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What is a flyback transformer?
The flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special transformer that is used to generate high voltage signals at a relatively high frequency. It was invented to control the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT).
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2002-10-28 AVX ferrite planar cores reduce design costs
Ferrite planar cores from AVX Corp. allow wire printing to be directly implemented on the PCB, reducing manufacturing costs associated with manual winding.
2002-03-25 Answers to common questions about audio transformers
This application note discusses the common issues designers raise regarding audio transformer designs.
2003-06-24 Anaren transfomer suits Bluetooth platforms
The surface-mount Xinger-brand component Femto Balun (FB) transformer from Anaren Inc. measures 3.05-by-3.05-by-0.89mm, and is suitable for next-gen 802.11 wireless chipsets and Bluetooth platforms.
2006-12-18 AC current transformers have ferrite core material
LEM S.A. introduces the compact TT series of split-core AC current transformers, which is said to offer high accuracy, excellent linearity and very low phase shift, thanks to an innovative ferrite core material.
2000-06-19 300W secondary controlled two-switch forward converter with L4990A
This application note presents an asymmetrical half-bridge forward converter with the controller located on the secondary side of the transformer.
2008-04-21 Xenon flash application design based on NCP5080 integrated with IGBT driver and photo sense function
This paper presents how to design Xenon flash application based on NCP5080 which is a high voltage boost driver integrated with IGBT driver, photo sense function, thermal shutdown, transformer primary side current limit and flash control input.
2004-05-05 TDK embedded modem offers cost, footprint reduction
TDK's latest embedded modem solution offers a 25 percent cost and 35 percent footprint reduction compared to other transformer or silicon DAA solutions.
2010-08-05 Switching regulator speeds DC/DC converter design
The isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator cuts the opto-isolator, third winding or signal transformer from the design since the output voltage is sensed from the primary-side flyback signal.
2004-03-03 SMTC IC eliminates need for POL regulators
Semtech has announced its SC4901 secondary side synchronous regulator that can convert a transformer secondary voltage into multiple regulated dc outputs.
2002-08-06 Silicon phone-line interface cuts component count
The Litelink III IC from Clare Inc. combines a silicon telephone-line interface with a data-access arrangement (DAA). It is intended as an alternative to traditional transformer-based phone-line interfaces and other silicon DAA solutions that require more components and PCB space.
2010-10-05 Rugged MOSFETs handle demands of VoIP equipment
Diodes Inc. has expanded its MOSFET product line with its introduction of 60V N-channel devices customized for VoIP communication equipment. Made to handle the high pulse current required to generate tip and ring line feeds and to sustain an avalanche of energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series successfully fulfills the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) DC/DC converters.
2014-05-09 PWM controller integrates programmable volt-second clamp
The volt-second clamp enables primary switch duty cycles above 50 per cent for high switch, transformer, and rectifier utilisation.
2014-09-01 Power tip: Selecting rectifiers for flybacks
The choice of rectifiers is crucial to the design of a flyback as they influence cross regulation over load and temperature, efficiency, and transformer design.
2005-11-23 Nu Horizons and Midcom announce global distribution agreement
Midcom Inc. and Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. announced a partnership agreement throughout the Americas and Asia-Pacific. This agreement is effective immediately and involves the distribution of Midcom's complete line of transformer and inductor products.
2011-09-26 New pricing gives non-iPad tablets a fighting chance
Lower prices of Asus Eee Pad Transformer and HP TouchPad may give tablet makers ideal price points to improve consumer perception.
2005-09-27 New digital controllers and indicators offer precise measurement
Macro Sensors, an American Sensor Technologies (AST) company specializing in the manufacture of LVDT-based linear and rotary sensors, gauging probes, support electronics and related instrumentation, introduced a new family of economically-priced and user-friendly digital controllers and indicators that promises to deliver precise measurement for applications using AC- and DC-LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) inputs.
2009-11-18 MOSFETs simplify circuit design in VoIP equipment
Diodes n-channel MOSFETs are designed to meet the requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based subscriber line interface circuits.
2005-06-06 Injection transformers for closed-loop dc/dc converter network analysis
This app note discusses current transformer as a voltage transformer
2013-04-09 H-grade full bridge DC/DC MCU gets adaptive ZVS update
Linear Technology's H-grade LTC3722-1 boasts a ZVS delay control and adjustable synchronous rectification timing optimises efficiency while reducing transformer size and electromagnetic interference.
2012-02-28 Employ optocouplers to protect battery system from transients, shorts
Optical isolators are the defacto standard for providing high electrical isolation and noise immunity, while consuming less power than transformer coupling isolation.
2002-06-19 Conec offers RJ45 magnetic modular jacks
Designed for use in telecom and LAN/WAN networks, the RJ45-MM-Jack connectors from Conec Corp. feature a 4-core construction that consists of an isolation transformer and common-mode chokes.
2002-06-10 CML V.22bis modem features DAA
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the release of the CMX878 V.22bis modem with Data Access Arrangement capability that enables it to be interfaced to the telephone line without the need for a transformer.
2008-07-16 Boost battery performance with active charge-balancing
The benefits of Li-ion batteries can be realized only with a capable battery-management system. An active charge-balancing system offers significantly better performance than the conventional passive approach. The ingenious use of a relative simple transformer helps keep material costs low.
2011-04-01 Analog high order high pass filter
One Systems introduces the SF-4 analog high order high pass filter system, which provides active filtering for low and high impedance/transformer based designs.
2003-07-16 Advanced power loss analysis using oscilloscope
The measurement of power loss at the switching device and inductor/transformer has becomes easier with modern oscilloscopes and power measurement software.
2002-12-13 Zarlink radio module integrates receiver, transmit functions
The ZL20200 radio transceiver is touted to be the first commercial device to successfully integrate call receiver and call transmit circuitry in a single chip.
2006-01-06 XP Power unveils 'most compact' AC/DC switching power supply
The ECM100 single-output AC/DC switching power supply from XP Power is touted to be the world's most compact unit of its type. This device features a 4.5-by-2.5-inch footprint and 1.2-inch height.
2009-01-14 Wireless power consortium pursues standard
A new global initiative to drive convenience in electronics charging was launched at the first Wireless Power Consortium conference at Hong Kong Science Park. The Wireless Power Consortium pursues a standard for a universal wireless power charging.
2014-12-18 What's hot at IEDM 2014?
The 2014 International Electron Devices Meeting proved that Moore's Law is still alive. The event was a victory lap for Intel, which gave more details on the 14nm finFET process.
2016-05-12 Wake up PSR flyback converters
Read about a technique for primary-side regulated flyback converters that speeds up the transient response and reduces the amount of output capacitance that the design requires for good transient response.
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