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What is a transistor?
An active semiconductor device with three or more terminals. A device used to amplify voltage, current or function as an ON/OFF switch. Transistor is the fundamental building block of computer circuitry.
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2008-02-01 Saving Moore's Law and reinventing transistors
Intel CEO Paul Otellini talks about surprising performance-per-watt gains from its hafnium transistors, the future of mobile and ultra-mobile devices and of course, all the big issues that affect Intel's channel.
2007-06-13 RFMD tips high-power 48V GaN transistors
RFMD has introduced a new family of 48V GaN power transistors that offers power performance from 10W to 120W and very wide tunable bandwidth.
2010-07-12 RF transistors deliver up to 2kV HBM ESD protection
The new RF transistors form Infineon Technologies comes with ESD protection for reliable, high- sensitivity wireless communications device designs.
2008-11-27 RF transistors deliver high performance at wide bandwidth
TriQuint Semiconductor has announced the availability of a new high power discrete RF transistor family for broadband applications including radar, signal jammers and wireless communications.
2010-11-18 RF power transistors tout ruggedness, affordability
Freescale launches RF power transistors for industrial and commercial aerospace applications
2007-10-19 RF power transistors suit broadcast, ISM markets
Freescale has rolled out new RF power transistors based on its VHV6 50V LDMOS technology, which is claimed to be the first 50V LDMOS technology introduced for broadcast and ISM markets.
2007-07-05 RF power transistors overcome Doherty limits
Freescale has released new power transistors that enable wireless base stations to exploit the full potential of the Doherty architecture.
2008-04-07 RF power transistors eye 2.5-2.7GHz WiMAX
Infineon Technologies AG has released two new LDMOS RF power transistors targeting wireless infrastructure applications such as WiMAX in the 2.5-2.7GHz frequency band.
2013-06-10 RF power transistors aimed at 2.45GHz ISM band
The devices are based on NXP's latest 28V LDMOS processes and all feature NXP's field-proven ruggedness, manufacturing consistency and long-term reliability.
2000-03-30 RF measurements on SIEGET bipolar transistors: Predicting performance straight from the wafer
Multistage measurements are intended to ensure unrestricted operation of RF transistors. Recently, RF properties could only be measured on packaged components, while DC measurements alone cannot provide reliable indication of RF performance. Not until on-wafer testing emerged did it become possible to evaluate the RF parameters of production batches right from the wafer fabrication stage. This application note cites the example of on-wafer RF testing of SIEGET transistors.
2013-06-26 Researchers develop nanoscale transistors without silicon
A team of researchers at Michigan Technological University wanted to go beyond the limitations of semiconductors to create a transistor using a nanoscale insulator with nanoscale metals on top.
2009-04-24 Research takes step towards ferroelectric transistors
A team of researchers claims that if the atomic lattice of strontium titanate is compressed to match that of silicon, could make it a good candidate for ferroelectric transistors.
2009-04-28 Reconfigurable processors pack 97M transistors
STMicroelectronics has developed the first prototypes of the Morpheus chip, produced under the Morpheus collaborative research program which has been running for several years.
2008-07-07 Qimonda, Siltronic team on next-gen transistors
Qimonda has teamed up with wafer manufacturer Siltronic AG to conduct basic research for future transistor architectures that focuses on three-dimensional transistors that will enable smaller geometries.
2011-11-24 Power transistors tout 20-80VCEO range
NXP's medium power transistors have collector current capability IC up to 2A and ICM up to 3A.
2009-03-31 Power transistors achieve 2m? on-resistance
STMicroelectronics has introduced a new series of 30V surface-mount power transistors, achieving on-resistance as low as 2m? (max) to increase the energy efficiency of products such as computers, telecom and networking equipment.
2002-04-30 Polymer transistors hint at all-organic displays
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have built an active-matrix (AM) LCD that uses polymer transistors in place of silicon devices.
2013-04-29 Piezotronic transistors turn motion to electronic signals
Researchers from Georgia Tech used bundles of vertical zinc oxide nanowires to create transistors that could could help give robots a more adaptive tactile imaging.
2002-12-06 Performance of 30W push-pull amplifier for frequency range 25-110MHz with 2 MOS transistors BLF244
This application note discusses the results of additional tests carried out on a wideband power amplifier over the 25MHz to 110MHz frequency range.
2006-01-30 Output transistors designed for audio amplification
ON Semiconductor introduced a new family of ThermalTrak output transistors designed for use in consumer audio applications and high-power professional sound systems.
2005-01-11 Output audio transistors eliminate thermal lag, bias
ON Semi's new family of output audio transistors comes with internal bias control that eliminate amplifier warm-up period.
2007-11-30 Organic transistors, memory market to grow to $22B
The organic transistor and memory market is up for growth, reaching $21.6 billion by 2015, reported NanoMarkets.
2013-04-18 Organic transistors provide clearer mind map
A group of French scientists have developed microscopic, organic transistors that can amplify and record signals from within the brain.
2003-10-27 ON Semi releases transistors for audio amplifier output
ON Semiconductor has introduced a family of audio bipolar transistors which the company claims have the highest voltages available in the industry.
2005-01-14 ON Semi output transistors include internal bias control
ON Semiconductor introduced a family of output transistors with internal bias control that provide a simplified single-device solution for audio amplifier design.
2007-03-23 NXP announces power-saving bipolar transistors
NXP announced the availability of its latest generation of low VCEsat transistors, which reduces power loss by 80 percent compared to general purpose transistors.
2011-07-13 Next generation of NXP low VCEsat transistors
Here's a document that contains detailed information about the NXP Semiconductors' generation of low VCEsat transistors touted to provide improvement in performance.
2010-06-04 Nanowire transistors key to planar challenges
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center researchers have developed a series of functional 25-stage ring oscillators using silicon nanowire transistors with diameters down to 2.6nm.
2000-12-06 Motorola's D2 series transistors for fluorescent converters
This application note presents the interest of the D2 transistor series structure and how to utilize this series to solve the critical issues that the designer must deal with.
2003-10-24 Motorola Labs focuses on faster, smaller transistors
Scientists at Motorola Labs are researching ways to improve control in the growth of carbon nanotubes that can make transistors smaller and faster.
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