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2005-09-28 Maxim device makes adding USB to any microprocessor easy
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled its MAX3420E, a 12Mbps USB peripheral controller with an SPI interface.
2006-12-07 Low-power comparators eliminate supply-current glitches
austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS1970-75, its first line of comparators that offers a choice of single, dual or quad input combined with low power consumption for battery-powered applications.
2010-05-21 Logic translator cuts need for direction control pin
Fairchild Semiconductor is offering the FXMA108, an 8bit, auto direction, logic level translator that resolves compatibility issues in a mixed-voltage environment.
2004-04-16 Linear Tech IC provides 1.8V, 3V SIM power
Linear Tech's LTC4557 dual SIM/Smart card power supply and level translator provides power and level shifting for 2.5-, 3G wireless apps.
2008-06-18 IPL Alliance's 'interoperable' ref flow puts pressure on Cadence
The analog EDA market is suddenly generating a buzz, as a number of forces unite to advance the technology and threaten Cadence's stranglehold. Ciranova, Magma, Synopsys and TSMC are among the members of the IPL alliance with tools to compete with Cadence.
2014-02-04 Intercept, Moss Bay EDA reveal low-cost EMC sol'n
The software solution pairs the EMSAT post-layout EMC and SI design rule checkers with a customized Pantheon EMSAT Viewer that displays each violation on the board in real-time.
2002-12-02 Inovys' Ocelot leads parade of SoC, board testers at ITC
= Innovative SoC tests were the star at the recent ITC and Inovys' Ocelot was able to tie-up with companies like Mentor Graphics, Synopsys Inc., and Q-star.
2005-03-09 Indian EDA firm to launch software modules for DFM products
SoftJin said it would provide customized software development and building blocks to address the needs of suppliers in the DFM, DFY and programmable platforms products areas.
2004-02-16 IDT devices suit power-sensitive wireless apps
Integrated Device Technology has introduced a family of 1.8V dual-port devices developed for power-sensitive wireless applications.
2003-01-14 IC translates multiple signals simultaneously into NECL
The NB100LVEP91 multiple signal translator is capable of simultaneously translating LVPECL, LVCMOS to differential -2.5V, -3.3V, and -5V NECL.
2003-03-03 Getting the most from unified modeling language
This article will summarize the general ways UML can be applied to a development project and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
2007-08-13 Gate driver powers automotive Xenon lamps
Micronix has developed the MX6895, a high-voltage, full-bridge gate driver for high-intensity discharge automotive Xenon lamps.
2011-10-06 Free trial offers full CAD, CAE features
Solid Edge and Femap with NX NASTRAN software can be downloaded free for a limited period.
2001-05-01 FPGA tools need hardware assistance
While techniques such as logic emulation provide a new tool for logic designers, many other FPGA-based systems serve as high-performance replacements for standard computers.
2007-08-01 Fairchild debuts single-bit bidirectional voltage translator
Fairchild's FXLH1T45 is said to be the industry's only single-bit bidirectional voltage translator with guaranteed operation from 1.1-3.6V.
2006-08-16 ESL solution prevents bug at the source
MataiTech's Nauet is an ESL tool that lets hardware and software engineers collaborate at the earliest stages of a design, thus preventing bugs at the source.
2006-10-02 ESL solution prevents bug at source
MataiTech's Nauet is an ESL tool that lets hardware and software engineers collaborate at the earliest stages of a design, thus preventing bugs at the source.
2005-06-08 Embedded controllers simplify migration for cost-sensitive apps
Freescale says its two new ColdFire device families ease the migration to 32bit performance for applications that require low power consumption and flexible integration at an affordable price point
2007-02-16 Dual SIM/Smart card power supply suits 3G apps
Linear Technology has announced a dual SIM and Smart Card power supply IC with level translator that's suitable for GSM, TD-SCDMA and other 3G+ wireless applications that interface with either a 1.8V or 3V SIM or Smart Card.
2005-09-06 DAC filter preserves sound
Cirrus Logic's six-channel, single-chip digital-to-analog converter touts high audio quality for entry-level multichannel audio systems and surround-sound apps
2005-07-27 DAC cuts power by 70 percent
These fourth generation high-speed Tx D/A converters from ADI feature a small footprint (32-lead FLCSP), low power consumption (190mW to 135mW), and increased functionality
2007-08-22 CSS chips eye European, Asian DBS markets
RF Magic has launched two new low-power CSS RF chips for the European and Asian DBS markets.
2011-10-10 Clock IC offers 2.4MHz-2.6GHz output frequency
TI's clock generator cuts component count by up to 80 percent and BOM by up to 50 percent.
2008-11-10 Clock generator eases configuration in multiple ICs
Silicon Laboratories has created a clock generator known as Si5338, which can synthesize any frequency from 0.16MHz to 350MHz and choose frequencies to 700MHz on each of the device's four differential outputs.
2003-04-21 Atmel ASIC powers Franklin's next-gen handhelds
Franklin Electronic Publishers has chosen Atmel's ARM core-based ASIC to support its next-gen handheld products.
2009-06-17 Apps modules roll for multicore processors
Freescale Semiconductor has released a set of applications modules for its embedded multicore processors in an effort to reduce the amount of parallel software its OEM customers need to develop.
2005-10-06 Agilent announces changes in recently-acquired Eagleware product line
Agilent Technologies will reorganize its product lines following the recent acquisition of the business of Eagleware-Elanix, a provider of system and circuit design software for the communications industry.
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