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What is a touch-screen?
A touch-screen (or touchscreen) It is an input device over the display that is used to simplify user input and response. The user touches the screen rather than a keyboard, keypad, or mouse to control the output.
A number of technologies are available to implement touch-screens, the most common being resistive, capacitive and surface acoustic wave (SAW) systems.
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2008-04-21 IBM kiosk technology to serve China airport
IBM has entered a deal with Shanghai Pudong Airport, under which IBM will deliver new "common use" self-service check-in kiosks in its new terminal so that passengers from different airlines can share a single kiosk for check-in themselves.
2010-08-03 HTC Droid Incredible teardown shows $163.35 BOM
HTC's Droid Incredible smart phone carries a Bill of Materials (BOM) of $163.35, according to a dissection conducted by iSuppli Corp.'s teardown analysis service.
2010-07-21 HP strengthens focus on mobile systems, thin clients
HP CTO of personal systems discloses road map for mobile computing, flexible displays, WebOS and more.
2013-06-13 How to design an insulin pump
Learn about the purpose of an insulin pump, its overall workings, and the requirements needed for its design as well as implementation.
2007-09-28 Host processor allows robots to see, navigate in 3D
Freescale has unveiled the MPC8610 integrated host processor that helps robots see and navigate in 3D space and enables touchscreen kiosks to recognize voices and facial features.
2010-09-15 Hard times ahead for Elop, says analyst
Market watcher Forward Concepts says that Stephen Elop needs to make Nokia more nimble and focused on high-end smart phones, applications processors, its app store and its U.S. business.
2012-04-30 Handsets, tablets to drive slight increase in IC sales
IHS stated that global semiconductor revenue is expected to reach an estimated $324.6 billion this year, up 4.3 percent from $311.4 billion last year.
2007-09-20 Handset touts full-size laptop features
To call the Advantage X7500 a PocketPC phone really doesn't do it justice, it's way more than a tri-band 3G/HSDPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge phone.
2013-07-10 Guide to porting Android on embedded platforms
Find out how to port the Android distribution of the open source Linux OS to your embedded design in four easy steps.
2015-02-27 Guide to grounding, powering complex circuits
Learn how to optimise complex circuits in terms of power delivery, signal integrity and grounded functional blocks for the proper implementation of the final system.
2010-08-09 GUI kit enables rapid product development
Future Design Inc.'s?EZ GUI kit offers a compact, highly integrated, LCD controller platform that can be quickly and easily integrated into a product.
2016-04-18 Grid test system supports dedicated, universal fixtures
The LM1000 from atg Luther & Maelzer uses a modern double shuttle concept with high speed linear drives and integrated optical high resolution scanning.
2010-08-16 Graphics-enabled chips demand to rocket
As demand for ultraportable notebooks PC in the market continues, iSuppli projects four of five notebooks will employ integrated graphics microprocessors by 2014.
2013-01-24 Global LTE subscribers in 2013 to grow twofold
Since being adopted in 2010 with just 612,000 users, LTE has grown by a factor of 22 to 13.2 million subscribers in 2011, and then jumping another 599 per cent in 2012 to nearly 100 million subscribers.
2013-03-27 Galaxy S4 sets path for healthier AMOLED market
IHS forecasted that AMOLED display shipments for mobile handset applications will grow to 447.7 million units in 2017, up from 195.1 million units in 2013
2013-03-22 Galaxy S4 BoM higher than predecessor
The S4 BoM is $30.40 higher (15 per cent higher) than the BoM for the equivalent version of the Galaxy S3, said IHS.
2007-10-16 Fully scalable car infotainment platform debuts
Altera and TRS-STAR have announced the PARIS development platform, said to be the industry's first fully scalable infotainment platform for the automotive market.
2010-08-30 Free Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 BSPs for OMAP / Sitara devices
Texas Instruments has announced the availability of Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 board support packages for OMAP-L1x floating-point DSP+ARM9 processors, Sitara AM1x ARM9 microprocessor units (MPUs) and associated evaluation modules.
2008-03-24 FPGAs showcase highest I/O density for programmable devices
A family of 5?W I/O-optimized FPGAs has been launched by Actel Corp. for power-conscious designs. Actel claims that the Igloo Plus family of FPGAs has the industry's best power-, area-, logic-, and feature-per-I/O ratios in programmable devices.
2009-12-28 Forecast: Good, bad signs for 2010 electronics biz
2009 started off bad, but the year currently seeing some positive signs. Heading into 2010, there are both good and bad signs in the marketplace.
2013-10-21 Flash MCUs add 1.8V split-rail I/Os for sensor aggregation
MSP430F525x MCUs from Texas Instruments feature a 1.8V split-rail I/O architecture that allows seamless interface to the application processsor without needing an external level shifting circuit.
2008-04-17 First reconfigurable avionics test system platform debuts
Aeroflex has introduced the Avionics Test Bench and Avionics Test Studio, said to be the first reconfigurable PXI-based test platform for avionics navigation and communications.
2014-07-30 Fire Phone carries low BOM, teardown reveals
Developing the Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective feature involved a huge amount of R&D money; thus, Amazon must sell large volumes of its smartphone to recoup its investment.
2012-04-12 Face recognition terminal boasts IR illumination tech
Suprema's FaceStation is an IP-based biometric access control terminal that claims to eliminate problems caused by different lighting intensity and pose variation.
2014-04-29 Exhibits gallery illustrates frenzied Apple-Samsung battle
The exhibits they provide a context for one of the most heated rivalry in a lively mobile landscape.
2006-12-06 Evaluation board rolls for Dialog Semi's DA9034 IC
Dialog Semiconductor has launched an evaluation board for its recently introduced DA9034 IC that enables designers to quickly configure designs based on Marvell PXA3xx application processors.
2007-10-25 Enhanced OmniVision system serves drivers better
Qualcomm has announced new applications for the OmniVision mobile computing platform, which help reduce costs, increase fleet productivity and improve the overall quality of life for drivers.
2012-09-25 Enhance MCU performance, security with hardware accelerated crypto
Discover how to accelerate compute-intensive cryptographic algorithms and off load those tasks from the ARM core.
2013-02-01 Energy Micro pushes energy efficient EFM32 Gecko MCUs
The company's EFM32 Gecko MCUs will be showcased at the Embedded World 2013 demonstrate how energy efficient devices greatly extend battery life in real-world products.
2011-05-09 Embedded MPU integrates two ARM Cortex-A9 cores
STMicroelectronics has launched a new embedded microprocessor family with advanced multimedia capabilities.
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