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2003-10-24 Xinchang trimming pots suit control apps
Changzhou Xinchang Electronic has released its WH158-1 and RT151-1 series of carbon film trimming pots that are designed to suit various control apps
2003-03-04 Top-Up trimming potentiometers rated at 220V
The TM3362 series of ceramic trimming potentiometers from Top-Up Ind. Corp. has a resistance range of 100 to 2M with 10 percent tolerance and a voltage rating of 220V
2006-12-13 Low-cost trimming pots suit board-level interface apps
BI Technologies has expanded its product offering to include a complete line of open-type trimming potentiometers, providing design engineers with a lower-cost solution for board-level interface applications
2003-05-06 Dazheng trimming pots withstand 500Vac
The 3266W trimming potentiometers from Chengdu Dazheng Electronics Co. Ltd offer a resistance range of 50 ohms to 2 megohms
2002-02-07 Catalyst Semiconductor digital potentiometer offers 1 percent resolution
The CAT5111 and CAT5113 digital potentiometers are designed to replace mechanical potentiometers and trimmers in systems requiring automated or self-calibration.
2002-03-12 TH3-RT trimming procedure
This application note explains the procedure of calibration trimming with potentiometers
2004-02-26 Dazheng pots measure 7-by-7-by-5.5mm
Chengdu Dazheng Electronics' 3323U trimming potentiometer features a normal resistance range of 50 ohms to 1 megohm.
2003-02-27 Dallas resistor IC replaces mechanical trimmers
The DS3904 non-volatile, triple digital resistor IC is designed to replace mechanical trim devices for PC power supplies.
2003-07-14 Chengdu trimmer pots have 10 percent tolerance
The 3296X cermet trimming potentiometers from Chengdu Dazheng Electronics Co. Ltd features a normal resistance range of 50 ohms to 2 milliohms
2003-06-26 Chengdu Dazheng pots withstand to 700Vac
The 3362 trimming potentiometers from Chengdu Dazheng Electronics Co. Ltd feature 50 ohms to 2 megohms of normal resistance, 700Vac withstand voltage, and are rated at 0.25W (700) and 0W (1250
2003-06-04 Chengdu Dazheng pots have rated torque <35mNm
Chengdu Dazheng Electronics Co. Ltd has released its 3362W Cermet trimming potentiometers with a starting torque rated <35mNm
2005-09-21 Digital pots eliminate instability
A family of volatile, 32-tap digitally-controlled potentiometers from Intersil were designed to address the need for space-constrained apps that require ultra-low power.
2005-06-09 Digital potentiometers are priced like mechanical counterparts
The new family of digitally-controlled potentiometers from Microchip Technology are said to be cost and size competitive with current mechanical potentiometer devices
2006-03-07 Digital potentiometers consume 0.3A
Microchip Technology announced a family of low-power, low-voltage, 6bit digital potentiometers that are said to be cost and size competitive with mechanical versions.
2003-01-07 Precision CMOS op amps pose alternative to JFETs
Advanced Linear Devices' ALD2724E/ALD2724 dual precision CMOS op amps offer feature-rich alternatives to JFET devices.
2006-08-29 8bit DACs tout 'highest' linearity
austriamicrosystems' AS1504/05 family of 8bit DACs, with shutdown and mid-scale reset, claims the industry's highest linearity for devices with 8 analog output channels.
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