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2004-03-26 Z-Communications VCO with 45MHz/V tuning sensitivity
The compact V910ME01 VCO from Z-Communications delivers 3,930MHz to 4,200MHz within 1.5Vdc to 11Vdc of control voltage.
2002-05-03 Using bipolar biasing to obtain the full tuning range capability of Z-COMM VCOs
This application note illustrates the recommended configuration for proper 115V operation.
2008-06-16 Tuning-fork crystal unit is ultraslim at 0.48mm
Epson Toyocom Corp. claims to have developed the world's thinnest kHz-band crystal unit, the FC-13E, which has a maximum thickness of just 0.48mm.
2005-07-26 Tuning gets easier with industry's first multi-channel DDSs
Analog Devices introduced what it touts as the industry's first multi-channel direct digital synthesizers
2008-06-04 Tuning fork crystals fit various lab apps
Raltron's two series of surface-mount tuning fork crystals are essential in meeting the requirements of portable medical equipment such as blood glucose level meters, thermometers, blood pressure readers and other consumer assemblies.
2015-02-10 Tuning DDR4 signal paths with modern design tools
Adjusting the lengths of signal tracks so that the delays are matched and satisfy the DDR4 specification would be an almost impossible task without modern design tools.
2014-05-23 Tuning BLDC motor sensorless control application
Learn about the setup and tuning of various three-phase Brushless DC motors. The application is based on Freescale Semiconductor's 32bit Kinetis MKV10x device.
2007-11-21 Self-tuning 'robot' guitar ready for spotlight
Gibson Guitar Corp. has a special treat this holiday season as it demos the first limited edition self-tuning guitar on Dec. 7 for $2,500.
2013-06-06 Research: Precise tuning of quantum dot emissions
MIT researchers found a way to make quantum dots even more efficient at delivering precisely tuned colours of light that could be used to improve colour displays and biomedical monitoring systems.
2007-08-27 PSoC Express design tool adds real-time debugging, tuning
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced Version 3.0 of PSoC Express, a visual embedded system design tool for PSoC mixed-signal arrays.
2013-08-30 Peregrine's antenna tuning switch leverages UltraCMOS
Based on the company's UltraCMOS technology, the PE613010 antenna switch for LTE-Advanced smartphones delivers a low Ron of 1.2 from 700-2700MHz.
2005-06-15 OMAP591x: Tuning the system memory requirements of DSP/BIOS link
This app note discusses how to tune the system memory reserved for DSP/BIOS Link with regard to the needs of the application
2003-03-11 NI adds piezo tuning to LabVIEW software
National Instruments has released the Piezo Tuning Wizard application for its LabVIEW software.
2008-09-24 Motion controllers carry advanced tuning tools for robotics
ACS Motion Control has developed motion control modules ideal for robotic applications.
2008-04-30 MMIC switch addresses multiband antenna tuning
NEC addresses multiband antenna tuning with its recently launched UPG2189TB high power spst GaAs MMIC switch.
2003-07-23 Micrel RF receiver eliminates production tuning
Micrel Semiconductor has expanded its family of QwikRadio receivers with the release of the MICRF008 receiver device.
2009-03-10 Magnetic tuning of resonant sensors and methods for increasing sensitivity
This application note explains methods for better tuning of resonant magnetic sensors typically used with passive keyless entry and RFID devices.
2010-02-18 Magnetic tuning improves data storage
Chicago and London researchers have developed a method for controlling the properties of magnets that could be used to improve the storage capacity of next-generation computer hard drives.
2013-05-23 Macom's varactor diode built for high frequency VCO tuning
The MAVR-000120-1411 is a package-less varactor with contacts that allows for standard solder reflow manufacturing processes and is fabricated using a GaAs process.
2001-09-20 Low distortion FM generation and detection using Hyperabrupt tuning diodes
This application note describes the use of hyperabrupt tuning diodes in the generation and detection of FM signals PLL detectors.
2001-09-20 HF-VHF-UHF voltage controlled oscillators using Hyperabrupt tuning diodes
This application note is intended to assist the VCO designer in realizing the excellent performance attainable through the use of ion-implanted hyperabrupt tuning diodes.
2009-09-11 HF RFID reader IC packs antenna auto-tuning
Austriamicrosystems has launched an HF RFID reader that delivers 1W of output power from a 3.3V supply.
2001-09-20 Frequency linear tuning varactors
This application note provides an overview on the device characteristics and parameters of frequency linear tuning varactors (variable capacitance diodes).
2002-12-16 Fine-tuning VoB test capabilities
Before implementing automated tests, designers must weigh their value and determine what troubles these automated systems should target.
2011-06-24 Fine-tuning Impedance Track battery fuel gauge with LiFePO4 cells in shallow discharge apps
The Impedance Track battery-fuel gauging technology from Texas Instruments (TI) is an adaptive algorithm that learns how a battery's characteristics change over time.
2007-08-27 Fine tuning process clears way for denser MRAM
The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology claims to have invented a process for fine tuning MTJs for future HD heads, and perhaps even to enable denser MRAMs.
2007-03-20 Epson Toyocom touts 'smallest' tuning-fork crystal
Epson Toyocom claims the world's smallest tuning-fork crystal unitthe FC-12Man ultracompact SMD-type solution that promises to further miniaturize mobile products.
2003-03-10 Electronic Fine Tuning of the 3641-Type Transmitter Subassembly
This application note describes the procedures on how to properly fine tune the 3641-Type Transmitter Subassembly.
2002-12-27 CTE tuning forks operate to 60C
The 6K series of tuning forks from Crystal Technology Electronics Co. Ltd operates over the 30kHz to 350kHz frequency range with a tolerance level of 20ppm to 100pm.
2003-01-20 Clock oscillator performs better than tuning fork crystals
The EM7602 32.768kHz clock oscillator is claimed to exhibit three times better thermal drift than conventional tuning fork crystals.
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