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2005-01-21 Zetex offers alternative to traditional SOT223-, DPAK-packaged parts
Zetex disclosed that the efficient high current operation of its latest bipolar transistors meets all the performance requirements of DC motor control.
2014-04-08 Wireless tech detaches from traditional networks
With the ultra narrowband technology, Senaptic aims to find system integrator partners who will implement the system themselves, excluding mobile operators in the equation.
2001-09-16 Wire gauging the traditional trace
This technical article presents a "how to" approach to determine the relationships that can be derived between trace area and wire gauge.
2005-04-12 SUSS' new tool replaces traditional optical lithography
SUSS MicroTec announced last week a next-generation lithography tool that will replace traditional optical lithography for the production of nano-scale devices.
2006-03-09 Sound chip plays traditional instruments
Oki Electric Industry announced it has developed the ML2874, a polyphonic sound generator LSI for the Brazil, Russia, India and China markets.
2005-05-09 Report says VoIP is killing traditional telephony
The rapid adoption of Voice over IP (VoIP) is killing off traditional telephony, with 50 percent of small- to mid-sized enterprises expected to rely on VoIP by 2008, according to a new study by Info-Tech Research.
2007-08-13 QSFP connectors offer thrice the density of traditional SFP ports
Tyco Electronics has released a QSFP interconnect system that offers three times the density of traditional SFP ports and supports speeds up to 10Gbps per channel.
2012-07-16 PC shipments to outpace traditional desktop PCs
Shipments of AiO PCs are forecast to reach 16.4 million units this year, a 20 percent increase from 13.7 million units in 2011.
2002-07-19 PC makers look towards non-traditional products
PC manufacturers and Microsoft are looking for new ways to expand their markets, conveys In-Stat/MDR.
2011-03-03 On-demand services threaten traditional pay-TV, says researcher
Mobile devices are making it easy for consumers to access on-demand multimedia content. The trend is creeping into the TV market with over-the-top services and threatening pay-TV operators.
2012-11-05 New media renders traditional server design benchmarks obsolete
In the age of social media, semiconductor design will be largely driven by price-per-unit-compute and compute-per-watt.
2013-06-27 Mobile devices surpass traditional PCs in DRAM consumption
IHS forecasted that mobile devices will use up a greater volume of DRAM, estimated at $11.6 billion, than traditional desktops, notebooks and servers, which will only amount to $9.9 billion.
2003-03-19 LCD sales to surpass traditional CRT revenues in '03
LCD revenues are seen to rise to more than $20 billion in 2003, surpassing traditional CRT monitors for the first time, reports IDC.
2015-07-23 Keyboard, display multiplexing: The traditional approach
Learn about multiplexing, the technique of configuring displays and keyboards/switches in a matrix in order to reduce the number of I/O lines used in hardware.
2016-02-11 Dealing with noisy motor: Traditional compensation
In this article, we present a typical method for compensating the vibration and audible noise, including the tuning required by this method.
2006-08-14 Copley offers lower noise alternative to traditional pneumatic positioners
Copley Controls announced that they have developed a cost-competitive solution that's more flexible and much lower noise than traditional pneumatic positioners.
2015-10-01 Bridge gap between USB and traditional interfaces
In this article, we examine how integrated isolation and power bridge the gap between USB and traditional industrial interfaces.
2010-08-12 Bi-stable LCD uses 99 percent less power than traditional LCDs
The Lumex InfoVue Bi-stable LCD consumes up to 99 percent less energy than traditional LCDs.
2002-10-25 BCC jumper switch to replace traditional pin designs
The CJS jumper switch from BC Components measure 5.4-by-2.5-by-2.5mm and is suitable as a replacement for traditional jumper pins in CPU boards.
2009-04-07 Antenna switch replaces traditional solution
NEC Corp.'s UPG2193T6E single pole eight throw (SP8T) GaAs MMIC antenna switch was developed for new mobile phone designs. The UPG2193T6E replaces the common two-switch solution in mobile communication applications with a single miniature device.
2013-08-08 $99 LED street light to replace traditional sodium fixtures
The XSPR Street Light is aimed to replace high-pressure sodium fixtures that are currently used by municipalities and cities.
2005-03-16 Virtual instrumentation for user-defined apps
Free yourself from the pangs of traditional test and measurement-try virtual instrumentation
2005-08-01 System-level multicore debugging made easy
Virtual system prototypes outdo traditional ISS models in multicore SoC designs
2010-11-24 Mentor, Rohde & Schwarz collaborate on wireless debug platform
Mentor Graphics Corp. and Rohde & Schwarz have just announced their collaboration to bring a hardware-accelerated, debug platform for the verification of wireless communication SoCs.
2004-12-16 Implement message-driven testbench for FPGAs
Crack the code in improving test implementations--a message driven testbench may just do the trick.
2006-07-18 DRC tool meets yield challenges of nanometer era
Mentor Graphics said its Calibre nmDRC tool redefines the traditional design rule checking (DRC) step to solve the yield challenges of the nanometer era.
2011-03-28 467M health devices to run on Bluetooth by 2016
While analysts predict Bluetooth Low Energy will power 467 million health devices by 2016, they claim the delayed release of the spec has prompted adoption of rival proprietary offerings in the market.
2002-09-06 Zarlink processor allows TDM switch replacement
Zarlink Semiconductor is developing a carrier-quality network access processor that can solve capacity bottlenecks in access equipment by allowing Ethernet switches to replace traditional TDM switching backplanes.
2007-12-17 Xilinx-powered RASC speeds up bioinformatics app
Xilinx has announced that an SGI RASC-enabled SGI Altix system from Silicon Graphics, featuring Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs, can accelerate the Blast-n bioinformatics application by more than 900 times compared to a traditional cluster.
2015-06-12 Wirewound resistors support operation up to 350C
The Vishay Dale CW-High Energy series resistors can be used in high-temperature operating conditions and can deliver higher overload and high surge energy protection than traditional devices.
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