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2008-05-21 Wolfowitz named head of U.S.-Taiwan trade group
Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of the Iraq war and ousted head of the World Bank, has been named to head the board of an influential U.S.-Taiwan lobbying group.
2004-05-17 Wireless sensor nets demand trade-offs
This article will analyze the design trade-offs between node duty cycle and system-level performance, pinpointing opportunities to improve power efficiency while maintaining network robustness and responsiveness.
2004-04-22 Wireless security tops U.S.-China trade talks
China and the United States will square off in Washington on Wednesday (April 21, 2004) for the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, a forum where officials haggle over trade disputes and promote commercial agendas.
2006-04-14 Wind River launches trade-in program for MontaVista Linux
Wind River Systems announced a new trade-in program for device manufacturers currently shipping devices running MontaVista Linux products.
2007-12-03 What to do with trade-offs
Bill Schweber suggests that engineers be more up-front about what they've done with their designsand had to doto get to the final product, and the inherent trade-offs of the design process.
2010-10-22 US CE association pushes for China, South Korea trade
Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association, asked US politicians to stop bashing China, enact a fair trade pact with South Korea, and reclaim leadership in technology.
2006-07-07 U.S., Singapore act to simplify telecom trade
Streamlined regulatory approval procedures came into effect in the United States and Singapore last June 2.
2006-09-20 U.S., China launch standards portal to boost trade
U.S. and Chinese standards groups are collaborating to launch a standards Website designed to boost trade between the two countries.
2006-02-06 U.S. seeks free trade agreement with South Korea
U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman announced the initiation of negotiations with South Korea on a free trade agreement that would remove tariffs and other trade barriers between the two countries.
2006-08-30 TSMC files patent, trade secret suit against SMIC
Silicon foundry TSMC has once again filed a patent and trade secret suit against archrival SMIC for "breach of an agreement" over a settlement in a patent suit filed back in 2005.
2007-10-01 Trade-off issues chase short-range devices
As the market for short-range devices expands, the idea of a one-size-fits-all transceiver is simply out of the question, thus designers of these systems must consider the device tradeoffs and their impact on link robustness and battery life.
2010-12-22 Trade shows go digital
Global Sources plans to introduce digital trade shows that will extend the reach and value of the company's face-to-face trade shows.
2006-12-13 Trade groups probe Samsung, LG.Philips on price fixing
Fair trade watchdogs in South Korea, Japan and the United States are investigating flat-screen makers LG.Philips LCD Co. Ltd and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd regarding possible price-fixing incident, according to a report from Korea's Yonhap news agency.
2014-07-31 Trade group to release IP-based IoT software stack
The IPSO Alliance will publish at least one reference architecture this year for an Internet Protocol-based IoT stack as part of a growing trend toward implementing IP in embedded systems.
2009-05-19 Trade group skeptical on Taiwan DRAM venture
The Taiwanese government plan to consolidate the island's DRAM industry around the state-backed Taiwan Memory Co. (TMC) remains unclear and could do more harm than good, according to a report released May 14 by a U.S.-Taiwan lobbying group.
2009-08-19 Trade group remains dubious of Taiwan DRAM plans
Despite the launch of Taiwan Memory Co. (TMC) and its subsequent investment in Japan's Elpida Memory, broader issues of consolidation and high levels of debt among Taiwan's DRAM players remain unresolved.
2006-09-14 Trade group inches China capex downward again
The Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International expects sales of semiconductor equipment in China to total $6.6 billion from 2006 through 2008. The estimate is slightly lower than its estimate from several months ago.
2012-05-07 Trade group delves into 'on-shoring' in electronics
Electronics firms have for years been shifting manufacturing operations to emerging economies in Asia and elsewhere where wages are lower and labor laws less rigorous.
2004-04-02 Trade barriers a slippery slope, analyst warns
A leading industry forecaster warned that erecting trade barriers in North America as a response to high-tech offshoring would cripple the global semiconductor industry.
2002-04-26 Taitronics spring, taitronics, electronics show, trade show, Taipeiopto, optoelectronics, optoelectronic component, cetra, teema
The 14th annual Taipei International Electronics Spring Show (Taitronics Spring) formally opened 1030AM yesterday, April 25, in simple ceremonies held at the Plaza of the Taipei World Trade Center.
2013-03-22 Space and time trade-offs in advanced computing
Here's an examination of real world trade-offs of time and space, and their impact on our modern mobile computing model. Along the way, we touch on relativistic physics, computer science and science fiction, all in an entertaining and informative look at the continuum.
2006-02-07 SIA commends U.S. Trade Rep on talks with Korea
The Semiconductor Industry Association applauded U.S Trade Representative Rob Portman for initiating talks with Korea on a Free Trade Agreement.
2012-08-09 Samsung copied Apple's trade dress, expert said
Trade dress refers to design elements characteristics of a product, and a marketing professor said Samsung has harmfully impacted that of Apple's with regard to product design.
2006-04-10 Qualcomm, three others questioned by Korea's trade commission
Korean offices of Qualcomm Korea, Samsung Electronics, LGE Electronics and Pantech Curitel were recently visited by officials of the Korean Fair Trade Commission seeking information about the business dealings between Qualcomm and the three other companies.
2011-07-18 Power Tip: Trade AC-line range for input-capacitor ripple current
Find out more about the relationship between these two significant parameters.
2009-02-25 Power Tip #1: Dealing with power supply's trade-offs
Selecting the optimum operating frequency for your power supply is a complex trade-off involving size, efficiency and cost. In general, low-frequency designs tend to be the most efficient, but are the largest and most costly.
2007-11-15 PCB tester doubles throughput sans price, footprint trade-off
With the introduction of a PCB tester equipped with two independent test modules, Teradyne claims to effectively double throughput without doubling price and manufacturing floor footprint.
2002-04-11 Panel explores trade-offs of integrated tools
The integration of various EDA tools into a single suite is valuable but not the most important factor for a successful design environment, according to participants in a panel discussion at this week's International Symposium on Physical Design.
2006-03-28 Microsoft appeals Korea Fair Trade Commission decision
Microsoft filed an appeal with the Seoul High Court to review the decision in the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) case against Microsoft.
2009-07-28 Korea Fair Trade fines Qualcomm $200M
The Korea Fair Trade Commission has fined Qualcomm Inc. $200 million, stating that certain discounts and rebates that the chip supplier provides are in violation of Korean competition law.
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