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2005-06-14 Understanding the load-transient response of LDOs
This app note discusses the low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) that are commonly used to provide power to low-voltage digital circuits, where point-ofload regulation is important
2012-05-31 Switch keeps Ethernet systems safe from transient voltages
The normally closed FP0030Vage protection switch from Supertex starts to turn off when the voltage drop across its two terminals exceeds a nominal value of 1.5V
2008-12-23 RC snubber networks for thyristor power control and transient suppression
RC networks are used to control voltage transients that could falsely turn-on a thyristor. These networks are called snubbers. The simple snubber consists of a series resistor and capacitor placed around the thyristor
2010-04-19 Managing high-current transient loads in battery-powered handhelds
Combining supercapacitors with suitable charger and driver technologies provides a route to delivering the short duration high currents demanded in modern mobile products without compromising battery and system performance.
2002-05-06 High voltage regulators and linear circuits using DN25
This application note shows how circuits utilizing depletion mode devices can benefit many design applications.
2002-12-13 DC/DC converter exhibits fast transient response
The KM series of surface-mount dc/dc converters from Smart Modular Technologies accepts a 12V input with a transient response >300A/?s
2002-11-22 Clare relay has output transient protection
Clare Inc.'s CPC1335P OptoMOS solid-state relay combines a 1-Form-A relay with a 600W transorb in a single surface-mount package.
2003-05-26 Why does USB 2.0 need circuit protection?
This application note discusses the procedures and parameters for protecting Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 from overcurrent events.
2001-09-11 What is a thyristor surge protective device and how does it work?
This application note reviews the basics of an avalanche voltage-triggered thyristor designed for transient voltage protection, used largely for telecom signal lines.
2003-01-24 VPT dc/dc converter provides 3.3V, 5V outputs
The DVSB series of dc/dc converters from VPT Inc. provides 3.3V and 5V outputs from a single module.
2004-12-17 Vishay unveils new package type for rectifier, TVS products
Vishay disclosed that it has launched a new package type for its rectifier and transient voltage suppressor products.
2011-09-27 Vishay introduces bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) protection diode
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announces the launch of VCUT05D1-SD0, a BiSy diode offering minimal capacitance of 10pF for signal and data line protection from voltage in electronic devices
2003-05-29 Varistor Design Examples
This application note serves as a guide in selecting a varistor by describing common application examples, and illustrating the solution process to determine the appropriate varistor.
2004-01-16 Using TVS diode in ESD protection of portable devices
TVS diodes are very efficient in ESD protection of portable devices, which is very important for their un-ideal working circumstances.
2001-06-13 Using the power versus time curve
This application note discusses how to derive the maximum transient power and current capability for silicon transient voltage suppressors (TVS) for conditions other than 10/1000? pulse time.
2001-09-11 Using the power versus time curve
This application note guides the reader in determining peak pulse power and peak pulse current for pulse widths of different values than those specified for a given device.
2001-09-18 TVS/Chip product overview
This application note outlines Microsemi's offerings of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) chip-size products that include TVS/Chip, TVS/Cell, SMT/Cell and TVS/FlipChip.
2011-01-19 TVS touts low capacitance for HD multimedia interface
ST introduces the ESDAXLC6-1MY2, a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) that allows increased high-definition (HD) picture quality due to its ultralow capacitance.
2001-06-13 TVS placement the critical path to the leading edge
This application note discusses the relevance of placing transient voltage suppressors close to the vulnerable components in order to "catch" the leading edge of transient surges with very steep rise times.
2009-11-16 TVS offers 200A forward surge current
The new transient voltage suppressor from Vishay Intertechnology offers a 27 percent smaller footprint than SMC devices.
2009-02-11 TVS diodes tout 67 W/mm? surge capability
NXP Semiconductors has launched a new range of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in its new FlatPower package, SOD123W.
2001-06-14 TRANSZORB TVS selection: Unidirectional vs. Bidirectional
This application note describes the selection criteria for a TRANSZORB transient voltage suppressor diode by presenting two options: a unidirectional or bidirectional device.
2009-12-07 System level surge suppression solutions for the CAN bus
External avalanche transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes provide a simple low-cost solution to increase the surge immunity level of CAN transceivers.
2003-05-26 Surgectors for Telecommunications Systems
This application note discusses the transient voltages associated with telephone line applications and highlights the attributes of the Littelfuse TO-202 packages Surgector products as a means to suppress these transients
2003-05-26 Surge Suppression Technologies for AC Mains Compared (MOVs, SADs, Gas Tubes, Filters, and Transformers)
This application note discusses and compares the various types of surge suppression technologies available for protecting ac mains.
2012-01-16 Surge stopper touts unlimited overvoltage protection
The LTC4366 operates from 9V to greater than 500V and features a rugged floating topology with user adjustable maximum output.
2008-12-18 Surge protectors safeguard medical equipment
Raycap Inc. has developed a surge protection device (SPD) that provides continuous protection from lightning strikes, temporary overvoltage events and transient voltage activity for medical facilities and the vital equipment inside.
2001-06-14 Surface mount low capacitance TVS: The discrete solution
This application note explains how to achieve a low junction capacitance of low-voltage transient voltage suppressors.
2003-05-26 Suppression of Transients in an Automotive Environment
This application note discusses the suppression of transient overvoltages in automotive IC applications
2012-07-20 STMicroelectronics reveals enhanced automotive surge protection devices
Transil miniature surge-protection devices are certified to pulse specifications used by the automotive industry.
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