication technologies for 300mm volume production
2013-01-21 AP65200 DC-DC buck converter enhances light load efficiency
Diodes' AP65200 synchronus DC-DC buck converter is designed to help meet energy standards under light load and standby conditions, achieving efficiency as high as 96 percent for a light load of 200mA.
2011-05-04 AMD GPU supports OpenCL, six independent displays
AMD introduced the AMD Radeon E6760 embedded discrete graphics processor offering embedded system designers support for OpenCL and six independent displays
2014-10-29 Advances in power supply packaging
Here's a look at where the power industry is going in terms of component integration and thermal management. It also covers the developments in DC/DC power converter density
2014-06-05 Address SoC routing congestion with 2.5D SiP
The best of both worlds approach that the electronics industry has come up with to solve a design dilemma is the System in Package (SiP) in a 2D package
2002-10-16 Adaptive biasing offsets temp drift
The solution that will compensate for thermal drift and thereby increase system reliability and performance is adaptive biasing.
2006-01-20 Actel unveils development ecosystem for mixed-signal FPGAs
Actel has enhanced its Fusion mixed-signal FPGA offering with a development ecosystem that supports power and thermal management applications
2010-08-23 6ch microcontroller enables zoned cooling
Maxim introduces its MAX31782, a system management microcontroller that utilizes six temperature measurement channels with six channels of closed-loop fan control
2012-01-03 32nm processor enables up to 10 hours battery life
The Intel Atom processors provide power management features that target intelligent systems such as healthcare equipment, retail systems and entry-level digital signage.
2009-08-17 18W dual-core processors fit thin enclosures
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has extended its ASB1 BGA embedded client platform with two dual-core, 18W thermal design power (TDP) processors
2013-10-28 'Squeezed light' on a chip overcomes MEMS quantum limit
The ORCHID programme from DARPA seeks to overcome thermal fluctuations and random quantum fluctuations, a barrier known as the standard quantum limit, in MEMS sensors
2010-01-28 Pulse controller saves space, costs in ultrasound apps
The device provides the accurately timed high-voltage pulses that generate the ultrasound burst and switch to receive mode to detect the echoed signals.
2005-02-16 PPT VISION offers greater accuracy, improved defect detection
PPT VISION introduced the two newest additions to its T-series of intelligent camera family for high-speed automated inspection.
2003-01-27 Permlight, CPS co-develop advanced LED lighting systems
Permlight Products Inc. has entered into an exclusive strategic relationship with Ceramics Process Systems Corp. , to jointly develop semiconductor-based lighting systems.
2002-07-16 Maxim temperature switch exhibits 1.50C accuracy
The MAX6685 dual remote-junction temperature switch from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. measures the temperature of a PN junction in an external IC with 1.50C accuracy.
2010-05-31 LED driver improves high-brightness lamp reliability
Diodes Inc. has introduced a multi-topology LED driver IC designed to increase the reliability of high brightness lamps in automotive, industrial, and commercial lighting systems.
2013-02-19 Intel delves into PCB moisture tracking
With industry research showing that moisture negatively affects PCB integrity and reliability, Intel's research team is looking for ways to improve the monitoring of moisture in PCBs.
2004-12-16 Inkjet wiring advances 'desktop factory' goal
Seiko has developed multilayer wiring boards using its inkjet printing technology to print metal wiring patterns directly onto the layers.
2011-07-01 DCG buys Thermosensorik, expands testing portfolio
DCG Systems announced that it has expanded its thermal testing product by acquiring Thermosensorik GmbH, provider of infrared non-destructive testing solutions
2012-08-09 DC link film capacitors target power apps
AVX released a series of 4-leaded FE series capacitors that features capacitance/voltage ratings up to 1.2kV, and is geared for DC power supplies and inverters for solar power, electric drive and industrial power systems.
2008-10-10 Class-D amp cuts cost in high-power stereos
NXP Semiconductors has released the TDA8950 highly integrated stereo class-D amplifier suitable for single layer PCB use, delivering bigger, better sound on slim-line audio systems.
2011-07-18 Wireless sensors push smart machines into Green revolution
STMicroelectronics, ARaymond and Micropelt are jointly presenting thermal-energy harvesting-based solutions to power 'smart sensors' and 'smart microsystems' at the Hannover Fair under the common theme of 'Green Solutions
2015-12-02 Wireless power transmitter delivers up to 5W
The LTC4125 from Linear Tech functions as the transmit circuit component in a complete wireless power transfer system comprised of transmit circuitry, transmit coil, receive coil and receive circuitry
2002-01-17 WICKMANN resettable fuses protect rechargeable battery packs
The low-profile strap-type Polyfuse family of resettable fuses provides thermal and overcharge protection for rechargeable battery packs
2015-07-23 What will drive 5G to the next level?
NYU Wireless has spent years creating mmW channel modes. Nevertheless, detailed system designs and improved architectures must be developed before mmW products can enter the market in a real way
2005-12-26 Voltage level translators deliver design flexibility
Texas Instruments' new voltage level translators were specifically designed to allow for more design flexibility when translating mixed I/O voltages in a system
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