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What is a flyback transformer?
The flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special transformer that is used to generate high voltage signals at a relatively high frequency. It was invented to control the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT).
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2003-12-08 Pudong Yingfa transformers have resistant layers
Shanghai Pudong Yingfa Electronics Co. Ltd released its flyback transformers with resistant layers that are designed to suit 29-inch to 34-inch color TVs.
2014-02-12 Power tip: Boost discontinuous flyback efficiency
Implementation in a discontinuous flyback is a significant challenge compared with a continuous flyback.
2000-04-15 Power supply design basics
This application note is aimed at system designers whose interest focuses on the basic power supply design know-how.
2002-09-04 Power Integrations conversion IC replaces transformers
The LNK501 high-voltage power conversion IC is aimed at replacing linear transformer designs in adapters and battery chargers rated at 3W and below.
2003-05-26 Power conversion in Line-Powered Equipment
This application note discusses the power conversion for internal components drawing power from an AC Line (usually through a Power Supply).
2014-05-16 Planar platform boosts throughput power for SMT transformers
Pulse Electronics released a planar platform that claims to increase throughput power for its planar SMT transformers by 50 per cent over transformers of comparable size to deliver up to 800W.
2004-04-06 Odeer transformers provide 50W output
Designed for energy-saving lamps, the ODET-B transformer from Odeer Electronic accepts an input voltage of 220Vac and features an output voltage of 12V.
2013-04-08 Oceanside isolated power supply reference design
Here's a look at the Oceanside sub-system reference design, a 3.3V to 15V input, 15V (12V) output, isolated power supply.
2005-10-14 New power transformers handle high densities, take less space
Epcos disclosed that they have developed a family of transformers that are able to handle extremely high power densities while taking up significantly less space.
2001-04-26 Modeling and simulation of on-chip Spiral inductors and transformers
This application note describes how to model and simulate on-chip spiral inductors and planar transformers with the on-chip passive component modeler under the Analog Artist environment.
2002-05-22 Matsushita piezoelectric transformers have high transfer efficiencies
The EFTU11R0MX50 and EFTU11R8MX50 piezoelectric transformers from Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd provide a transfer ratio of 50 and a transfer efficiency of up to 93 percent.
2006-02-22 Magnetic device features dual-coil config for design flexibility
Datatronics introduced an advanced DR359 series of surface-mount inductor/transformer that combines a unique dual-coil design with a low-profile package.
2003-07-07 Macro Sensors LVDTs suit testing extensometers
Macro Sensors has released the HSAR-750 and HSDR-750 series of hermetically-sealed LVDTs that are made from stainless steel, and are designed for operation in hostile environments.
2006-12-12 LTCC balanced bandpass filter suits demanding RF apps
Yageo has announced the launch of an LTCC balanced bandpass filter targeting today's increasingly demanding RF applications.
2002-08-20 LinkCom ADSL transformers fit Conexant chipset
LinkCom Mfg Co. Ltd's LAL0102 and LAL0103 ADSL transformers have been approved by Conexant Systems Inc. for use in their CX82310-11 ADSL router and CX82320-11 ADSL USB chipsets.
2016-03-10 Linear's new module regulators are UL60950 compliant
Linear's new regulators operate from an input voltage of 2.8V to 40V, while their flyback topology allows them to regulate an output voltage above, below, or equal to the input voltage.
2004-04-19 Linear Tech RF mixers offer low LO drive level
The company is targeting the performance demands of the wireless infrastructure market with the release of its two high linearity upconverting RF active mixers.
2013-04-09 Lakewood isolated power supply reference design
Understand the details of the Lakewood sub-system reference design, a 3.3V input, 12V (15V) output, isolated power supply.
2002-04-22 ISO-MAX troubleshooting guide
This application note describes the process of reducing noise in a signal path.
2014-09-08 IPI outs single phase 50/60Hz step/control transformers
The devices feature a flexible, scalable design that supports a range of cost-effective applications requiring superior electrical performance, high reliability, long-life and a low lifecycle cost.
2002-03-25 Interconnection of balanced and unbalanced equipment
This application note briefly explains the hardware and some underlying engineering theories for interfaces that solve many typical system problems.
2002-04-17 Innova eyes international market for super-conductive wire
Beijing Innova Superconductor Technology Co. Ltd has exported its super-conductive wire to South Korea in a bid to enter the international market.
2013-08-29 Industrial PLC reference design cuts power, system costs
The Corona reference design reduces isolation channels to four while the Maxim Integrated's digital isolator eliminates the need for optoisolators.
2000-12-08 How to deal with leakage elements in flyback converters
This application note reviews the magnetic and electric models of two- and three-winding transformers, discusses how to extract the inductance values of these models by measurements and calculations, and demonstrates how to feed a SPICE model.
2003-04-14 Guangzhou Weiyu transformers receive nod for mass production
Guangzhou Weiyu Optical Electronics Technology Co. Ltd's ROCT-T and ROCT-X/126 transformers have passed the technology appraisal conducted by the State Economic and Trade Commission.
2004-05-24 Gotop transformers offer 350?H inductance
The LMS-8A0X transformer from Gotop Technology is designed for use in power inductor apps.
2003-12-01 GFT transformers have short circuit protection
The CK3-ELVT06 low-voltage electronic transformers from Guangdong Foreign Trade (GFT) I & E Corp. features an auto resetting short circuit protection.
2002-01-11 Gate-drive transformers offer compact solution for reduced EMI
Pulse Engineering has introduced an expanded series of gate-drive transformers in surface-mount, toroidal packages that offer designers a compact alternative for meeting basic insulation requirements.
2011-08-12 Forward converter includes active clamp reset
The LTC3765 and LTC3766 synchronous forward converter chipset from Linear Technology comes with active clamp reset and Direct Flux Limit.
2005-03-03 Flyback transformers drive loads up to 2,000Vdc
Datatronics says its new series of high-voltage flyback transformers provides a cost-effective means of driving high impedance loads that require up to 2,000Vdc.
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