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2003-02-11 Japanese wafer makers forecast 8 percent growth
Silicon wafer production increased 22 percent in 2002 among Japan's leading manufacturers and is projected to increase another 8 percent this year, a committee of the manufacturers announced.
2004-05-13 Japan's IC needs met at home
Japan's semiconductor market became the world's largest last year, driven by demand from non-PC products, especially digital consumer electronics, mobile phones and car-related electronics.
2008-11-05 Internet TV: Next attraction
Now, the pieces are being integrated to turn today's appealing flat-panel screens into full Internet clients.
2009-06-25 Intel: Fab tool market savior?
Intel Corp. continues to fund technologies and procure fab-equipment, but behind the scenes, the company is investing in some companies and brokering deals for others, reportedly including ASM International NV and NuFlare Technology Inc., sources said.
2010-09-14 Intel Developer Forum kicks off
Intel gathers 5,000 developers at annual technology showcase
2002-07-05 Industry-focused tech forums highlight ESC-Asia 2002
2013-05-21 Increase vertical resolution of scopes (Part 2)
In this instalment, we present four other methods that can help your scope see smaller signals.
2016-01-21 In pursuit of quiet: Noise in linear regulators
It is always better to make sure the noise levels are low enough for your needs without expensive trials. Find out how this can be achieved.
2012-12-18 Impact of crystal electrodes on PCM (Part 2)
Here's a review of the published ETDR results to see whether the seeded-bridge model holds true.
2011-11-25 Image gallery: Japan zooms in on the smart home
The Embedded Technology 2011 event showed that since the March 11 earthquake disaster, the Japanese electronics industry has shifted its focus to smart home technologies.
2008-07-16 Hysteretic converters for multiple LED lighting
Hysteretic converters are used to drive LEDs in lamp replacement and emerging lighting applications. The ease of use and inherent stability of the topology make it a first choice for efficient inductive switching regulator solutions. The simple topology can be used in different configurations or other unintended external applications.
2003-06-02 Hybrid FPGA/ASIC devices address market needs
Hybrid FPGA/ASIC devices allow instant design changes like FPGAs, while leveraging the more efficient ASIC logic for fixed blocks of a design.
2014-10-03 How to quantify serial link performance
Know how to optimise the transmitter and receiver settings and carry out compliance tests on both sides, thereby ensuring that the different electronic devices on the market work together without problems.
2014-10-16 How to improve FPGA comms interface clock jitters
Know how external phase locked loops can be used to resolve problems faced when dealing with clock jitter in FPGA-based high-speed communications interfaces such as SerDes.
2013-06-13 How to design an insulin pump
Learn about the purpose of an insulin pump, its overall workings, and the requirements needed for its design as well as implementation.
2007-02-01 High-speed interconnects reshape board
A handful of high-speed interconnects are driving changes in how designers handle fast signals. The Scalable System Packet Interface from the Optical Internetworking Forum aims to carry data at 6Gbps and up between chips or boards in a communications system.
2013-01-08 Growth in Americas bolster chip sales
The Semiconductor Industry Association reported that the strong growth in the Americas region have pushed the three month average of worldwide semiconductor sales to increase at above seasonal rates.
2008-02-12 GPS-enabled Nokia handsets bring real-time traffic info
Nokia and University of California Berkeley researchers have tested a technology that could transform the way drivers navigate through congested highways and obtain information about road conditions.
2011-05-30 Global PC chip sales up to $25.3B in April
According to Bruce Diesen the global chip sales for April looks stronger and handset chip shipments should improve as well. Chip sales grew from $25.26 billion in March to $25.3 billion in April.
2014-04-09 Global IC revenue on upward trend for 2014
The chip industry's year-on-year revenue jump recorded a high in February 2013, and is expected to continue this year, propelled by regional sales in the Americas, according to SIA.
2003-03-05 Global chip sales reach 12.2B in January '03, reports SIA
Global semiconductor sales totaled $12.2 billion in January 2003, a 2.4 percent decrease from the $12.5 billion in revenue reported in December 2002, and a 22 percent increase from the $10 billion total recorded in January 2002, according to SIA.
2015-10-12 Global chip sales drop by 3% in August
The European Semiconductor Industry Association said the three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors in August was $27.73 billion, a decrease of three per cent from August 2014.
2013-02-06 Global chip sales close out 2012 with $291.6B, says SIA
The Semiconductor Industry Association reported that the three-month average for global chip sales was $24.74 billion in December, down three percent from a revised November figure of $25.51 billion.
2014-05-07 Global chip market continues upward course
The 11.4 per cent three-month average sales jump involves increases across the region16.1 per cent in the Americas, 12.9 per cent in the Asia-Pacific, 8 per cent in Europe, and .4 per cent in Japan.
2006-02-16 Getting the boxes to interplay
Beneath the flashy veneer of electronics lies a tangled mass of interoperability problems and related concerns.
2015-12-07 Get 500W in converter with GaN (Part 1)
Part 1 covers brick technology, a comparison of eGaN FETs to silicon MOSFETS, a basic overview of the GaN-based eighth-brick design, and experimental results.
2007-06-26 Freescale eases out of Crolles2 alliance
Freescale announced it would terminate all IC manufacturing activities within the Crolles2 alliance, resulting in the company's complete withdrawal from Crolles research and manufacturing site.
2002-12-16 For Bluetooth it's one step at a time
The solution to the ills of this short-range communications technique may lie in going back to basics.
2013-11-26 Focus on no wires, no batteries at Embedded Technology 2013
Japanese chip suppliers are now squarely focused on pushing ready-to-use modulescomplete with software, sensors, and connectivity chips.
2014-08-12 Flash Summit drives memory innovation
The biggest takeaway of the Flash Memory Summit was on the breadth and depth of work to turn solid-state drives into processing nodes for big data centres.
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