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What is a touch-screen?
A touch-screen (or touchscreen) It is an input device over the display that is used to simplify user input and response. The user touches the screen rather than a keyboard, keypad, or mouse to control the output.
A number of technologies are available to implement touch-screens, the most common being resistive, capacitive and surface acoustic wave (SAW) systems.
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2007-11-28 Kit eases evaluation of Nios II processor
Altera has unveiled its new Nios II evaluation kit that provides a fast and simple 'hands on' way for embedded designers to assess the Nios II processor, SOPC Builder system design software and their custom apps.
2013-11-11 ITO dominance to face competition in coming years
Indium tin oxide has a massive lead in the market for transparent conductive coatings for touch screens, accounting for 95 per cent of film demand by area, according to IHS
2012-04-02 iPhone, iPad to triple 2012 touchscreen chip market growth
Shipments of touch controller ICs are set to reach 2.4 billion units in 2015, up from 865 million in 2010, according to an IHS iSuppli Display Electronics topical report
2012-05-02 Incorporate proximity sensor in handheld touchscreen app
Discover the touted advantages of MAX44000 proximity sensors when used in handheld touch-screen applications.
2015-02-06 Improving wearables with capacitive sensing
Find out how the use of capacitive touch sensing technology enables improvement of the aesthetics and user interface of wearable electronic devices
2013-02-25 Haptic driver from Fairchild boasts better UI
The FAH4830 claims to deliver a more friendly interface, faster response time and lower standby current at
2003-07-23 GTT touchscreen exhibits 92 percent light transmission
General Touch Technology Co. Ltd has released its SAW touchscreen device, which adopts pure glass and exhibits light transmission performance up to 92 percent
2014-02-04 Graphene market to reach $141M in 2024, says analyst
Graphene's high electrical and thermal conductivities, mechanical strength and flexibility allows it to be used in electronics applications such as ultrafast transistors, touch screens and photodetectors
2013-05-30 FTDI video engine eliminates frame buffer, cuts costs
Future Technology Devices Int. Ltd (FTDI) is entering the display controller segment with a soon-to-be-launched chip, the FT800.
2007-06-15 Flexy plastic panel lasts longer
Fujitsu Components Europe has developed a new generation of resistive touch panels for conductive plastics that ensures a tenfold improvement in lifetime over conventional devices
2008-01-25 Flat-panel touchscreen monitors fit for industrial use
Kontron has launched the KLM-1500/1700 series of industrial flat-panel monitors that offer resistive touchscreen models with RS-232 or USB interfaces.
2014-03-31 Exploring next generation optical bonding
Here's a look at the bonding technologies available for TFT display enhancement.
2005-02-02 Ethertouch delivers next-generation capacitance sensing chip
Ethertouch's capacitive sensing technology utilizes the capacitance between the human body and a set of sensors to achieve advanced 3D-sensing solutions.
2011-02-14 ClearPad provides thinner, multitouch experience to mobile users
ClearPad Series 4 combines the ClearPad multitouch technology and the display driver into a single-chip solution for advanced display noise management and excellent capacitive sensing performance.
2012-09-26 China-based panel makers to gain from low-priced handsets
According to Digitimes, the market for low-priced phones will allow the touch panel makers' shipments to increase from 32.7 per cent in 1Q12 to 39.4 per cent in Q4
2007-09-20 Calibration in touchscreen systems
This article presents concepts and methods for the calibration of touch-screen systems. Software-programming algorithms and their implementation are also discussed.
2003-05-22 Barco displays provide navigation aid to Airbus A380
Barco has received a contract from Airbus for its 18-inch MRFD246 modular rugged flat displays to be used in the A380 test flight program.
2002-08-20 Atouch touchscreen panel eliminates air gap
Atouch Co. Ltd has introduced its TA/TE series of touchscreen panels which eliminates the air gap usually present when integrating a touchscreen panel and an LCD panel.
2012-01-12 Atmel rolls MCUs for next-gen touchscreens
Atmel has rolled out at theCES its maXTouch S Series family, the company's third generation touchscreen controllers, featuring two new homegrown technologies.
2011-11-04 ARM microprocessors keep power level low at 7mW
The Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessors boast 3D interactive touch screens, higher resolution displays and faster performance
2007-05-04 Apply TI TSC for various and multiple functions
This application report presents several examples showing how a touch screen controller (TSC) from Texas Instruments provides a variety of functions such as graphs, scroll bars, pressure buttons, and analog dials. A simple resistive TSC can be used to achieve all of these functions as long as they are not activated simultaneously. This application report demonstrates a few simple examples how these can be implemented in software.
2011-04-18 Applied announces packaging, display forays
Applied Materials has teamed up with IME to build a center for advanced packaging in Singapore.
2007-05-17 Apple patent filing hints touchscreen for iPods
Apple's recently filed patent application indicates the company may be considering the use of a touchscreen on devices other than the iPhone, such as iPods.
2013-12-20 3M announces latest set of ITO films
The unpatterned indium tin oxide (ITO) film claims to offer an alternative source for high-quality, high-volume touch sensor films
2012-01-03 Unraveling Sony Vita
In the significant sockets of Sony's Playstation Vita, you can find IBM, Toshiba, Qualcomm and Avago.
2010-07-30 Touchscreen touts accuracy, precise finger disambiguation
The new touchscreens from Synaptics can tell apart 10 simultaneous finger touches and complex multi-finger gestures, offering accuracy, low latency, high report rate and precise finger disambiguation.
2014-08-28 The big smartphone bet: 4 megatrends in Chinese market
Major Asian display vendors came together at Touch Taiwan, which brought to the fore the question of who will own the display technologies likely to dominate the burgeoning smartphone market in China
2010-07-31 test article
The new touchscreens from Synaptics can tell apart 10 simultaneous finger touches and complex multi-finger gestures, offering accuracy, low latency, high report rate and precise finger disambiguation.
2002-02-22 Spin-off touts touchscreens for handhelds
Touch Int. Inc. is spinning off its touchscreen display business in the hope of putting some fire into a market that has seen a wave of consolidation
2008-04-28 Samsung brings 3D experience to plasma HDTV
Samsung's Series 4 450 plasma HDTVs enable consumers to have an interactive 3D experience for enjoying a wide range of content, including movies, video games and Web content.
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