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2001-08-21 Turn-on performance of thyristors in parallel
This application note discusses the turn-on and fully on-state characteristics of thyristors connected in parallel.
2001-06-15 Thyristors used as ac switches and relays
This application note describes circuits in which thyristors (SCRs and triacs) are used to perform simple switching functions of a general type that might also be performed non-statically or various mechanical and electromechanical switches.
2003-05-28 Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps
This application note presents design tips on how to use thyristors for ignition of fluorescent lamps.
2001-06-14 Phase control using thyristors
This application note looks at the fundamentals of SCR and triac phase controls.
2002-11-12 Pan Jit thyristors withstand up to 320V
The company's TSP series of bidirectional thrysitor surge protective devices handle currents of 50A, 80A, or 100A.
2008-10-15 Low-capacitance thyristors target next-gen telecom equipment
ON Semiconductor has released a new family of low capacitance thyristor surge protection devices designed for next generation of high speed telecom equipment.
2001-06-12 Fundamental characteristics of thyristors
This application note is intended to better acquaint users of SCRs, triacs, and diacs to the basic fundamentals of these thyristors.
2001-06-14 Explanation of maximum ratings for thyristors
This application note is intended to properly inform the designer about the maximum ratings and characteristics of thyristors as stated in their data sheets.
2003-01-08 Diodes Inc. thyristors protect telecom equipment
Diodes Inc. has released a comprehensive line of thyristor surge protective devices for data transmission and telecom equipment.
2013-04-09 83mm phase control thyristors tout 2.2kV rating
The devices from IXYS use an integrated die construction and improved package design aimed to deliver better electromechanical and thermal performances.
2003-05-29 Why do Line Cards need added circuit protection?
This application note discusses the need for Line Cards to be protected from transients, especially those caused by atmospheric disturbances.
2006-11-15 Thyristor modules enable power factor correction caps
Epcos' new thyristors enable power factor correction capacitors to be switched silently and without wear, for a longer life.
2004-01-19 PSi to provide Philips with assembly, test services
PSi Technologies Inc. has signed a long-term supply agreement with Royal Philips Electronics to provide outsourced power semiconductor assembly and test services in China.
2007-08-24 Infineon preps power semi JV with Siemens
An Infineon spokesperson disclosed the company is planning on a joint venture with Siemens to provide high-power thyristors for high-voltage DC power transmission lines.
2013-08-28 HVDC transmission market to reach $9.62B by 2018
MarketsandMarkets noted that the major driving factors for global HVDC grid market are the growth in offshore wind farms installation and increasing the government incentivisation.
2003-04-30 Triggering and Gate Characteristics of Thyrsitors
This design guide outlines the triggering and gate characteristics of thyristors.
2000-12-11 Solid state overvoltage protector for ac line
This application note shows how thyristors can substitute the function of the metal oxide varistors (MOVs) for protecting equipment against transient voltage conditions.
2007-01-09 Phototriac optocouplers suit noisy environs
Vishay's new phototriac optocouplers are designed for control of resistive, inductive or capacitive loads, including motors, solenoids, high-current thyristors and relays.
2003-05-28 Miscellaneous Design Tips and Facts
This application note presents design tips and facts on dv/dt definitions, examples of gate terminations, relationships of currents in thyristors, failure modes of thyristors, and characteristics formulas for phase control circuits.
2001-08-21 Improved gate drive for GTO series connections
This application note discusses how to improve gate drive for gate turn-off thyristors (GTOs) connected in series. It deals with the problems associated with turn-off and turn-on conditions.
2001-08-20 Gate triggering and gate characteristics
This application note discusses proper gate triggering and gate characteristics of thyristors. It also suggests gate drive recommendations to prevent triggering problems of thyristors.
2001-08-21 Formulating technical enquiries
This application note presents some guidelines on how to formulate technical inquiries for thyristors, rectifiers or heatsink assemblies.
2001-08-21 Effects of temperature on thyristor performance
This application note discusses the effects of junction temperature on the performance and reliability of thyristors.
2001-08-21 Case non-rupture current ratings
This application note describes the case non-rupture current parameters of thyristors.
2008-08-20 Triacs fit for industrial, control apps
ON Semiconductor has expanded its high performance triac portfolio with the introduction of 12 new triacs with available power ratings of 8A, 12A and 16A with Gate Trigger Current (Igt) levels of 35mA and 50mA.
2003-12-10 Toshiba offers lead-free packaging
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) announced that many of its power semiconductor package types will be manufactured using either lead-free packaging or lead-free finishes.
2012-09-07 TI leads power management IC market
With 2011 power management revenue of $3.18 billion, up 25 percent from $2.54 billion a year earlier, TI held off STMicroelectronics and Infineon Technologies, commanding 10 percent market share.
2009-09-30 Thyristor protectors offer ultralow capacitance
ON Semi offers the NP-MC series of ultralow capacitance thyristor surge protection devices that provide protection to sensitive electronic equipment from transient overvoltage conditions.
2013-08-22 Thyristor offers 45% lower capacitance than clamping devices
The Littelfuse SIDACtor in the SOT23-6 package claims to provide robust over-voltage protection for broadband/xDSL telecommunications equipment with minimal effects on connection speed and reach.
2003-11-13 TAEC enhances IGBT line with device technology
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has announced a 1,200V series of IGBTs that provide improved performance in motor drive apps.
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