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2001-06-13 What is a silicon transient voltage suppressor? And how does it work?
This application note defines and explains the nature and operation of silicon transient voltage suppressors.
2001-09-11 What is a silicon transient voltage suppressor?
This application note illustrates why a silicon transient voltage suppressor (TVS) is needed and how it diverts transient current away from vulnerable circuitry, and reviews device pulse power ratings.
2004-05-14 Vishay unveils latest transient voltage suppressors
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released two new families of transient voltage suppressors, including the first bidirectional, 800W-rated TVS in the SMB package.
2000-06-20 Very fast load transient response with the new LPR30 application
This application note suggests a strategic approach in designing high-performance power supplies design with a very fast load transient response by using LPR30 linear controller.
2005-06-14 Understanding the load-transient response of LDOs
This app note discusses the low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) that are commonly used to provide power to low-voltage digital circuits, where point-ofload regulation is important
2008-05-09 Transient voltage suppressor guards DSL line drivers
Semtech has announced the TClamp1201S, a 12V, low-capacitance protection device for xDSL applications that features low clamping voltage and a flow-through package design to protect new xDSL line drivers.
2001-09-18 Transient voltage protection across high-data rate & RF lines
This application note discusses the use of Microsemi's LoCAP low-capacitance silicon TVS devices for protection across high data rate and RF lines to prevent signal attenuation at high transmission rates.
2001-06-13 Transient suppressors, a competitive look
This application note provides an overview about transient suppressors, and compares the two leading types of suppressors: zinc oxide varistors and transient voltage suppressors (TVS).
2003-05-26 Transient Suppression Devices and Principles
This application note discusses the basic principles and functions of transient suppression devices.
2000-12-12 Transient power capability of zener diodes
This application note discusses the importance of getting the transient power capability of zener diodes for short pulse durations.
2000-12-01 Transient induced failure of miniature resistors
This technical article describes transient signal-induced failures of miniature resistors in circuits.
2012-10-03 Transient electronics designed to dissolve in water
These electronics have potential applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals, environmental monitors and the military, among other uses
2003-05-26 The Connector Pin Varistor for Transient Voltage in Connectors
This application note discusses the characteristics of a connector pin varistor for transient voltage protection in connectors.
2011-05-17 Switching regulator offers 55V transient protection
Linear Technology has introduced a 500mA (IOUT), 36V step-down switching regulator with integrated LDO packaged in a 3mmx3mm QFN or MSOP-12E.
2008-12-19 Switching regulator boasts 60V transient protection
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3682, a 1A, 36V input step-down switching regulator with input transient protection up to 60V.
2012-05-31 Switch keeps Ethernet systems safe from transient voltages
The normally closed FP0030Vage protection switch from Supertex starts to turn off when the voltage drop across its two terminals exceeds a nominal value of 1.5V.
2012-01-19 Step-down regulator touts 55V transient protection
The H-grade version of the LT3641 boasts 4-42V input voltage range and 150C maximum junction temperature.
2004-12-01 Startup current transient of the leading edge triggered PFC controllers
This app note describes the PFC converter controllers.
2003-09-12 Stability and transient analysis of the Miller-compensated linear regulators on the ADP3178
This application note provides stability and transient analysis of the Miller-compensated linear regulators on the ADP3178 programmable synchronous buck converter.
2006-10-16 Spectrum analyzer captures transient RF behavior
Tektronix has applied its waveform image processor technology to transform volumes of real-time data and produce an RF spectrum presentation that reveals previously unseen RF signals and signal anomalies.
2001-06-14 Selecting the optimum transient voltage suppressor
This application note discusses the considerations that must be noted in choosing the suitable transient voltage suppressor for a particular application.
2007-04-23 Schottky diodes for clipping, clamping and transient suppression applications
Infineon Technologies offers a complete line of Schottky diodes, including several types which are optimal for circuit protection and waveshape preservation.
2007-07-25 Regulators tout ultrafast transient performance
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC23050/1, two ultra-fast transient performance and high efficiency 4MHz, 500mA synchronous buck regulators assembled in a tiny 2mm x 2mm MLF package.
2009-09-10 Regulator sustains up to 60V transient voltage
Linear Technology Corp.'s new step-down switching regulator is suited for load dump and cold-crank conditions.
2008-12-23 RC snubber networks for thyristor power control and transient suppression
RC networks are used to control voltage transients that could falsely turn-on a thyristor. These networks are called snubbers. The simple snubber consists of a series resistor and capacitor placed around the thyristor.
2010-02-24 PWM controllers deliver fast transient response
The ISL7884x family from Intersil Corp. are claimed to be the most robust, military temperature, radiation-hardened PWM controllers for flyback and forward topologies.
2006-08-28 PWM controllers deliver 'fastest' transient response
Intersil said its new family of four-phase synchronous PWM buck controllers deliver the fastest transient response with the fewest output capacitors for advanced Intel VR10/11 and AMD AM2 microprocessors.
2001-06-13 Protecting for repetitive transient voltages
This application note describes the importance of transient voltage suppressors in protecting circuits, which involve power switching, relays or motor control, from continual short transient voltages.
1999-04-08 Power supply design with fast transient response using V? control scheme
This paper presents an overview of the V? technology and how this particular signal analysis technology becomes a tool for further revealing the V? control.
2005-11-10 Point-of-load modules promise ultra-fast transient response rates
Texas Instruments announced a family of non-isolated, plug-in power modules that promises ultra-fast transient response rates.
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