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2007-01-12 Cisco files lawsuit vs. Apple for iPhone
Cisco has filed an infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc., seeking injunction to prevent the copying and use of its iPhone trademark, which Cisco claims to have obtained in 2000.
2007-02-20 Cisco extends Apple's deadline again in iPhone suit
Cisco Systems has agreed to extend the deadline again for Apple to respond to a lawsuit accusing the computer maker of violating Cisco's iPhone trademark.
2004-07-26 BiTMICRO receives patent for flash storage device
BiTMICRO Networks has received a patent from the U.S. patent and trademark office for its storage device testing technology found in its E-Disk analyzer.
2002-07-09 ASM receives patents for PECVD low-k dielectric technology
ASM Int. N.V. has been granted patents no. 6,352,945, 6,383,955 and 6,410,463 by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
2003-02-07 ARM introduces AMBA compliance program
ARM Ltd has launched the AMBA Compliance Program, which enables IP developers who have verified their IP against the standard AMBA compliance specification use the "AMBA Compliant" trademark.
2007-02-08 Apple, Cisco to keep iPhone duel outside court
Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. jointly announced that both companies will settle their iPhone trademark and interoperability battle via negotiations.
2003-07-31 Aehr Test obtains additional U.S. patents
Aehr Test Systems has received three additional patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to its wafer-level burn-in and test technology.
2006-12-08 Zigbee module devt kit speeds time-to-compliance
Integration Associates has released a Zigbee Module Development Kit that promises developers an efficient path to a product with a Zigbee logo.
2014-10-31 Will Lenovo's new acquisition help it take on Xiaomi?
Lenovo and Google have entered into a definitive agreement under which Lenovo plans to acquire the Motorola Mobility smartphone business. With a strong PC business and a fast-growing smartphone business, this agreement will significantly strengthen Lenovo's position in the smartphone market.
2015-03-23 Who are the leaders in patent filings?
Huawei, with 3,442 published patent applications, overtook Panasonic Corp. of Japan as the largest applicant in 2014. Qualcomm Inc. was second in 2014, with 2,409 published applications.
2008-01-23 Vietnam debuts in microchip market
Vietnam has launched its first microchipRISC SigmaK3in Ho Chi Minh, marking its entry in the microchip industry.
2004-03-24 UWB group remains deadlocked
For the fourth consecutive time, the IEEE 802.15.3a task group on ultra-wideband technology failed to break a protracted deadlock.
2009-11-27 USPTO rejects Rambus claims vs. Nvidia
The action, known as filing an action closing prosecution, follows preliminary rejection of the claims earlier this year by the USPTO.
2009-08-13 Update: ITC import ban impact remains unclear
The U.S. import ban of a broad range of chips using fine-pitch BGA packages potentially has far reaching impact.
2015-10-21 University wins infringement case against Apple
Apple was ordered to pay the University of Wisconsin $234 million in damages after a Wisconsin court decided that Apple's A7, A8 and A8X application processors had infringed its patent.
2007-10-01 U.S., U.K. partner up on patents
Patent offices in the United States and the United Kingdom have announced a trial program geared to streamline the process of obtaining a patent in the countries.
2008-01-22 U.S. Senate to tackle patent reform bill
Following the U.S. House of Representatives' passing of the patent reform bill, the U.S. Senate will take its turn next month on the controversial bill that aims to raise the quality of patents and reduce patent litigation and abuse.
2007-09-19 U.S. patent system overhaul stirs uncertainty
The patent reform bill passed by the U.S. Congress last week was met by varied and complex dissenting opinions, hinting at the uncertain future of the U.S. patent system.
2008-02-12 U.S. Patent Reform Act faces opposition
The Patent Office Professional Association and 13 other unions are opposing the proposed Patent Reform Act and has urged the U.S. Senate to block this legislation.
2007-09-10 U.S. patent examiners against patent reform proposal
A group representing patent examiners and professionals in the United States said that the patent reform proposal now in the U.S. Congress would hurt the American patent approval process.
2007-04-11 U.S. files two WTO cases against China
The United States will file two World Trade Organization cases vs. Chinaone regarding deficiencies in China's legal body to protect and enforce copyrights and trademarks on various products and the second on China's distribution barriers to trade in books, music, videos and movies.
2009-02-26 U.S. Court denies injunction barring Hynix
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California denied Rambus' request for an injunction barring Hynix Semiconductor Inc. from selling its DRAM products in the United States.
2004-02-02 TRIPs drives China to amend patent laws and policies
When China first bid for WTO membership, its intellectual property-related laws were one of the main obstacles to joining the organization.
2011-03-10 Thunderbolt rouses quiet PC world
As Intel tries to promote Thunderbolt, detractors point out perceived weaknesses such as the absence of compelling applications, thus keeping big vendors from supporting the interconnect.
2011-10-11 Thank you, Mr. Jobs
Everyone has access to the same notes but only Steve Jobs was able to inspire and make those notes into a symphony when the rest of the world was still making simple melodies.
2006-05-25 Tensilica claims victory in patent fight
A key patent for configurable processor design held by Tensilica has withstood an anonymous challenge without modification.
2012-11-14 Teardown: The 4th-Gen iPad unraveled
UBM TechInsights takes a peak into what makes Apple's 4th generation iPad tick.
2006-10-17 Synopsys serves subpoena to Mentor over PTO request
Synopsys has served Mentor Graphics a subpoena demanding certain documents related to Mentor's request for reexamination of two Magma Design patents by the U.S. PTO.
2011-10-06 Steve Jobs dies at 56
Visionary Steve Jobs has lost his battle with cancer. The news was announced by Apple and his friend Stephen Wozniak.
2014-01-23 STATS ChipPAC makes IEEE patent ranking
STATS ChipPAC was recognised for patent innovations by the IEEE for the third consecutive year.
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