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2002-10-30 ZettaCom traffic manager delivers 10Gbps performance
ZettaCom Inc. is sampling its ZTM552 traffic manager that supports QoS differentiation for any data protocol at line rates of up to 10Gbps.
2006-03-31 Virtex-4 FPGAs turn into traffic managers for triple-play apps
Xilinx has partnered with Modelware to provide designers of networking infrastructure equipment with a product that will enable them to integrate advanced traffic management features into their systems
2004-06-10 Dune rolls traffic management chips
Dune Networks released two devices that combine traffic management and a serial interface for linking up line cards to a centralized switch fabric card
2003-02-19 Agere net processor integrates traffic manager
Agere Systems' latest network processor chip integrates several peripheral functions into one IC.
2007-06-06 100Gbit network IC has integrated traffic manager
EZchip Technologies Ltd claims that its NP-4 network processors can offer system vendors a significant cost reduction by integrating all the key components of their line card into a single chip.
2006-09-18 Web accelerator, enterprise manager unveiled
F5 Networks Inc. has integrated Swan Labs' Web acceleration tools into its own Traffic Management Operating System environment and is now rolling out Web Accelerator as both a standalone appliance and as a module for its Big-IP system
2009-11-10 Test suit handles high-volume IP traffic
Tektronix has expanded its test portfolio for communications carriers to meet the increasing amount of data that needs to be monitored, acquired and tested in all-IP communications networks.
2004-05-17 Infineon processor bridges ATM, Ethernet traffic
Infineon has created the specialized processor ConverGate-C, designed to aggregate ATM-based xDSLs and convert the traffic to Internet Protocol on the line card
2011-02-03 High data traffic intensifies SI issues
Some of the effects of increased data traffic are signal intensity problems, which must be addressed in testing. Design validation must pinpoint errors and optimize systems to deliver timely solutions
2011-06-24 Freescale's AMP addresses explosive IP traffic growth
Running on a multithreaded 64bit Power Architecture e6500 core, the AMP series integrates an array of acceleration engines and power management systems to improve performance and power efficiency.
2007-10-25 Network services manager measures experiential quality
Fujitsu has developed the Proactnes II network services management solution with a technology that makes it possible to measure and visualize the experiential quality of sound and video over networks.
2005-03-01 Broadcom: Gbit IP phone won't jam up traffic
The rekindling of the VoIP market sends Broadcom to devise a solution for broadband signal traffic
2002-09-25 Teradiant samples 40Gbps network processor
Teradiant Networks Inc.'s TeraPacket chipset consists of the company's MPE and MTM, allowing the device to operate up to 40Gbps.
2003-07-16 Selecting ASICs or ASSPs for key net functions
Network system design activity is accelerating with a renewed emphasis on product differentiation and cost-effectiveness. System design teams must evaluate technology options that usually lead them to choose between ASICs and ASSPs for most of the network packet processing functions they require.
2011-05-27 Rohde & Schwarz acquires ipoque, enters security market
Rohde & Schwarz has acquired software company ipoque and will soon be entering the Internet traffic management and security market
2002-06-16 Low-end NPU takes on T1, T3 duties
Motorola is aiming its low-end C-3e network processor and companion Q-3 traffic manager for aggregating T1/T3 services.
2002-05-02 Internet Machines to use Rambus' RaSer serial link technology
Rambus Inc.'s RaSer serializer/deserializer (SerDes) cell has been incorporated into Internet Machines' SE200, a full duplex 200Gbps single-chip switch element and TMC10, a full duplex 10Gbps single-chip, wire-speed traffic management co-processor, under a license agreement between the two companies
2006-09-01 Hybrid switch fabric rolls
Enigma Semiconductor Inc. is exploring new concepts in hybrid switching fabrics that combine elements from crossbar and shared-memory switching chips.
2007-05-15 Dune, Bay Micro team on Carrier Ethernet design
Dune Networks, switching fabric and traffic management solutions provider and Bay Microsystems Inc., a network processor company, announced a joint design for Carrier Ethernet applications
2002-04-18 Bay network processor sustains 16Gbps line rate
Designed with a deterministic pipeline architecture, the Montego programmable packet processor from Bay Microsystems Inc. is claimed to process 31.24 million packets per second, and sustain a line rate of up to 16Gbps for all traffic patterns and conditions
2002-09-09 Bay Micro, IBM work out system interoperability
Bay Microsystems Inc. has announced that it is working with IBM to demonstrate system interoperability between the IBM PowerPRS Q-64G Packet Routing Switch and its Montego OC192c/10G Network Processor/Traffic Manager.
2002-07-24 Agere rolls single-chip network processor
Agere Systems Inc. will announce that it has shrunk its original three-chip PayloadPlus network processors into a single device.
2004-11-01 Access processor seen eclipsing NPU
The combination of aggregation, traffic management and VoIP processors may converge the market for NPUs in the transport core
2011-05-11 Xilinx expands comms portfolio through Modelware buyout
Xilinx acquires Modelware and expands its communications portfolio as it launches FPGA-based 100G traffic management reference design
2003-01-16 Universal serial bus debug tips
You can simplify and speed up the development and troubleshooting of USB devices with the tools and techniques you choose and the design decisions you make.
2004-05-06 iPolicy moves into security management
iPolicy has introduced its first global security management software system.
2011-11-02 Huawei exec suggests next-gen video server standard
A senior Huawei executive is proposing a new concept of high-end systems to keep up with the growing mobile and video traffic
2004-10-01 Fine-grain switching goes from core to edge
Lowering capital expenditures in providing mixed-voice/data services require finer traffic grooming closer to the network edge
2006-06-02 Dow-Key switches continue to fly on Boeing planes after [nearly] 20 years
Boeing Corp. has used Dow-Key's RF switches in its collision avoidance and landing systems for the past 20 years, and there seems to be no letting up.
2002-03-08 Brocade switch targets entry-level SANs
Designed for entry-level SANs, the SilkWorm 3200 fabric switch enables users to network servers with storage devices through a SAN, creating a scalable, secure, and manageable environment for storage applications.
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