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2001-05-14 Handling different interrupts of the TMS320F241, TMS320F243 and TMS320C242 DSPs
This application note explains the general organization of the Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (PIE) of Texas Instruments' TMS320F241, TMS320F243 and TMS320C242 DSPs.
2001-05-14 Understanding the CAN controller on the TMS320C24x DSP controller
This application note discusses the on-chip Control Area Network (CAN) module of Texas Instruments' TMS320F241, TMS320C241 and TMS320F243 DSP controllers.
2001-05-18 A variable-speed sensorless drive system for switched reluctance motors
This application note presents a low-cost, sensorless drive system for a switched reluctance motor (SRM) based on Texas Instruments' TMS320F243 DSP.
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