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2014-06-20 Court dismisses software patent as abstract idea
The unanimous ruling in Alice Corp. v CLS Bank renders software patents ineligible as abstract ideasa decision following a precedent set by earlier cases and that may impact the tech industry later.
2015-03-17 Court cancels SynQor's power converter patent claims
Vicor uncovered evidence that the founder of SynQor had directed research sponsored by the General Electric Company in bus converter technology pioneered by Robert L. Steigerwald at GE.
2011-11-01 Counterfeiting case reveals defense system flaws
The case of VisionTech has opened
2003-02-24 Consortium releases common embedded Linux spec
Embedded Linux vendors rolled out the heavy artillery for their assault on proprietary OSs, unveiling a common software platform that could change the way engineers develop products ranging from cellphones and PDAs to STBs.
2007-12-03 Collaboration is key, say IP experts
In place of today's patent thickets, full of fears of unknown licensing and litigation costs, experts envision more open pools for collaboration, linked into new tools emerging on the Net.
2012-11-29 China's patent filings grow more than 20% a year
Reflecting a profound change in cultural attitudes to property, this increasing trend in China should encourage foreign company to invest in filing patents there to compete with Chinese companies.
2006-02-16 China taps U.S. partner to keep EVD spec afloat
As the HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical-disk formats slug it out for market dominance, China's lesser-known standard is struggling to survive and has made the unlikely move of using an American company's red-laser-based technology to challenge the high capacities of blue-laser disks.
2009-02-10 Campaigning for patent reform
Many big tech companies are pushing hard for patent reform, citing the rising costs of IP claims against them.
2004-09-13 BiTMICRO's new patent underscores position in solid-state disk industry
It appears that the moment a storage device boosts capacity; it becomes difficult to perform the I/O functionalities, such as write, read and erase, during an operation.
2003-08-12 Averant lands patent for checking design properties
RTL verification tool vendor Averant Inc. has been issued a new patent by the USPTO for its method of computing the design coverage of a set of properties.
2003-08-08 Averant lands patent for checking design properties
RTL static functional verification tool vendor Averant has been issued a new patent by the USPTO for its method of computing the design coverage of a set of properties.
2010-09-07 ATMI, CVD, SiGen introduce a new class of components
ATMI and Ovonyx make headway with germanium antimony telluride-based phase change memory devices using chemical vapor deposition processes while CVD Equipment Corp. and Graphene Laboratories Inc. have introduced a line of CVD graphene products. Not to be outdone, Silicon Genesis (SiGen) has started production of solar wafers using its new high volume manufacturing system, dubbed PolyMax.
2016-03-14 Apple's medical monitor detects emergencies
Apple has filed a patent for a medical monitor to sound alerts in case of medical emergencies, irregularities in a user's temperature, heart rate, oxygen level or blood pressure.
2014-02-19 Apple's Flexible Displays patent reveals future bezel-free devices
Apple has filed a patent that reduces the border on the display of a device.
2002-08-13 Apple tries software spark to ignite Firewire
Trying to ignite more market activity around the Firewire interface it helped define, Apple Computer Inc. will provide a free software stack to device makers implementing the high-speed interconnect.
2011-01-21 Apple needs Steve Jobs back, here's why
Industry analysts believe that filling Steve Jobs' shoes would by no means be easy. They cite five things that Apple would sorely miss and must contend with in his absence: his vision, drive and showmanship as well as the company's fan club and stock price.
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