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2004-04-16 Worcol forecasts bigger touch-panel revenues
Worcol Int. Corp. is projected to earn NT$1.1 billion ($33.43 million at NT$32.90:$1) this year, or four times as much as it realized last year.
2015-09-28 UMC starts mass prod'n of 0.11um eFlash touch ICs
The process promises smaller and faster logic devices for higher performance, while enabling the integration of higher density embedded flash and SRAM for MCUs for various touchscreen devices.
2013-12-09 Touchscreen panels for notebooks to ship 4.9M in Q4
After a decline in 2Q13 and a tepid expansion in Q3, demand for touchscreen panels used in notebooks is set to rebound to double-digit growth in Q4, forecasted IHS
2015-09-01 Touch Taiwan 2015: Foldable, rollable LEDs rule
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research has unveiled several new technologies to lead development of low-cost wearable devices that can be folded and rolled up in a scroll.
2007-08-13 Touch panels operate under extended temperature range
Fujitsu Components America has added three extended temperature range products to its standard off-the-shelf, resistive touch panel offering for automotive and industrial applications
2005-06-06 Touch panels improve brightness and contrast of low-power LCDs
Enhancing image contrast and clarity in high-ambient light applications for transmissive LCDs, Fujitsu Components has added several new high-transparency touch panels to its standard 4- and 7-wire resistive offering
2009-04-01 Touch panel packs multi-touch input functions
SMK has developed a capacitive touch panel featuring multi-point and gesture input functions for cellphones, smart phones and digital still cameras
2009-04-30 Tech enables large-sized multi-touch displays
Moto Development Group has demonstrated a technology that can bring multi-touch interface to large screen displays
2002-06-26 Synmo commences production of touchscreen panels, drivers
Synmo Optoelectronics Inc., a subsidiary of Pan Jit Int. Inc., has commenced production operations for touchscreen panels and drivers, with a current paid-in capital of $3.52 million
2003-10-09 SMK touch panel suits automotive, POS systems
SMK Corp. has announced the release of its anti-smudge touch panel that is suitable for use in car navigation and POS equipment
2004-03-10 SMK touch panel features minimal reflectance
SMK has developed a touch panel with 1 percent reflectance using glass plates for the upper and lower electrodes
2004-09-07 SMK touch panel connects to computer USB ports
SMK unveiled an optical touch panel connectable to computer USB ports
2003-05-02 SMK touch panel boasts low reflectance
SMK Corp.'s Film+Glass touch panel boasts of a 6.5 percent reflectance - almost half the value of previous touch panels.
2004-06-15 SMK launches pressure sensing touch panel
SMK has launched a pressure sensing optical touch panel where input registration is touch force (pressure) dependent
2009-03-16 Omron, Renesas team up for touch sensors
Omron Corp. and Renesas Technology Corp. have reached an agreement to jointly develop capacitive touch sensor solutions
2010-12-13 Ocular LCD, Atmel collaborate on multi-touch panels
Atmel technology powers Ocular LCD's touch screen solutions
2009-12-30 More notebook panels to pack touch, 3D functions
A new DisplaySearch report indicates that touch and 3D functionality are influencing the development of notebook PC and LCD monitor panels for 2010.
2002-05-15 Midas Touch to release film-to-plastic touch panels in June
Midas Touch Technologies Corp. has revealed plans to introduce its latest film-to-plastic touchscreen panels in June 2002.
2007-03-05 Low-reflectance touch panel suits automotives
SMK has announced the development of a highly heat-resistant, film-plus-glass type, low-reflectance touch panel for use in automotive applications
2009-12-23 Low-power MCUs integrate capacitive touch-sensing
The MCUs provide a pin-compatible migration path for legacy 18-pin PIC MCUs still used in many designs.
2010-05-21 Low-cost ITO alternative rolls for touch panels
The UniBoss is a robust, low-cost alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) in display transparent touch screen applications
2004-01-28 J Touch to install touch panel automatic line
J Touch Corp. will install an automatic touch panel production line in March this year
2012-07-11 HiWave's haptic touch panels deliver tactile feedback
Hardware and software platform enhances safety in cockpit and passenger entertainment systems.
2002-05-07 Fujitsu Components ramps touch-panel production
Fujitsu Components America Inc. has doubled its production capacity for resistive touchscreen panels folowing the opening of its new touch-panel factory in Taiwan.
2004-07-14 FCE expands touch panel line with 17-inch standard offering
Fujitsu Components Europe expanded its 7-wire resistive touch panel offering with a 17-inch (diagonal) standard product
2004-03-10 E-Star panels have 80 percent transmittance
E-Star's ES-3100 touchscreen panels have a transmittance of more than 80 percent and linearity of 1.5 percent
2011-05-24 Dual-chip enhancements enable high-res touch panels
Stantum introduces its dual-chip based on two hardware enhancements that enable OEMs to produce high-resolution touch panels.
2010-06-07 Display experts explore touch tech future
Touch technology experts gathered at the Society for Information Display conference to explore the future of touch and interactivity for a diverse set of computer and consumer applications
2009-09-30 Designing touch sensing electrodes
This application note serves as a guide to layout for electrical engineers who design applications involving touch sensing
2012-12-04 Challenges of display integrated with touch
Know the opportunities and challenges that still exist with this technology, as well as the response of the discrete sensor vendors.
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