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2003-05-27 Using a UART to implement a 1-Wire Bus Master
This application note describes the required electrical interface, configuration, and timing relationship between Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) and 1-Wire signals.
2005-12-07 USB-UART bridge integrates MCU clock generator
Future Technology Devices unveiled the FT232R, the next generation of its USB-UART bridge family. The FT232R includes onboard EEPROM, as well as a master clock generator, 3.3V LDO regulator, reset generator and USB termination resistors.
2010-04-07 USB-to-UART converter eases USB connectivity addition
Microchip's MCP2200 USB-to-UART protocol converter enables designers to quickly and easily add USB connectivity to their application without completely redesigning the system.
2007-01-11 USB 2.0 transceiver includes UART multiplexing mode
Maxim Integrated Products has developed a USB 2.0 full-speed transceiver with a UART multiplexing mode that allows UART or USB signaling through the same connector.
2006-02-14 UART/PCI controller tackles high density serial connectivity
Combining eight high performance UARTs and a PCI compliant host interface in a single chip, Oxford Semiconductor's new communications controller provides designers with the means to dramatically simplify multi-port serial to PCI bus design.
2006-02-09 UART supports high-speed data transmission in industrial apps
Exar has released its highest performing UART, an eight-channel device that transmits data at 8Mbps, and targets industrial applications that require high-speed data transmission.
2005-06-09 UART serial interface through USB evaluation board
This app note discusses the operation and description of the UART serial interface through USB
2003-06-19 UART in-application code loading examples
A UART code loader provides in-system reprogrammability of program code space (Flash) through the serial port. This application note gives an overview of in-application code loading on Cygnal devices and provides two complete examples.
2008-06-18 UART device targets consumer, industrial apps
Exar recently launched next-generation high performance and low voltage quad-channel device family to its broad UART line, targeting a wide variety of battery-operated portable consumer products as well as industrial applications.
2007-09-14 UART core delivers 3Mbps for Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
QuickLogic Corp. has launched a new UART proven system block that supports the full 3Mbps required for Bluetooth 2.1 and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) operation.
2010-01-19 Tiny SPI/I?C UART cuts space, power, cost
The device is suited for industrial field busses that require high-speed Profibus DP communication protocols.
2004-12-08 STR71x UART communication with a PC using RS232
This app note discusses a standard communications interface between a STR71x microcontroller and a PC.
2004-12-08 STR71x BSPI used as an UART
This app note discusses the standard communication interface between a STR71x microcontroller and a PC.
2009-05-05 ST10 UART recommendations
This application note gives advice on using the ASC peripherals present in the ST10 and the asynchronous operations will be considered.
2003-06-19 Software UART examples
This application note presents a discussion about software UART implementation on C8051Fxxx devices.
2005-12-21 Single-channel UART's operating voltage drops to 1.8V
Exar has developed a 1.8V single-channel UART in 24- and 32-pin QFN packages aimed at portable and mobile applications.
2000-09-07 Serial communications using the Z8 CCP software UART
This application note presents one method for accomplishing serial communications through software rather than hardware by taking advantage of the flexibility of the Z8 MCU CCP.
2002-11-18 Serial bus system gets the UART treatment
FTDI Ltd's FT232BM single-chip USB UART solution is designed for transferring serial data over the USB.
2008-07-14 Serdes with UART/I?C control suits automotive cameras
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the latest members of its high-speed LVDS Serdes family: the MAX9257/MAX9258 Serdes chipset.
2004-02-12 Philips UART provides 256-byte FIFO
Royal Philips Electronics has disclosed that its SC28L202 is the industry's first UART with 256B FIFO and real-time error detection.
2005-10-27 Philips announces 'industry's first I�C/SPI to UART bridge chip'
The new SC16IS7xx family of bridge ICs from Philips promises to provide designers with a compact, seamless bridge across the most widely used protocols.
2005-06-16 Migrating applications to USB from RS-232 UART with minimal impact on PC software
This app note explains some background materials required for a better understanding of the serial emulation over USB method and to describe how to migrate an existing application to USB
2001-10-09 M37640: UART interface
This application note discusses the UART operation of the Mitsubishi M37640 microcontroller. A discussion on the hardware, firmware structure and implementation is detailed.
2001-05-22 Implementing a software UART on the TMS320C54x with the McBSP and DMA
This application note discusses the implementation of a UART on a TMS320C54x DSP using the multi-channel buffered serial port (McBSP) and DMA, and provides a software UART implementation in C-callable assembly code.
2001-05-16 Implementation of a software UART on TMS320C54x using general-purpose I/O pins
This application note discusses a software implementation of a UART to enable asynchronous communication with minimal hardware overhead using Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x DSP.
2007-02-01 Implement MCU-based software UART
With communications peripherals implemented in software, any aspect of the protocols can be updated.
2001-05-03 Hardware UART for the TMS320C3x
This application note describes one possible solution for implementing hardware UART for Texas Instruments' TMS320C3x DSP family.
2003-04-25 Fujitsu MCUs feature LIN-compatible UART
Fujitsu Ltd has introduced the MB9821 series of 8-bit MCUs that feature LIN-compatible UART interfaces.
2005-03-28 First PCI 3.0-compliant UART
Exar's XR17V258 UART devices will support 66MHz PCI bus interfacesup to 8 channels with 32bit data.
2006-08-28 Exar unrolls 'first' quad-channel 66MHz PCI 3.0 compliant UART
Exar has announced a quad-channel 66MHz PCI 3.0 compliant UART device, said to be the industry's first such product.
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