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2010-07-06 WiSpry, IBM co-develop tunable RF MEMS
WiSpry Inc. and IBM are collaborating to develop MEMS process technology and manufacture its tunable RF product roadmap.
2002-05-14 Tunable RF inductors: WCM 201 series
This application note describes West Coast Magnetics' 201 series tunable RF inductors.
2002-05-03 Tunable mirror fibres have time to reflect
A group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is extending research into dielectric mirror fibres to build tunable filters and waveguides for optical communications systems.
2014-03-14 Tunable laser expands system capacity in advanced optical networks
A*STAR IME and NTU claimed the smallest wavelength-tunable laser fabricated by MEMS technology and can generate light from 1531.2-1579.5nm of the near-infrared region.
2014-05-30 Tunable filters with N female connectors handle 50W power
The devices from Fairview Microwave include band pass and band reject models, which operate between 100MHz and 3GHz, and come in rugged aluminium casings.
2008-11-13 Tunable capacitor to match any mobile band
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. claims to be unveiling the first single-chip solution to adjust a mobile antenna's RF response to all the different bands mobile media devices.
2009-01-15 ST, Paratek cooperate on RF tunable products
Paratek and STMicroelectronics have partnered to supply RF tunable products to mobile wireless markets.
2006-02-24 Software radio transceiver provides 256 tunable receive channels
Pentek announced the blending of its GateFlow 4954-430 high-density, narrowband digital downconverter FPGA IP core with its 7140 software radio transceiver PMC module.
2003-01-15 Sirenza develops 40Gbps tunable TIA
The company has developed a 40Gbps common-base TIA that employs a tunable transimpedance bandwidth control.
2002-11-06 Santur to supply XLight with tunable lasers
XLight Photonics and Santur Corp. have formed an agreement for the supply and utilization of Santur's tunable lasers in XLight Photonics' products.
2003-03-10 Princeton Optronics takes part in MSA for tunable lasers
Princeton Optronics Inc. has teamed with Agility, Alcatel Optronics and Bookham Technology in an MSA to provide equipment manufacturers with standardized tunable laser modules.
2007-09-07 Pirelli adds full L-band coverage to tunable solutions
Pirelli Broadband Solutions has added full L-band coverage to its tunable offerings, which includes the dynamically tunable laser, ITLA and 300-PIN MSA transponders.
2013-09-17 Physicists create polymer with tunable colours for white OLED
University of Utah physicists inserted platinum metal atoms at different intervals along a chain-like organic polymer, allowing the plastic-like polymer to emit light of different colours.
2006-06-07 Optical subsystem puts tunable filters in add-drop mux
Nistica's optical subsystems, which are being demonstrated at this week's Globalcomm, can be integrated, internally or as "pizza-box" adjuncts, to systems ranging from DWDM to multi-service provisioning platforms.
2004-07-19 OIF approves tunable laser agreement
The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has approved the multisource agreement and technical specifications for integratable tunable laser assemblies, known as ITLA-MSA.
2014-10-27 New compounds for cheaper, tunable OLEDs
The organic compounds have tunable electronic and physical characteristics in which small changes in the original structure would make it possible to tune the photophysical properties of the final compound.
2003-03-27 NEC rolls PLC-based tunable dispersion modules
NEC Corp. has expanded its PLC-based products for the WDM transmission market with the development of its colorless AWG wavelength dispersion modules.
2003-03-05 MSA formed for strategic tunable laser deployment
iolon Inc., Intel Corp., Bookham Technology and Santur Corp. have joined forces to form an MSA for tunable lasers.
2003-10-01 MEMS-based tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
For compensating chromatic dispersion fixed values, a dispersion compensating fiber is one of the most practical alternatives.
2009-03-12 IP cores are tunable for reuse
CebaTech Inc. has launched its first IP productsa library of tunable silicon IP cores targeted at SoC, ASIC and FPGA designs, and can be tuned for reuse in multiple application scenarios.
2003-01-14 Intel fires up tunable lasers
In a major move into optical communications, Intel Corp. plans to roll out its first tunable lasers for enterprise networks and MANs.
2002-05-23 Inplane launches amplified tunable dispersion compensator
Inplane Photonics Inc. has launched what it claims to be the industry's first amplified tunable dispersion compensator (Amplified TDC) for metro- and long-haul systems.
2005-09-28 Fujitsu adopts Intel's optical tunable laser
Fujitsu Ltd has adopted Intel Corp.'s full-band tunable laser for use in its next-generation tunable transponders targeted at worldwide optical network systems.
2002-08-23 Fiberspace acquires Tunable Photonics
Fiberspace Inc. has acquired the assets of Tunable Photonics Corp.
2005-12-21 Europe researches ferroelectrics for tunable components
Philips Electronics and Ericsson are amongst the partners in a three-year European Commission project intended to develop tunable resonators and other devices for microwave applications using nano-structured ferroelectric materials.
2008-05-16 Design lighting systems with tunable WLEDs
Tunable lighting is a feature offered by solid-state lighting that is beyond the tactical economic benefits of energy reduction and extended service life that are already driving LED adoption in the lighting market. Discover how tunable white LEDs could enhance your lighting designs.
2011-06-23 China Mobile, SkyCross demo tunable MIMO design
China Mobile Research Institute and SkyCross unveil a tunable MIMO antenna for worldwide LTE deployment.
2013-06-06 Cavendish samples out RF tunable capacitors
The Cavendish Digital Variable Capacitor is shipped as a chip scale package and is designed to meet stringent technical requirements.
2008-09-23 Bookham offers XFP-E tunable pluggable transceiver
Bookham Inc. has launched a high performance full band tunable pluggable transceiver in the XFP-E format.
2002-11-28 Agility to launch 20mW, 25GHz tunable laser
Agility Communications will be launching a high-powered 20mW tunable laser called the Agility 3205 CW Widely Tunable Laser Assembly (TLA).
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