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What is a transistor?
An active semiconductor device with three or more terminals. A device used to amplify voltage, current or function as an ON/OFF switch. Transistor is the fundamental building block of computer circuitry.
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2001-04-02 Mounting consideration for SOT409 (Ceramic SO-8) devices
This application note discusses the mounting considerations of Philips Semiconductors' SOT409B-packaged series of RF transistors (BLV904, BLV909 and BLV2042).
2016-04-20 Mobile devices, PCs, data centres pose rising thermal issues
The fact that physical limits on the size of transistors may be detrimental to Moore's Law, the challenge of removing heat from ever-smaller transistors also threatens continued efficiency improvements.
2005-11-15 M/A-COM expands power transistor and power module line-up
M/A-COM announced an extension of their bipolar power transistors and power module families, designed specifically for avionics and pulsed radar products and apps.
2006-06-16 Low-power IC test can be trying
For designers, power management means controlling leakage power lost during standby mode and dynamic power consumption when multiple transistors switch in unison to perform desired functions.
2002-12-11 Low Cost DECT Power Amplifier PH97005
This application note describes the application of two RF transistors in the design of a two-stage power amplifer, designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems.
2002-12-19 Low cost DECT Power Amplifier PH9 7005
This application note describes the use of two of the 5th-generation silicon bipolar RF transistors in SOT3 43R plastic SMD package in a two-stage PH9 7005 power amplifier designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems.
2012-01-30 LDO regulator works from 0.5-3V
The XC6603/XC6604 series has integrated N-ch driver transistor that allows the minimum I/O voltages of the devices to be much lower than traditional LDOs with integrated P-ch transistors.
2003-09-09 Ixys strengthens RF offering with acquisition
Ixys Corp. has acquired Microwave Technology Inc. (MwT), a manufacturer of GaAs field effect transistors, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors and microwave monolithic ICs.
2011-02-16 ISSCS 2011 takes peek at new Imec tech
Among the results to be presented are a biomedical signal processor, a reconfigurable transceiver that eliminates the need for SAW filters and a functional 8bit MCU made by organic thin-film transistors.
2005-11-10 IR phototransistors shrink in size
TT electronics OPTEK Technology's new series of NPN silicon transistors are designed for IR detection in sensing applications.
2004-10-11 IR offers compact alternative to bipolar devices
IR introduced new radiation-hardened logic-level gate drive MOSFETs designed to boost efficiency and performance in circuits that traditionally relied on bipolar transistors.
2001-09-20 Introduction to power MOSFETs
This application note details the characteristics of power MOSFETs. It also compares MOSFETs and bipolar transistors, and discusses the major advantages of MOSFETs over BJTs.
2007-03-01 Intel unveils 45nm transistor breakthrough
Bent on carrying out Moore's Law, Intel announced in January that it has scored another achievement in transistor design with the use of high-k and metal gate for the insulating walls and switching gates of its 45nm transistors.
2012-02-23 Intel showcases Ivy Bridge
Ivy Bridge packs 1.4 billion transistors into 160mm2 in its largest version. According to Intel, they plan to release at least four major variants of the chip.
2002-04-10 Intel rolls out 2.4GHz Pentium 4 processor
Intel has announced the availability of the 2.4GHz Pentium 4 processor that integrates 512KB of level-two cache, 55 million transistors, and SSE2 multimedia instructions.
2002-01-08 Intel readies road map for billion-transistor processors
Intel Corp. expects its microprocessors to hit one-billion transistors by 2007, up from 42 million in the current Pentium 4, said Gerry Marcyk, director of components research at Intel's development facility.
2013-05-28 Intel maps out plans for 3D NAND
Intel VP Keyvan Esfarjani discussed the transition of non-volatile NAND flash memory from cells in a 2D array to strings of NAND transistors integrated monolithically in the vertical direction.
2005-10-18 Intel enters billion-transistor processor era
Intel Corp. has started sampling an Itanium-2, 64-bit microprocessor that was made by linking together 1.72 billion transistors. The processor, codenamed Montecito, was discussed as far back as August 2002, but it is now sampling to some Intel customers, a company spokesman said
2004-09-02 Intel drives Moore's Law ahead with 65nm tech
Intel Corp. has built fully functional 70Mb SRAM chips with more than half a billion transistors using advanced 65nm process technology.
2002-09-27 Intel develops 3D transistor design
Intel researchers have developed a 3D "tri-gate" transistor design that is expected to perform better than traditional planar (flat) transistors.
2008-05-05 Innovative FET design works with radar, avionics apps
The HVVFET from HVVi Semiconductors is a family of silicon power transistors targeted at L-band avionics and pulsed-radar applications such as IFF, TCAS, TACAN, Mode-S and ground-based radar systems.
2008-03-19 IGBTs trim power dissipation by up to 30%
International Rectifier introduces a family of 600V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that reduces power dissipation by up to 30 percent in UPS and solar inverter applications up to 3kW.
2006-05-03 IGBTs reduce power dissipation up to 60%
International Rectifier introduced four 600V insulated-gate bipolar transistors that are said to reduce power dissipation in inverters by up to 60 percent.
2015-07-13 IBM surpasses Intel with 7nm node tech
IBM Research claims to have perfected the extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography and using silicon-germanium channels for its finned field-effect transistors (FinFETs).
2007-01-30 IBM shifts to high-k metal gates
IBM Corp. along with its development partners AMD, Sony and Toshiba are employing a new method to construct transistors gates using a new material to further cut power leakage and chip size, as well as improve the performance of chip transistors.
2008-12-23 IBM demos 'world's fastest' graphene transistor
IBM researchers announced that they have demonstrated the operation of graphene field-effect transistors at GHz frequencies and achieved the highest frequencies reported so far using this novel non-silicon electronic material.
2014-06-18 Hybrid circuit casts a spotlight on carbon nanotubes
The combination of carbon nanotube thin film transistors and other thin film transistors comprising indium, gallium and zinc oxide breeds circuits that can reduce power loss and increase efficiency.
2007-12-06 High-k process for CMOS cancels gate leakage
A high-k dielectric process for CMOS transistors promises to turn the International Semiconductor Roadmap into a freeway by eliminating the gate-leakage problem at advanced nodes down to 10nm.
2003-11-12 Hi-Sincerity FETs provide improved voltage-blocking
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp. has released its H07N60AF series of n-channel power field effect transistors (FETs) in TO-220FP packaging.
2003-07-01 Hi-Sincerity BRT eyes DSC, cellphones
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics has introduced its HUN51XXSN series of pnp transistors that have monolithic bias resistor networks in an SOD-323 package.
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