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2013-10-22 Thermoplastic linear actuator boasts 200mm travel range
The U-264KSPA linear actuator features a 200mm travel range and a minimum incremental motion of 6?m
2016-05-17 High-conductive thermoplastic mat'l advances 3D printing
A*STAR IMRE scientists have come up with what they describe as a novel type of thermoplastic thread that can be used in 3D printers to develop functional circuits for use in electrical gadgets.
2014-01-06 Researchers develop energy efficient thin-film heating tool
A team from Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials created a tempering technique that, depending on the product, is up to 90 percent more energy efficient than other known techniques.
2003-05-20 Pinrex board connector has 1 gigaohm insulation resistance
Pinrex Ent. Co. Ltd has announced the release of a 50-pin board connector that has an insulation resistance of 1 gigaohm and exhibits a dielectric withstanding voltage of 2.5kVac for 1min.
2004-02-04 Kuraray elastomer features reactive hard blocks
Kuraray's series of hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomers provide compounds with improved heat resistance and oil resistance.
2015-10-14 Charting the future of 3D printing
The 3D printing industry will grow from $2.5 billion this year to $20 billion in 2025 due to both improvements in existing 3D printing technologies and the development of completely new ones.
2003-12-11 Technik connectors withstand 5,000 operating cycles
The TSH-381 A/V connector from Technik Ind. Co. Ltd is housed thermoplastic material with copper alloy contacts covered with plating. The product's adjacent opened terminals have an insulation resistance of >50 milliohms, while contact resistance of normally closed terminals is <0.03 ohms.
2002-10-01 Shenzhen Nouling IC socket operates up to 1250C
Shenzhen Nuoling Electronic Co. Ltd's IC socket features a thermoplastic, polyester body for high temperature apps.
2002-12-03 Noxtlon PLCC operates to 110C
Shenzhen Noxtlon Electronic Co. Ltd has released a DIP type PLCC that features a UL 94V-0 glass-filled thermoplastic insulator body.
2003-11-25 Ningbo Zhenqin D-sub connector has 25 contacts
Ningbo Zhenqin Electronic has released its DS1033 D-sub solder type connector that features a thermoplastic UL 94V-0 insulator and copper alloy contact.
2012-05-07 LED array holder touts solder-free connection
Molex's thermoplastic LED array holders provide solderless screw-down compression contacts to power LEDs, taking away the need for hand soldering or SMT equipment.
2012-01-16 zSFP+ connector geared for 25Gb/s Ethernet
The 20-circuit connectors support 10Gb/s Ethernet and 16Gb/s fiber channel applications.
2002-09-06 Win Win Precision ships RJ-45, USB combo connector
Designed for use in laptops, the WRJBS189A RJ-45 connector of Win Win Precision Inc. Co. Ltd also features a USB connector and an LED lamp to monitor the data transmission status.
2003-01-22 Win Win 1394 connectors withstand 500Vac
The WIED series of IEEE 1394 connectors from Win Win Precision Ind. Co. Ltd has a minimum insulation resistance of 1 gigaohm.
2008-02-21 White multichip LEDs dissipate heat efficiently
Allegro has announced a new series of white multichip LEDs that achieve enhanced thermal dissipation through the incorporated heat sink on the bottom of the package.
2004-03-01 Walter fuse with 250Vac voltage rating
The round type radial leaded sub-miniature fuse from Walter Electronic is designed for use in electronic equipment.
2005-06-21 Tyco's new PCB receptacles allow board to board connection
Available for vertical or horizontal mounting, the HV100/190 family of PCB receptacles from Tyco Electronics provides a comprehensive solution for board to board connections.
2004-03-19 Tyco rolls out low-profile power terminal block
Tyco Electronics has released an aluminum wire rated 65 amp low-profile power terminal block that is suitable for use in consumer appliances, commercial refrigeration units and HVAC equipment.
2006-06-01 Tyco barrier strips offer two mounting options
The BUCHANAN 0.375-inch centerline JC6 series dual-barrier strips from Tyco Electronics provide termination for wire and cable applications where panel mounting or PCB installation is necessary.
2004-07-14 Two firms apply carbon nanotubes to chip packaging
Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. (CNI) has agreed with Kostat Inc. to develop and commercialize conductive polymers for module trays, carrier tapes and other semiconductor packaging and chip and die delivery applications.
2004-12-02 Tru-Lock connector designed for rugged apps
Amphenol Industrial Operations introduced its Tru-Lok 2-pin connector with 1.5mm socket contacts for rugged environments.
2006-03-13 Through-hole DIN connector available on tape and reel
Erni has released a series of DIN connectors with through-hole terminations that are available in tape-and-reel packaging for automatic assembly.
2005-06-28 Terminal block from Tyco provides two-pole power connections
Tyco Electronics' BUCHANAN brand two-position battery stud terminal block can be used in many industrial as well as power and utility apps.
2004-04-02 Technik power socket lasts 5,000 operations
Technik has released its TDC-046 dc power sockets that feature a center pin of 1.65mm(?) and lasts 5,000 withdrawal and insertion operations.
2005-04-12 SUSS' new tool replaces traditional optical lithography
SUSS MicroTec announced last week a next-generation lithography tool that will replace traditional optical lithography for the production of nano-scale devices.
2003-01-13 SUSS device bonders create sub-100nm patterns
SUSS MicroTec has announced that its FC150 and FC250 device bonders are now capable of creating patterns of 100nm and below.
2011-06-21 Solution delivers instant fix for gaging
Macro Sensors launched EAZY-GAGE bundle, is designed to be a complete "out-of-the-box" solution for linear position gaging.
2010-04-19 Solid-state lighting connector handles harsh set ups
Tyco Electronics is rolling out the IDC solid-state lighting (SSL) connector for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED PCB.
2007-11-16 Snap-action switches offer extended mechanical life
C&K Components has developed a series of miniature sealed snap-action switches with a mechanism that provides an extended mechanical life of more than 100,000 cycles.
2013-08-15 Sensor takes signatures to new 'lights'
Researchers at the Georgia Tech used thousands of nanometre-scale wires to create a sensor that converts mechanical pressure such as a signature or a fingerprint directly into light signals.
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