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2003-07-16 On-chip sensing stabilizes micromirror
For telecom systems' transition from 10Gbps to 40Gbps rates, signal paths using all-optical switches are becoming increasingly attractive.
2012-02-09 Nokia to lay off 4,000, moves assembly to Asia
The transition would allow Nokia to work more closely with suppliers and enable it to introduce innovations into the market more quickly and ultimately be more competitive.
2008-10-22 Nokia details plans to take Symbian to 'next level'
Since Nokia Corp. acquired Symbian and announced plans to offer S60 and Symbian OS for free to the open source community, the method of handset giant's transition has remained largely unclear.
2005-10-25 New RF amplifier from Anadigics tailored for FTTH/FTTP apps
Anadigics introduced an RF amplifier that, when used in conjunction with a photodiode, provides the fiber-to-coax video transition at the optical network terminal.
2003-08-15 MT90500 Replacement Guidelines
This application note describes the transition of a design from the MT90500 to the MT90503.
2009-11-25 More DDR3 SDRAMs get inside PCs by Q2 10
Two factors are driving the transition to DDR3: new Intel microprocessors and the manufacturability of the part.
2002-10-10 MIPS to streamline operations
MIPS Technologies Inc. has announced plans to consolidate its design activities and transition operations at its design center in Denmark in order to achieve needed cutting down of costs.
2004-12-06 Migration to KS8695X
This app note highlights the differences between the KS8695 and the KS8695X, and attempts to assist the designer who is familiar with the KS8695 transition to the KS8695X.
2006-10-02 Migration to 90nm faster than expected
Despite the challenges, the transition to 90nm designs is proceeding more smoothly than the earlier move to 130nm design rules.
2005-12-30 Mentor Graphics, QuickLogic ink OEM agreement
Mentor Graphics announced the signing of a multi-year OEM agreement with QuickLogic. The new agreement offers QuickLogic's customers a powerful new synthesis solution, and provides for a smooth and easy transition to the full range of advanced FPGA synthesis technology and tools from Mentor Graphics.
2002-01-16 MEMC moves to full-scale 300mm wafer production
MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. has completed the transition of its center of excellence (COE) from a pilot line to a full-scale 300mm silicon manufacturing site.
2002-06-19 Materials transitions stalk CMOS scaling
With the transition to copper and low-k interconnects showing just how difficult changes in materials can be, technologists gathered at the Symposium on VLSI Technology to consider a brace of materials challenges?ranging from new gate oxides to SOI and strained-silicon channels.
2013-11-21 Malaysia foundry ready to take X-Fab to 180nm, 130nm
X-Fab Silicon's Rudi De Winter talks to EE Times Europe about his company's acquisition of 1st Silicon in Malaysia and its transition to 200mm wafer manufacturing.
2014-12-18 LTE breathes new life to WiMAX startup
Georges Karam, Sequans CEO, shared how Sequans Communications managed to transition from a purely- WiMAX provider to target LTE-only single modem chip market.
2005-09-15 LSI Logic to sell Gresham plant as it goes fables
Semiconductor supplier LSI Logic Corp. said it would sell its 8-inch wafer manufacturing plant in Gresham, Ore., as it continues to transition to a fabless manufacturing strategy.
2007-03-01 Live the digital lifestyle with DTV
With a combination of network, standard and platform, we can transition the DTV from entertainment device to family portal.
2005-05-25 Larger LCDs posing production challenges
Larger, wider displays are likely to become the norm as LCD makers ramp up next-generation fabs, but the transition will also present challenges for display and equipment makers, according to speakers at the Society for Information Display conference.
2000-06-15 L6561-Based Switcher Replaces Mag Amps in Silver Boxes
This application note demonstrates the L6561, a Transition Mode PFC (Power Factor Corrector) controller, as a higher-performance and lower-cost replacement for mag amps (magnetic amplifiers) in achieving auxiliary regulated power rails.
2012-03-22 Japan's chip industry a year after the quake
As the leading chip manufacturing companies transition to sub-28nm manufacturing, Japan is facing the fact that it currently has no company capable of volume manufacturing using this advanced technology node.
2015-05-04 Is the industry afraid of change?
"Cannibalise your product or someone else does" is a watchword that drives a successful transition. It sounds good but why do technology companies fail at it? What can leaders do to step it up a bit?
2004-12-16 Interconnect variation: Garbage in, out
The transition to copper and 90nm process nodes has raised the specter of increased interconnect process variation.
2002-02-28 Intel unveils processors for storage, Gigabit Ethernet products
Intel has introduced new processors for networking and storage equipment, and Gigabit Ethernet products, aiming help communication equipment vendors accelerate their transition to the new modular approach.
2013-05-28 Intel maps out plans for 3D NAND
Intel VP Keyvan Esfarjani discussed the transition of non-volatile NAND flash memory from cells in a 2D array to strings of NAND transistors integrated monolithically in the vertical direction.
2005-06-03 Inotera, Infineon ramp 90nm DRAM production
Inotera Memories Inc., the joint venture between Infineon Technologies AG and Nanya Technology Corp., is beginning a transition to 90nm DRAM manufacturing, and Infineon has already moved 5 percent of its production over to 90nm, Infineon said
2015-04-30 Industry 4.0: The next industrial revolution?
The term is defined as the computerisation of manufacturing, including a transition to higher levels of interconnectivity, smarter plants and communication between machines and equipment.
2006-02-27 IMS Forum: The Voice of IP Convergence
The International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC), an international trade association dedicated to the advancement of VoIP over broadband cable, wireline and wireless technologies, announced its transition to the IMS ForumThe Voice of IP Convergence.
2005-07-20 IBMs sales fall 5 percent in chip unit
IBM Corp. has reported a decline in sales within its microelectronics unit amid an ongoing transition to the consumer-chip market.
2008-11-17 How to grow an electronics giant
How Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd made the transition from a CE dwarf to a global brand is a well-told story. Less well-known, however, is the story of how Samsung, based in Seoul, South Korea, achieved its current supremacy by battling Japan companies on their own turfCE and memory chips.
2016-05-23 How China, Japan apply Industrie 4.0 to turn the industrial tide
The industrial sector's transition to Industrie 4.0 is much more than a question of technology. It will affect not only individual corporate strategy but also national economic and employment policy.
2010-04-09 High costs, IPv6 slow down 100GbE adoption
Big telecommunications providers are craving for higher density systems, but are concerned about the high costs of the first 100GbE systems coming this year and the need to transition to IPv6.
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