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2005-06-20 Ultracapacitor technology breakthrough powers higher-performance products
Maxwell's new large cell BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules are based on a technology that enables them to store more energy and deliver more power per unit volume.
2009-10-29 Ultracapacitor promises 10-year SSD data protection
TPC-10 provides up to 10 years or more of reliable data protection for high-performance solid-state drives.
2012-08-09 Ultracapacitor module for small form factor designs
Ioxus introduced the THiNCAP iMOD modules for power conditioning and automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications.
2011-08-25 Ultracapacitor geared for mission-critical UPS
The 56V ultracapacitors offer capacitance up to 130F and are designed for UPS in data centers and industrial facilities.
2005-10-24 New ultracapacitor module from Maxwell takes on heavy loads
Maxwell Technologies' new MBOD2600-48 module is a fully integrated, 48V multi-cell ultracapacitor module in the company's BOOSTCAP line for heavy-duty transportation, industrial energy storage, and power delivery apps.
2004-03-04 Maxwell, Hydrogenics forge ultracapacitor alliance
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has forged a strategic alliance with Hydrogenics Corp. to integrate its ultracapacitors into Hydrogenics' fuel cell power systems to optimize system performance, cost, and longevity.
2002-05-14 Maxwell ultracapacitor targets transportation, industrial markets
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of the 2.7kF TC2700 ultracapacitor for use as an energy storage device in transportation and industrial power systems.
2006-04-26 Maxwell licenses ultracapacitor tech to SEUP
Maxwell Technologies has signed a contract licensing Shanghai Urban Electric Power Investment Development to manufacture and market ultracapacitor products.
2006-06-14 Maxwell broadens ultracapacitor distribution network
Maxwell Technologies announced that it has signed supply agreements with seven new distribution partners, strengthening and expanding its growing international channel network.
2005-05-26 Mainland China ultracapacitor industry to grow 40 percent
Makers predict mainland China's ultracapacitor industry will experience a 40 percent year-on-year increase for the next several years.
2013-06-12 iCAP Series Ultracapacitor boasts 2.7V working voltage
The 1200F cell from Ioxus is a high-powered energy solution that optimises the performance of lead acid, AGM and Lithium Ion batteries, enabling improved start/stop technology performance.
2012-03-14 Benefits of ultracapacitor for EV energy storage
Find out why ultracapacitors are the best choice for electric vehicle energy storage.
2014-06-13 2.85V ultracapacitor features upped vibration resistance
The K2 ultracapacitor cell from Maxwell incorporates the DuraBlue shock and vibration technology, increasing vibration resistance and shock immunity for transportation applications.
2003-03-03 Yeong-Long to manufacture Maxwell ultracaps in China
Maxwell Technologies has formed an alliance with Yeong-Long Technologies to manufacture and market its proprietary BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor line.
2010-01-29 Ultracapacitors pack low ESR, high power density
Ioxus Inc. has rolled out a new family of large-cell prismatic electrochemical double-layer capacitors which is targeting transportation and utility applications
2004-04-05 Maxwell ultracapacitors use D cell battery dimensions
Using industry-standard D cell battery dimensions, the BCAP0350 ultracapacitor from Maxwell Technologies can easily be designed into a system
2004-12-10 Maxwell expands ultracap line with standard packs, modules
Maxwell Technologies introduced a new family of fully-integrated 15V BOOSTCAP packs and modules.
2002-07-10 Maxwell completes acquisition of Swiss capacitor maker
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has completed its acquisition of Montena Components Ltd.
2010-02-19 Intel looks into nanoscale power storage
Intel researchers are checking nanoscale materials that could be used to create ultracapacitors with a greater energy density than today's Li-ion batteries.
2004-05-13 Apogee redefines super capacitor
Apogee believes its new capacitor technology can significantly extend the operating life of Li-ion batteries in digital communications devices.
2003-08-12 Ansoft releases Simplorer component models
The company's model database for Simplorer includes more than 4,000 predefined models of commercially available components from International Rectifier, Maxwell Technologies, On Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Infineon, and others.
2014-04-24 Ultracapacitors get storage boost from graphene, nanotubes
George Washington University researchers combined graphene flakes with single-walled carbon nanotubes to develop an ultracapacitor that boasts a capacitance value three times higher than that of a device made from carbon nanotubes alone.
2007-08-01 Ultracapacitors extend reach to handsets
Tecate Industries expands its 2.7V PowerBurst ultracapacitor cells with the introduction of the TPL/TPLS series with capacitance of 0.5-300F and used for pulse and hold-up power in handheld and portable devices.
2011-06-22 Tecate customizes ultracapacitors for automatic metering
Tecate Group has made available custom and standard ultracapacitor cells and modules for automatic meter reading (AMR) and smart grid applications.
2010-08-16 Memory family offers maintenance-free enterprise data integrity
The Agigaram product family merges NAND Flash, DRAM and a battery-free ultracapacitor power source into a non-volatile memory system that delivers data transfer speeds up to 1,333MTps.
2006-03-24 Maxwell to supply ultracap material to YEC
Maxwell Technologies has agreed to supply its carbon powder-based ultracapacitor electrode material to Yeong-Long Technologies.
2014-02-12 SNIA facilitates quick adoption of NVDIMM
A memory module that combines a volatile DRAM and non-volatile flash allows transfer of data within the DRAM to the flash during a power failure, and back when normal conditions resume.
2010-05-25 Silicon Valley veteran weighs in on clean tech, AMD
EE Times recently sat down with Atiq Raza, interim CEO of battery maker Seeo and a veteran of Silicon Valley and discussed venture capital, Intel vs. AMD battle, the outlook for clean tech.
2011-06-20 Rusnano finances Nesscap's global expansion
Nesscap and Rusnano have signed an agreement wherein Rusnano will aid in financing Nesscap's expansion of its ultracapacitors fab in Korea and manufacturing and R&D facilities in Russia.
2015-04-15 Netlist unveils additional NVDIMM modules
The EXPRESSvault EV3 PCI Express 3.0 non-volatile RAM is a storage-class memory tier intended for server-side caching, scale-out storage, database and distributed file systems and all-flash arrays.
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