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2005-01-28 USB connector gets more power
FCI's new USB+Power connector system combine standard USB contacts with additional power contacts to address applications where power requirements exceed the capabilities of standard USB
2015-02-18 Through-hole PCB manufacturing isn't dead yet
Through-hole assembly is a slow process that eats up many resources, a turn-off for contract manufacturers. A contract manufacturer, however, sees this as a reason why PCB manufacturing is here to stay
2006-03-13 Through-hole DIN connector available on tape and reel
Erni has released a series of DIN connectors with through-hole terminations that are available in tape-and-reel packaging for automatic assembly
2005-09-26 Teradyne's single-ended connector touts highest density, speed
Teradyne has unveiled its new Ventura high-speed, high-density connector, which the company claims to be the fastest single-ended interconnect with the most signal pins per inch of any connector available today
2002-06-17 Tamura connector adds magnetics
Tamura Corp. of America has begun marketing an RJ45 connector integrated with magnetics for Gigabit Ethernet. The single-port, through-hole TIC-L041-11 model meets IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.263 safety standards.
2010-04-19 Solid-state lighting connector handles harsh set ups
Tyco Electronics is rolling out the IDC solid-state lighting (SSL) connector for quick, tool-less termination of discrete wires onto LED PCB
2004-01-28 Molex VRM connector suit 1U servers
Molex has released its first voltage regulator module (VRM) connector that supports VRMs in 1U servers
2002-05-27 Molex connector saves up to 45 percent of PCB area
The 1.25mm-pitched Mini MiII wire harnessing connector from Molex Inc. occupies 45 percent less PCB area than similar 2mm-pitched versions
2009-12-23 Micro connector supports gigabit Ethernet speeds
Molex has released the Brad Micro-Change M12 Cat 6 connector that supports gigabit Ethernet speeds and designed for secure electrical connections in harsh or hostile conditions
2002-06-11 KSP computer connector has 25-milliohm contact resistance
The PLCC series of computer connectors from Kai Shui Pang Co. Ltd has added a 144-pin version with a 2.54mm pitch and a contact resistance of 25 milliohms.
2011-05-30 Interface connector ideal for high speed data transmission
Hirose has introduced a small, 1mm-pitch interface connector for high-speed data transmission
2003-04-15 Huajie USB connector rated to 500Vac
The UBFR04-A01 USB connector of Zhangjiagang Huajie Electronic Co. Ltd is rated at 500Vac, 1A and features a mechanical lifespan of 1,500 cycles
2003-06-02 Huajie D-sub connector rated at 1kVac
The SFBR15 D-sub connector of Zhangjiagang Huajie Electronic Co. Ltd is rated at 1kVac, 2A, and has a mechanical lifespan of up to 500 cycles
2014-03-19 GCT tailors Micro USB connector for 1.6mm PCBs
The connectors come with 2.3mm leads in through-hole A/B types
2006-10-16 FCI touts 'first' 2mm connector with 0.1mm coplanarity
FCI said it is the first to develop a 2mm pitch modular connector system with 0.1mm coplanarity for all surface-mount parts
2005-01-10 ERNI beefs up SMT D-sub connector line
ERNI is expanding its offering of mount D-subminiature connectors by adding vertical D-subs for surface mount applications.
2014-06-06 ECT beefs up connector reliability
The connector is designed with an active biasing to allow for continual internal contact, and a deep draw plunger make for a low mass had to cope with shock and vibration
2005-02-10 Dual-stack BNC connector saves board space
Regal Electronics has added a new metal body dual-stack BNC connector to its product portfolio
2001-05-29 Creating an edge connector as a through-hole part
This application note describes the process to create an edge connector as a through-hole component.
2005-09-22 Connector offers space savings
The new dual-row 0.50mm pitch CradleCon connector system from Molex provides about a 50 percent space savings compared to single-row docking solutions, while offering a smaller form factor than most competitive dual-row systems
2003-01-15 Connector modules aim at 100Base-T
Bel Fuse Inc. has expanded its BelMag RJ-45 family of integrated connector modules for 10/100Base-T apps
2003-11-14 All Link card connector comes with blade switch
The 241G double deck smart card connector from All Link Electronics Co. comes with a blade switch and an option for 6, 8 or 16 positions
2007-03-12 PCIE series Final Inch designs in PCI Express applications generation 1-2.5Gbps
A single Samtec PCIE Series through hole connector in a board-to-edge card configuration can be used in PCI Express systems with total trace lengths not to exceed 13.9 inches when used with Samtec's Final Inch outing, breakout, and trace width solutions. Because loss is the dominant contributor to system degradation, designers should be aware that using smaller trace widths, laminates with higher loss tangent, and sub optimal routing solutions with higher pair-to-pair coupling and additional via stubs will decrease overall performance and the maximum allowable trace length.
2002-01-18 Tyco wire-to-board interface comes in single-row version
The AMP Micro MATE-N-LOK soft-shell connector system features single-row, 3mm pitched contacts with a maximum rating of 250V and 5A
2002-04-16 Tyco connectors shrink center-line spacing
Tyco Electronics has expanded its MTA family of insulation displacement contact connectors with the introduction of the MTA-50 line with a reduced center line of 1.27mm in a single, staggered row.
2006-01-17 Spring-loaded connectors offer variety
Mill-Max has expanded its spring-loaded connector line to include three families of single- and double-row strip assemblies and 31 discrete contacts
2006-09-14 SFP connectors, cages tailored for Ethernet networking
The new line of SFP connectors and cages from Pulse is designed for use in Ethernet networking applications such as blade servers, routers and add/drop multiplexers.
2005-04-01 SATA backplane connectors allow hot plugging, blind mating
FCI developed a broad offering of 22-position, vertical backplane receptacle connectors to enable the implementation of the new high-speed, SATA HDD interface that is extending the use of low-cost, high-capacity SATA drives to low-end enterprise storage applications in servers and storage systems.
2006-02-21 Right-angle connectors enable SAS HDD connections
FCI has developed 29-position, right-angle receptacle connectors for attaching SAS HDDs to processor blades, storage blades, mezzanine cards or embedded system boards.
2002-02-22 Pulse Engineering modular jacks integrate internal magnetic filters
Designed for high-speed Ethernet data applications, the company's new line of PulseJack surface-mount modular jacks incorporate different internal magnetic filter designs to accommodate various chipsets commonly found in 10/100Base-Tx NICs.
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