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What is a transistor?
An active semiconductor device with three or more terminals. A device used to amplify voltage, current or function as an ON/OFF switch. Transistor is the fundamental building block of computer circuitry.
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2003-05-26 Modeling Thermal Effects in RF LDMOS Transistors
This application note illustrates the different results obtained from a simulation using Motorola's MRF19125 root model and the Motorola Electro Thermal model.
2006-07-31 Mid-voltage transistors raise circuit power density
With the 3-by-2.5mm footprint, Zetex said its new bipolar transistors help increase circuit power density by replacing the much larger DPAK, SOT89 and SOT223 packaged parts.
2012-10-30 Micronas 8bit MCU incorporates power transistors
Micronas HVC2480B 8bit controller, distributed by Rutronik, is ideal for BDC/BLDC motors with tight space requirements.
2008-08-12 Micro-packaged transistors, diodes boost ON Semi's discrete lineup
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its discrete packaging portfolio with new micro-packaged transistors and diodes.
2007-09-27 Low-voltage PNP transistors suit slim portable apps
Zetex Semiconductors has added a pair of low voltage PNP transistors to its low saturation high current SOT23FF transistor range for the slimline portable product designs.
2005-06-09 Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors and low VF (MEGA) Schottky rectifiers for dc/dc converters
This app note discusses the performance of BISS transistors and MEGA Schottky rectifiers to be used in generic dc/dc converter applications.
2010-12-21 Low VCEsat transistors in loadswitch apps
Read about the different low VCEsat Breakthrough In Small Signal (BISS) transistors.
2003-06-12 Low saturation, three-pin regulators with externally mounted power transistors: Monolithic 1215 and 1216 IC
This application note discusses the MM1216 high-precision high-voltage stabilized power supply chip for portable systems.
2003-06-12 Low saturation, three-pin regulators with externally mounted power transistors: Monolithic 1215 and 1216 IC
This application note discusses the MM1215 and MM1216 high-precision high-voltage stabilized power supply devices for portable systems.
2008-06-10 Lithium-ion battery charging using bipolar transistors
This application note by Khagendra Thapa discusses linear charge techniques and associated discrete pass elements. It highlights the dominant discrete parameters and selection criteria.
2014-08-25 Linear regulator transistors target 48V devices
Diodes released space-saving package options for its ZXTR2000 series of high-voltage linear regulator transistors aimed at 48V circuits in networking, telecom and power-over-Ethernet equipment.
2008-05-15 LDO controllers drive NMOS, NPN pass transistors
Leadis Technology has released samples of a new family of LDO controllers designed to drive NMOS or NPN pass transistors.
2011-05-03 LDMOS transistors cover full frequency for wireless stations
Freescale introduces LDMOS power transistors that can cover full frequency bands, allowing high efficiency and wide bandwidth for network operators.
2006-06-02 LDMOS transistors bias control in basestation RF power amplifiers using Intersil's LUT-based sensor signal conditioners
A new way to bias an LDMOS amplifier is presented here, which involves digitally converting temperature information and adjusting the DC bias using look-up table memory.
2008-03-07 LDMOS RF power transistors eye China market
A portfolio of RF power transistors based on LDMOS technology has been launched by TriQuint Semiconductor for China.
2007-05-02 Layout viewer serves trillion transistors
Micro Magic claims that its Max-View GDSII layout viewer provides instantaneous viewing at any zoom level of chips with up to 1 trillion transistors.
2003-09-08 JCE transistors have 0.25W power dissipation
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd has released the A733 series of small-signal transistors that feature npn polarity.
2002-05-15 Infineon ships 1.2kV bipolar transistors
Infineon Technologies AG has announced the shipment of a new line of IGBTs that operate up to 1.2kV and feature the company's TrenchStop and FieldStop technology.
2004-07-09 Infineon RF transistors deliver reduced memory effect
Infineon announced the next generation of its GOLDMOS LDMOS die technology for high-performance, high-power RF transistors.
2011-05-10 In-Stat: Intel takes industry lead with 3D transistors
In-Stat believes Intel has demonstrated its industry leadership as it introduces its next-generation 22nm process technology and 3D transistors.
2014-06-17 III-V MOSFETs rival Si-based transistors
The transistors are fabricated with indium-gallium-arsenide atop an indium-phospide substrate. They possess 20nm gate lengths, 0.5mA per micron width on-current and 100nA off-current when operating at voltages similar to Si.
2011-04-21 ICs offer 3.9 billion transistors
Altera unveils the 28nm Stratix V FPGAs, which the company touts are the semiconductor industry's first devices to feature 3.9 billion transistors.
2010-09-09 Georgia Tech demos piezotronic transistors for MEMS apps
Transistors harness the piezoelectric effect in zinc-oxide nanowires to transform mechanical motion into a signal that controls logic operations.
2006-06-16 GaN transistors target cellular, WiMAX bands
RFMD is sampling out a family of gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) high-power transistors for cellular infrastructure and WiMAX base stations.
2008-06-20 GaN transistors roll from TriQuint Semiconductor
TriQuint Semiconductor has released the first of its gallium nitride power transistors for a wide range of high frequency applications including mobile base station, defense and space communications systems.
2011-03-31 GaN power transistors eliminate current collapse, cut power loss
Powdec K.K. and Sheffield University report that they have developed high voltage Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors that are hetero-junction structures based on novel principles.
2008-06-05 Freescale debuts 50V LDMOS power transistors for L-Band
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the world's first 50V LDMOS RF power transistor for L-Band radar applications.
2011-10-28 FPGA boasts 6.8 billion transistors
Xilinx claims an industry-first with the most number of transistors for Virtex-7 2000T by using 2.5D IC stacking.
2000-12-01 ESD testing of MOS-Gated power transistors
This application note analyzes the behavior of MOS-gated power transistors undergoing an ESD test, without discussing the fundamental premise that a capacitive discharge is a meaningful simulation of an ESD event.
2003-06-30 ESD Testing of MOS Gated Power Transistors
This application note discusses the behavior of MOS-Gated power transistors undergoing an ESD test, without discussing the fundamental premise that a capacitive discharge is a meaningful simulation of an ESD event.
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