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2005-01-03 Tiny thermistor offers enhanced response time
AVX developed a 0402 surface-mount thermistor for temperature compensation and control apps in handheld and portable electronics equipment.
2005-06-14 Thermistor makers gear up R&D to keep up with demand
Mainland China's thermistor output reached 451.8 million units last year, an increase of 40 percent from 322.7 million units in 2003, data from the China Electronic Components Association (CECA) shows.
2011-04-18 Synthesis, characterization of nickel manganite from different carboxylate precursors for thermistor sensors
Learn about various thermistor anomalies from a materials point of view.
2005-06-14 Synthesis and characterization of nickel manganite from different carboxylate precursors for thermistor sensors
This app note talks about a thermistor sensor that is a widely used temperature transducer synthesized with a ceramic-like semiconductor material.
2004-10-28 PTC thermistor features small size, resettability
Murata Electronics introduced its new resettable PTC thermistor chip for automotive apps.
2010-09-03 NTC thermistor targets auto probes, boilers, battery packs
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has just announced the release of a new series of micro-chip negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors with a very small maximum body sensing diameter of 1.6mm and fast response times of 3s in air and 0.7s in oil. The NTCLE305E4xxxSB devices offer precise measurements over a wide temperature range, with accuracy of 0.5?C (from + 25?C to + 85?C) and 1.0 degrees C (between40?C and + 125?C).
2003-11-28 Murata thermistor with multi-layered structure
Murata Electronics has developed a ceramic PTC thermistor that features a multi-layered structure.
2003-09-29 Murata PTC thermistor has multilayered structure
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has developed what it claims is a ceramic PTC thermistor (posistor) with the world's first multilayered structure.
2002-10-12 ispPAC30-Based Thermistor Interface Circuit
This application note describes how an ispPAC30 can be used in high-resolution temperature measurement systems which output temperature readings as high-level calibrated voltage.
2003-03-20 Epcos PTC thermistor measures 5.95-by-5.95-by-2.65mm
Epcos AG has launched the R212 PTC thermistor that measures 5.95-by-5.95-by-2.65mm and is intended for vertical surface mounting apps.
2009-01-16 Enhanced thermistor fits with 150mm wire leads
Murata Electronics North America has introduced the Thermo-String temperature sensor, an enhanced thermistor that is fitted with wire leads up to 150mm to allow placement close to hot spot areas that may not be on the PCB or reachable by surface mount NTC thermistors on the motherboard.
2002-03-08 Basic Stamp I application notes: Using a thermistor
This application note shows how to measure temperature using an inexpensive thermistor and the BASIC Stamp pot command. It also discusses a technique for correcting non-linear data.
2002-12-23 Ampron PTC thermistor withstands 650V
The MZ2 series of PTC thermistors from Shenzhen Ampron Sensitive Components is designed for overcurrent protection for telecom devices.
2002-07-16 Zeitgeist thermistors operate from -55C to 200C
Shenzhen Zeitgeist Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the NSP series NTC thermistors that operate a temperature range of -55C to 200C.
2002-12-11 Zeitgeist NTC thermistors rated to 250C
The MH58Z series of NTC thermistors is suitable for temperature test and control functions in home appliances.
2004-08-02 Xuyang thermistors rated at 250mW
The MFB NTC thermistors from Wuxi Xuyang Electronic have B values ranging from 2,000K to 5,000K 0.5 percent, 1 percent or 1.5 percent.
2005-01-19 Vishay PTC device with 30mm? pick-up area
Vishay announced a new range of components that integrate two positive temperature coefficient thermistors into a single surface-mount package.
2002-02-14 Vishay capacitors boast very high rms current rating
By using an advanced metallized-film on the polypropylene dielectric, the GLI power capacitors are claimed to have the industry's highest RMS current rating.
2002-04-15 The 'Cardiac Output' Chart extension
This application note discusses how the Cardiac Output extension calculates cardiac output from a thermodilution curve.
2003-09-03 Skymos thermistors have high solderability
Suitable for use in cellphones, PCs, and LCDs, the CT full range of thermistors from Skymos Microelectronics feature a reliable multilayer/monolithic structure.
2003-10-22 Sinyork thermistors available in DIP, SMD types
Suitable for termination networks and magnetic buzzer apps, the PTC and NTC thermistors from Sinyork Co. Ltd are available in DIP and SMD types.
2003-04-23 Shunkang PTC thermistors suit TV degaussing
Chengdu Shunkang Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the release of its MZ series of PTC thermistors that are designed for degaussing applications in TV receivers.
2002-10-04 Sanjin thermistors operate up to 300C
The MF58 thermistor of Hefei Sanjin Electronic Co. Ltd features a maximum dissipation coefficient of 2.5mW/C.
2010-02-03 PTC thermistors handle rapid temp changes
TDK-EPC has released the SMD series of PTC thermistors equipped with AEC-Q200 Rev-C qualification designed for use in automotive electronics involving frequent and rapid temp changes.
2008-06-24 PTC thermistors
This application note discusses the various functions and applications of Epcos' PTC thermistors.
2003-01-08 NTC thermistors have improved soldering features
BC Components has announced the release of a pair of NTC thermistors series that are coated with glass for environmental protection purposes.
2008-06-24 NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting
This application note discusses how NTC thermistors suppress the high inrush current surges occurring in cases such as the charging of low-impedance smoothing capacitors.
2014-07-17 NTC chip thermistors support up to 150°C
The devices from Ametherm aim to deliver highly repeatable performance for temperature monitoring and compensation in hybrid circuits for ICs in robotic assemblies and military telecom systems.
2002-11-29 NTC chip thermistors suit cooling, heating apps
The company's NTC chip thermistors combine high electrical accuracy with improved humidity and thermal cycling features.
2003-06-25 NenShi thermistors have 5mW/C thermal dissipation
The PTC-5 PTC thermistor series from NenShi Communication Equipment Co. Ltd is claimed to have a high withstanding voltage.
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