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2003-04-16 Zarlink packs timing module into 2.54-by-2.54mm DIL package
The ZL30462 timing module from Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. integrates a complete timing system into a 40-pin DIL package measuring 2.54-by-2.54mm
2007-04-18 PWM generation using HCS12 timer channels
The generation of a PWM signal using the dedicated HCS12 PWM module is based on hardware comparisons between register values and free running hardware counters. The timer module offers similar hardware comparison in the form of output compare circuitry.
2014-04-16 Generic timer module I2C bus emulation
Know how to emulate I2C bus Serial Data and Serial Clock output signals.
2014-01-30 Utilise MSP430 Timer_D module in hi-res mode
Here's a look at the high-resolution feature of the Timer_D module introduced in MSP430F51x1 and MSP430F51x2.
2014-01-03 Using quad timer on MC56F827xx DSC
Learn how to set and use the Quad Timer TMR module for position and speed sensing to get a high resolution over a wide speed range.
2006-07-12 USB module has 15 independent 16bit counter/timers
The new USB module from ACCES I/O Products features 15 independent 16bit counter/timers
2010-05-14 Smart energy module packs Zigbee, PA, LNA
SyChip Inc. has launched the SN3020 smart energy embedded module claimed to be the smallest, lowest-power, fully-compliant Zigbee module supporting Smart Energy profiles
2015-07-30 Silicon Labs develops Bluetooth module for IoT
Silicon Labs' Bluegiga subsidiary has introduced a hardware/software combination in its BT121 Bluetooth Smart Ready module that claims to deal with the needs of developers for the Internet of Things
2008-04-04 Real-time clock module touts ultralow current use
Epson Toyocom Corp. has developed the RX-8571 series real-time clock module, which the company says has the world's lowest current consumption
2007-03-29 Real-time clock module enables effective DRM
Epson Toyocom has announced plans to launch volume production of a new, ultracompact real-time clock module with a built-in ID-ROM for effective digital rights management (DRM
2004-03-09 NI digital I/Os, timer boards suit automotive apps
National Instruments' three channel-to-channel isolated digital I/O and timing devices deliver advanced capabilities.
2012-08-13 Module touts dual-core 32nm Intel Atom, NM10 Express chipset
The ETX-CV is targeted at replacing current entry level and older high performance ETX modules, featuring power consumption ranging between 6W and 12W.
2008-06-16 Module integrates Core 2 Duo, high-end graphics
Adlink Technology's Express-MC800's design measuring just 125mm x 95mm, is fully COM Express Type 2 compatible.
2004-10-14 Microchip releases more MCUs with LCD module
Microchip Technology announced eight new members of its 8bit PIC microcontroller family with an integrated LCD module
2008-10-01 Low-cost USB module eases board installation
Data Translation has launched an OEM version of its DT9812-10V low-cost USB module
2010-09-06 Enabling the IRTC module
This application note describes a driver for an independent real-time clock (IRTC). This application note is intended to be used by all software development engineers, test engineers and anyone else who has to use microcontrollers with IRTC.
2004-12-06 Dynatron rolls out new monitor module for 23-inch TVs
Dynatron Opto-Electronics recently introduced its latest monitor module for 23-inch TVs
2005-01-24 DT expands its USB data-acq module family
Data acquisition equipment vendor Data Translation announced a new version of its DT9834 series of USB modules.
2009-09-10 Computer-on-module tapes in at 95mm?
Adlink Technology's new integrated COM Express module is ready to plug into custom-made carrier boards
2010-01-19 COM Express module supports Intel Core i7/i5
The COM Express Type 2 module is based on the Mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset, and is designed for high-level processing
2010-01-07 COM Express module handles high-end data apps
The module features up to 8Gbyte of DDR3 dual-channel memory at 800/1,067MHz that uses 30 percent less power than DDR2
2007-06-04 Clock module has four-line serial interface
Epson Toyocom Corp. has added the RA-4565SA chip with support for high-speed serial interfaces to its lineup of real-time clock modules that can operate in high-temperature environments
2006-05-12 Adlink unveils enhanced, Ro-HS-compliant computer on module
Adlink released an RoHS-compliant version of its ETX computer on module that more than doubled the performance of its predecessor while maintaining minimal power consumption
2012-11-29 Adlink COM Express Type 6 module unveiled
The Express-IB features an Intel Core i7/i5/i3 processor supporting Intel HD Graphics integrated on the CPU with three independent displays.
2000-08-31 AVR134: Real-time clock (RTC) using the asynchronous timer
This application note describes how to implement a real-time clock (RTC) on AVR microcontrollers that features the RTC module
2003-04-04 AVR134: Real Time Clock (RTC) using the Asynchronous Timer
This application note describes how to implement a Real Time Clock (RTC) on AVR microcontrollers that feature the RTC module
2014-07-02 Quick start guide for MPC57xxM GTM
This application note explains how to configure the microcontroller to use the generic timer module (GTM). It also tackles how to enable and initialise the GTM.
2010-09-20 NHET getting started
This application note describes the basic steps necessary to generate a simple PWM with the next generation high-end timer (NHET) module.
2000-06-05 Using the CCP Modules
This application note discusses the operation of a Capture Compare and PWM (CCP) module, and the interaction of multiple CCP modules with the timer resources.
2013-11-25 Maximise the processing power of wireless modules
Using a wireless module's excess processing capacity to replace the MCU can yield a better cellular-equipped system
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