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2003-05-29 Designing with thermally protected TMOV Varistors in TVSS Applications
This application note discusses the applications of thermally protected TMOV varistors in TVSS Applications
2007-05-09 DC/DC converter withstands transients up to 80V
Linear Tech's H-Grade version of the LT3437 step-down switching regulator operates from continuous inputs of 3.3-60V and withstands transients up to 80V.
2003-05-26 Considerations for Selecting Littelfuse MOVs and Fuses for Industrial Motor Applications
This application note discusses the first level considerations for applying both Littelfuse Industrial AC Line Metal Oxide Varistors and associated AC line Fuses with a motor projection example.
2003-05-29 Combining GDTs and MOVs for Surge protection of AC Power Lines
This application note will illustrate how to design high-performance, cost-effective surge protection for equipment connected to AC power lines.
2003-05-14 AVX USB TVSs come in 0402 case sizes
AVX Corp. has released the 0402 case size version of its USB series of TVSs to add to its 0603, 0405 two-element array versions.
2003-05-20 AVX TVS line features improved performance for portable apps
AVX Corporation has released the 0402 case size version of its transient voltage suppressors that provide high electrical performance in computer peripherals.
2004-07-16 Are we ready for a 42V automotive system?
Though unclear of the exact boom point for 42V, many are working on making their products 42V compatible in order not to be left out when the waves ride in.
2003-05-08 APC full-size brick series delivers 500W
Advanced Power Conversion's APC 500 series of high-density dc/dc buck-boost converters delivers 500W from one low-voltage output
2010-02-02 Addressing system-level ESD questions
This article explores five frequently asked questions regarding the basics of ESD and transient voltage suppression for board level circuit protection on dataline communication circuits.
2010-06-29 600W TVS diodes come in SOD128 package
NXP Semiconductors is rolling out offering 600W transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in two-lead FlatPower package SOD128 (3.8mm x 2.5mm x 1mm).
2006-03-17 VRMs meet AMD K8 processor power specs
C&D Technologies launched a new series of voltage regulator modules that meet the AMD64 processor power specifications
2002-12-19 VRMs meet 9.1 requirements for Xeon
Celestica Inc.'s VRM 9.1 family of dc/dc converters are specifically designed for next-gen 32-bit processors.
2005-01-11 Vishay inductor with 'lowest DCR/?H for its package size'
Vishay announced the addition of a new low-profile, high-current inductor series to its line of space- and power-saving inductor solutions.
2010-12-23 Using LM21305 evaluation board
LM21305 is an adjustable frequency synchronous buck regulator capable of delivering up to 5A of continuous output current.
2008-12-15 Understanding droop and Programmable Active Droop
Programmable Active Droop makes the amount of droop settable with a resistor, so that it can be tailored individually for each application; it is available in the RC5058 family and the FAN5091 family. This article discusses the operation of these methods in detail and shows the details of component selection, including worst-case analysis.
2012-09-28 TI's power modules integrate DC/DC converter, inductor
The TPS84250 and TPS84259 join TI's TPS84k power module family, which also provide power for DSPs and FPGAs that require lower input voltages.
2002-06-26 SynQor quarter-brick delivers 60W without heatsink
The DualQor dual output, quarter-brick dc/dc converter from SynQor is capable of delivering up to 60W of power at 112V, without the need for an attached heatsink.
2003-03-24 SynQor half-bricks deliver 250W to wireless basestations
SynQor Inc. has released two members of the Tera series of half-brick dc/dc converters from its PowerQor line that targets wireless apps.
2008-08-14 Surge protectors receive UL 1449 safety certification
Raycap has received approval from Underwriters Laboratories to mark its Strikesorb 40mm and 80mm surge protection device modules as UL 1449 3rd Edition Safety Standard certified.
2014-02-26 Significance of LED thermal characterisation
Learn how improving the thermal characterisation of LEDs will help to spur on the LED lighting revolution.
2014-11-04 Ripple injection methods for hysteretic controllers
In this application note, we highlight the implications of ripple injection techniques, aimed at minimising output ripple voltage, on the transient response of a supply.
2005-06-08 Resistors maintain precision, stability under severe conditions
Caddock's new series of Type VMR transient tolerant voltage monitoring resistors are said to maintain excellent precision and stability when exposed to severe electrical transient abuse and extreme environmental conditions
2001-06-13 Protecting low current loads in harsh electrical environments
This application note describes how to protect sensors, transducers, microcontrollers and other low current loads from harsh electrical environment.
2003-04-14 Power-One dc supply meets IEC60950 requirements
The company's PDC500-1024D 500W dc/dc voltage converter meets the reinforced insulation requirements of IEC60950
2012-09-03 Power tip: Understand capacitor parasitics
Be aware of the capacitors' parasitic components.
2013-01-03 Power tip: Filter for low-noise power supply
Find out what happens when you use a two-section filter for low-noise power supplies.
2010-10-27 Power protection controllers combine hot swap, digital monitoring
Texas Instruments debuts new controllers with hot swap control and digital current monitoring
2013-11-19 Picking out FETs for hot-swap source connection
Know what needs to be considered when selecting FETs for hot-swap source connection.
2012-08-15 Optimize dynamic power signature of digital ICs to reduce power noise
At advanced process nodes, the biggest hurdle to achieving power noise integrity lies in handling high frequency power demand.
2012-04-04 Online simulation tool targets DC/DC circuits
Vishay's free PowerCAD Simulation tool allows the designer to perform DC, transient and startup simulations with visibility of all the circuit node waveforms
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