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2000-05-05 EDRAM controller for the 60MHz TMS320C40 DSP
This application note describes the design of the 60MHz EDRAM controller.
2001-03-30 Connecting the Cypress VIC068/VAC068 to the TI TMS320C40: A prototype design
This application note high-level as well as low-level details of interfacing Cypress Semiconductor's VIC068/VAC068 VMEbus controllers to Texas Instruments' TMS320C40 DSP.
1999-10-26 Parallel 1-D FFT implementation with TMS320C4x DSPs
The purpose of this application note is to investigate efficient partitioning/parallelization schemes for one-dimensional (1D) FFTs on the TMS320C40 parallel processing DSP. This document focuses on complex FFTs; however, the concepts used can be easily applied to real FFTs. This paper covers both Decimation-in-Time (DIT) and Decimation-in-Frequency (DIF) methods of computation to give flexibility in programming and to demonstrate the results of parallelization on both methods.
1999-11-09 Optical quality assurance with parallel processors
This application note describes a way to assure quality on the basis of digital imaging and signal processing with parallel signal processors for machine communication.
2001-05-02 Implementing continuously programmable digital filters with the TMS320C30/40 DSP
This application note describes the implementation of a general-purpose continuously programmable digital filter (CPDF) on TI's TMS320C30/40 development boards using optimized coefficient updating algorithms.
2001-05-03 Floating point C compiler: Tips and tricks?Part I
This application note discusses how to solve the TMS320C40 DSP discontinuity issue with indirect calls, make use of replaceable C code, and make a C function part of a different section.
2001-05-03 Fast logarithms on a floating-point device
This application note discusses a fast way to calculate logarithms (base 2) on Texas Instruments' TMS320C30 or TMS320C40 floating-point DSPs.
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