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What is an RF transceiver?
An RF transceiver is a device that transmits and receives RF signals.
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2005-06-21 Intel unveils all-CMOS WLAN transceiver
Intel Corp. has used its 90nm process technology as the basis for an all-CMOS wireless LAN transceiver designed as a system-in-package (SiP).
2004-03-03 Intel transceiver reduces development, hardware costs
A telecommunications-grade optical transceiver from Intel is capable of being tuned across the entire band of channels employed by carriers.
2012-04-24 Integrate hardware discrete transceiver to simplify AISG control systems
Read about the Antenna Interface Standards Group standard in telecommunications and its hardware implementation.
2003-08-01 Infrared transceiver offers 1m transmit distance
Vishay Intertechnology has released what it claims is the industry's smallest FIR transceiver suitable for short-distance communications.
2006-04-26 Infineon transceiver powers Samsung EDGE phones
Infineon Technologies announced that Samsung has selected Infineon's single-chip SMARTi PM CMOS RF transceiver for its new EDGE mobile phones.
2006-07-25 Infineon tapes out dual-band UWB transceiver core
Infineon has taped out a dual-band UWB transceiver core that supports all regulatory requirements worldwide, paving the way for universal UWB devices capable of worldwide operation.
2002-12-19 Infineon ships XPAK transceiver modules
Infineon Technologies is shipping samples of XPAK MSA-compliant devices for both short-reach and long-reach data transmission apps.
2003-03-18 Infineon ships low power 10GbE transceiver
The company has begun shipment of its TenGiPHY single-chip transceivers for use in 10GbE WAN or LAN PHY devices.
2003-03-14 Infineon samples 10G XFP short reach transceiver
The company has begun sampling the 10G XFP short reach transceiver module that uses an 850nm VCSEL.
2002-03-21 Infineon rolls out XENPAK-compliant transceiver module
The EXponder 10Gb Ethernet module operates at 1,310nm and complies with the XENPAK MSA for 10Gb Ethernet transceivers that meet the IEEE 802.3ae standard.
2004-07-26 Infineon RF transceiver has complete GSM functions
Infineon announced that it had started volume shipments of its GSM/GPRS RF transceivers manufactured in standard CMOS technology to a tier 1 customer.
2012-05-09 Imec, Panasonic develop low-power 7Gb/s 60GHz transceiver
The transceiver front-end prototype IC achieves an error vector management (EVM) better than -17dB for QAM16 modulation in the four channels specified by the IEEE802.11ad standard.
2015-03-02 imec announces WDM hybrid CMOS silicon photonics transceiver
The SiPh chip, fabricated on imec's 25Gb/s Silicon Photonics Platform, includes an array of four compact 25Gb/s ring modulators, coupled to a common bus waveguide to allow WDM transmission.
2007-03-28 IBM unveils 'breakthrough' optical transceiver
IBM scientists have developed a prototype optical transceiver chipset capable of reaching speeds at least eight times faster than optical components available today.
2004-12-06 How to interface with LVPECL/PECL fiber transceiver
This app note discusses how to interface the KS8993 100BASE-FX port with a LVPECL/PECL fiber transceiver.
2003-01-27 HNS transceiver IC transfers data at 440Mbps
Hughes Network Systems Inc. has announced the development of a 440Mbps transceiver IC that is 10 times the speed of conventional devices.
2014-03-13 High speed transceiver geared for data centre apps
ColorChip demonstrated a 100Gb/s high speed transceiver applied in a pluggable QSFP28 package and operating via single mode fibre over a 2km reach.
2008-01-22 Half-duplex transceiver tailored for remote apps
Exar's half duplex transceiver targets remote applications including e-metering monitoring, building automation, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning controls, security camera systems and applications on long, or unterminated transmission lines.
2007-09-10 H-bridge driver IC has regulator, watchdog, LIN transceiver
Atmel Corp. has rolled out the ATA6823 H-bridge driver IC which includes all functional blocks needed for a complete MCU-controlled DC motor system in H-bridge configuration.
2005-10-21 GSM/GPRS transceiver offers lowest BoM for ULCH market
Silicon Laboratories expanded its Aero GSM/GPRS transceiver family with the release of the Si4209, which requires one of the lowest external component count and smallest board space.
2010-09-24 GigOptix transceiver program gets US funding
US Senate Appropriations Committee approves $5 million funding for On-Chip Integrated Photonic Polymer Transceiver program
2006-08-11 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver ignites port-count explosion
Ethernet's expanding bandwidth requirement is driving switch-router equipment designers to build scalable systems.
2008-02-19 GbE transceiver ups data transfer reliability
Vitesse Semiconductor's VSC8664 is a quad Gigabit dual media Ethernet transceiver designed to improve the reliability of synchronous data transfer over IP packet-based carrier network equipment.
2006-04-11 GbE transceiver supports multiple interfaces
Texas Instruments introduced a six-channel Gigabit Ethernet transceiver that provides an interface in data communications and telecommunications equipment.
2007-04-02 GbE transceiver supports extended link distances
Avago Technologies has announced a new, high-performance GbE SFP transceiver for extended link distances.
2007-06-20 GbE transceiver has advanced power-saving modes
Marvell announces the addition of the Marvell Alaska 88E1240 to its family of Alaska single, dual, quad and octal GbE transceivers.
2007-11-26 GaAs FET amp targets European WiMAX transceiver stations
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed an internally impedance matched high output power GaAs FET for 3.6GHz band WiMAX base transceiver stations in Europe.
2006-01-05 G.984-compliant transceiver features clock and data recovery
Applied Micro Circuits entered the Gigabit Passive Optical Network market with the release of its G.984-compliant transceiver with clock and data recovery.
2014-02-18 Fujitsu-Imec partnership yields wireless transceiver tech
The wireless transceiver for BAN applications features the digitally controlled receiver and the high-speed digital three-point modulation technologies, lightening the burden on patients using sensors.
2015-02-24 Fujitsu optical transceiver delivers 100Gbit/s CPU communication
By developing a mathematical model and analytic techniques for the impact of mutual coupling between re-timer circuits, Fujitsu succeeded in laying out re-timer circuits with spacing of just 0.25mm.
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