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2007-01-31 Jury favors Broadcom in patent case against Qualcomm
Broadcom Corp. announced that a federal jury in San Diego found that the company had not infringed two patents for digital video compression owned by Qualcomm Inc.
2007-06-29 Judgment day: Can the Apple iPhone deliver?
Perhaps not since the invention of wireless communication has a cellphone been the subject of this much frenzy. Could the iPhone truly fulfill its promise? Today, consumers will judge.
2005-06-23 Jack Kilby, co-inventor of the IC, dies at 81
Jack St. Clair Kilby, retired TI engineer and acknowledged as the first inventor of the integrated circuit, passed away in Dallas Monday (June 20) after a brief battle with cancer. He was 81.
2009-12-10 IXYS buys Zilog for $62.4M
Power IC provider IXYS Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zilog Inc., a supplier of application specific, embedded microcontrollers.
2009-05-27 ITC favors Tessera in packaging patent suit
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a limited exclusion order blocking the import of chips from six companies it has determined infringed two packaging patents of Tessera Technologies Inc.
2009-01-19 Is Asia winning a race to patent ideas in the U.S.?
The world's most innovative companies go to great lengths to guard their trade secrets. But do companies with the most patents have the inside track on the best ideas?
2010-01-29 iPad tablet, anyone?
Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs unveiled iPad, a tablet-style mobile computer, thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook.
2008-04-22 IP experts agree rules need to be modified
The rules of the road in intellectual property need a re-write, according to speakers at last week's Intellectual Property Symposium.
2009-03-02 Intel contests 'netbook' copyright claims
Intel Corp. has followed Dell Inc.'s legal moves against small computer maker Psion Teklogix's efforts to stop the use of the term 'Netbooks' for the latest craze in small laptops.
2005-11-14 Industry group forms to consolidate Linux patents
A group of tech giants linked up on Thursday to promote Linux globally, with the unveiling of a new company called the Open Invention Network (OIN).
2008-05-07 Incentive program levels Bluetooth field for small biz
The Bluetooth SIG has launched the Bluetooth Small Business Incentive Program designed to grow the Bluetooth technology market by creating new avenues of innovation and market entry for small businesses.
2004-04-07 IMEC rethinks reconfigurability approach
The IMEC research center is blending concepts in very long instruction word processing with emerging ideas in reconfigurable computing arrays to form a processing cluster that is at once powerful, configurable, and low enough in power for use in mobile applications.
2014-01-21 IBM, Samsung, Qualcomm lead 2013 top patent recipients
Google and Apple broke into the top 20 for the first time: number 11 Google had 1,851, and number 13 Apple had 1,775 patents issued.
2005-01-13 IBM offers patents to open source developers
IBM Corp. announced Tuesday (Jan. 11) that it will give open source developers free access to 500 of its software patents.
2003-02-25 iBIZ to acquire Synosphere LLC
iBIZ Technology Corp. has signed a letter of intent to acquire Synosphere LLC, a provider of docking solutions for handheld devices.
2004-05-04 I-Tech storage tester conform to industry standards
I-Tech is rolling out its 4010 SANmark Test Suite, the second and final test suite in the company's 4000 Series of testers.
2007-01-24 HP, IBM, Intel back Linux Foundation
Two groups committed to the business adoption of Linux are merging to streamline operations and represent Linux with one voice.
2007-09-11 Hot patent reform bill gets through U.S. Congress
The U.S. Congress last week passed HR1908, the sweeping and controversial patent reform bill that aims to raise the quality of patents and reduce patent litigation and abuse.
2008-09-16 Hitachi GST highlights green commitment
Shinichi Yamamoto, senior manager for the new CE CTS, C&C business group at Hitachi GST elaborates on the company's commitment to the environment and narrates how it has lived up to this vision through the development of new technologies.
2006-09-25 Govt, industry leaders renew calls to study nanotech risks
Government and environmental leaders renewed calls for greater federal scrutiny of the health effects of nanotechnology.
2015-07-21 Google reveals open specification for BLE beacons
Beacons are simple hardware devices that transmit an identification code to devices configured to be attentive to the BLE signal, which typically travels up to 100m.
2007-09-05 Fujitsu wins SDRAM patent suit vs. Nanya Japan
Fujitsu claims to have won its litigation against the Japan subsidiary of Taiwan's Nanya Technology involving patents for a DDR SDRAM technology.
2013-12-26 Finding a better naming scheme for mobile phone evolution
The various generations of mobile phones, aptly referred to as 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, and which has now been designated as LTE and LTE Advanced, may need a less confusing way to describe the progress.
2009-05-22 Electronics counterfeiting goes online
The counterfeiting of electronics has long been a problem, but the downturn that has many searching for bargains could cost U.S. consumer electronics companies alone as much as $200 billion, according to one estimate.
2015-09-09 Display market sees growth with rising flexible tech
Flexible displays, which lend themselves to wider applications than conventional ones, are expected to create an entirely new display market and replace existing non-flexible display solutions.
2010-08-25 CSR, Broadcom IP battle brewing
CSR has asserted a number of its patents against Broadcom Corp. in response to the latter's move to add patents to an infringement suit against CSR in a US district court.
2014-10-27 Cree patents hybrid LED-OLED tech to generate white light
The patent application describes a solid state lighting system and/or a luminaire that can generate white light by combining OLED lights with another solid state emitter, for instance a conventional LED.
2014-03-06 Court rules Fairchild infringed Power Integrations patents
In a patent lawsuit that was brought by Power Integrations, Fairchild Semiconductor was found guilty of breaching two power supply IC patents.
2006-11-03 Court forbids Broadcom from revealing Qualcomm WCDMA trade secrets
Qualcomm reported that a federal court has enjoined Broadcom from any further solicitation, use or dissemination of Qualcomm's confidential WCDMA trade secrets, including source code.
2008-05-29 Court favors System General on Power Integrations suit
Fairchild Semiconductor announced today that a federal court in San Francisco has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit by Power Integrations Inc. against Fairchild subsidiary System General Corp.
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