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2010-02-24 PWM controllers deliver fast transient response
The ISL7884x family from Intersil Corp. are claimed to be the most robust, military temperature, radiation-hardened PWM controllers for flyback and forward topologies.
2006-08-28 PWM controllers deliver 'fastest' transient response
Intersil said its new family of four-phase synchronous PWM buck controllers deliver the fastest transient response with the fewest output capacitors for advanced Intel VR10/11 and AMD AM2 microprocessors
2005-05-13 Protectors can be configured as switch controller, voltage limiter
The new overvoltage protectors from Maxim can be configured either as a switch controller that turns off an external n-channel switch during an overvoltage condition, or as a voltage limiter that regulates the output to allow continuous operation
2008-09-18 Power management for processor core voltage requirements
Today’s high-performance processors have very stringent power requirements. Typically, the power requirements consist of at least two supply voltage requirements. One voltage requirement is for the processor core voltage, VCORE, while the others are input-output voltage requirements, VIO
2011-12-01 Power IC supports 3.5-6.5V input voltage
The TPS75005 features two low-noise, 500mA low-dropout linear regulators for TI's real-time control MCUs.
2005-11-10 Point-of-load modules promise ultra-fast transient response rates
Texas Instruments announced a family of non-isolated, plug-in power modules that promises ultra-fast transient response rates
2002-04-18 ON Semiconductor buck controller fits low-voltage computing apps
Designed for use in dc/dc converters in computing and telecom boards, the NCP1570 8-pin synchronous buck controller from On Semiconductor provides a power supply for computing applications that require voltages down to 1V and current levels up to 15A.
2006-07-07 Motor driver offers low operating voltage
Allegro MicroSystems has developed a dual H-bridge low-voltage motor driver capable of operating one stepper motor or two DC motors
2005-06-21 Maxim overvoltage ICs protect apps from high-voltage transients
These overvoltage protectors from Maxim Integrated Products were made for systems with high-transient voltages like automotive and industrial applications
2007-01-08 Low-voltage LDO supports 65nm logic ICs
The new 5A low-voltage, single-supply LDO regulator from Micrel can support the voltage supply requirements of current and future FPGAs, MCUs and other logic ICs using 65nm processes
2008-11-10 Low output voltage regulator suits digital apps
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released a low output voltage series regulator designed for digital applications such as handsets, digital still cameras and digital video cameras
2007-02-28 Load Transient Response Testing for Voltage Regulators
This application note presents open and closed loop transient load testing circuitry with measured performance taken under various conditions
2005-07-21 Linear Tech adds low-output voltage options to VLDO regulator
Linear Technology announced fixed low-output voltage options for what it touts as the power industry's first 500mA VLDO (very low dropout) regulator
2011-06-23 Linear regulator offers fast transient response
Linear Technology has announced its LT3015, a 1.5A negative low dropout linear regulator that offers fast transient response, low noise, and precision current limit
2004-01-14 Linear dc-dc regulator has fast transient response
The LTC3708 dual output 2-phase step-down dc-dc controller from Linear Technology Corp. improves efficiency by eliminating the need for sense resistors.
2005-12-23 LDO regulator with low internal reference voltage
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled a 300mA very low dropout linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.7V
2005-12-02 LDO regulator powers low-voltage MPU cores
Micrel launched an ultra high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 5A voltage regulator for powering core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors
2010-03-02 LDO offers 1.22V to 20V adjustable voltage
Linear Technology offers LT3032, a dual, low-noise, positive/negative low dropout voltage linear regulator that delivers up to 150mA continuous output current on each channel with
2008-10-01 LDO design solves load transient problems
Design analysis of CMOS low dropout regulator (LDO) focusing on low quiescent current and load transient improvement methodologies and structures are discussed in this article. A novel structure using operational transconductance amplifiers is discussed
2004-01-07 IR voltage regulators have 0.6V dropout voltage
International Rectifier has introduced a series of high current, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) linear voltage regulators in high density, hermetic packages
2003-12-18 IR voltage regulators deliver up to 0.6V dropout voltage
International Rectifier (IR) has introduced a series of high current, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) linear voltage regulators in high density, hermetic packages for military and aerospace applications
2006-05-16 Intersil's PWM controllers claim fastest transient response
Intersil's PWM controllers with active pulse positioning and adaptive phase alignment modulation schemes are touted to deliver the industry's fastest transient response with the fewest output capacitors
2005-03-18 Intersil's new regulator offers faster transient response
The precision multiphase microprocessor core voltage regulator can be programmed for one-, two- or three-channel operation to implement next-generation Intel Pentium M protocols
2009-02-18 Inductors handle high transient current spikes
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has developed a new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductor in the 6767 case size.
2009-03-05 High-voltage photocouplers meet UL safety standards
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has launched two photocouplers housed in low SO6 packages yet maintain high isolation voltage and meet UL international safety standards
2008-04-07 High-voltage linear regulators aim at automotives
Microchip Technology Inc. has rolled the MCP1790 and MCP1791 (MCP179X) high-voltage linear regulators suited for automotive and industrial applications
2008-11-21 High voltage LDO delivers 3?A quiescent current
Linear Technology Corp. has released the newest member of its family of high voltage, micropower PNP-based LDOs featuring ultralow quiescent current of just 3?A
2001-06-13 Hardening power supplies to line voltage transients
This application note discusses ways of improving and protecting power supplies from destructive line voltage transients
2008-10-17 Generating a 1.2V voltage supply using the NCP102 voltage regulator
The NCP102 low dropout linear regulator controller contains all the control and protection features needed to implement a low voltage regulator
2005-04-21 Filter cleans low-voltage supplies
Picor's QPO-2 System-in-a-Package is an active power filter that reduces a supply's output ripple and noise by more than 30dB from 1kHz to 500kHz.
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