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uninterruptible power supply What is uninterruptible power supply (UPS)? Search results

What is uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is equipment that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it provides
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2006-05-25 UPS accommodates USB-enabled power management software for Linux
MGE UPS Systems says its Personal Solution Pac 3.0 for Linux is the first UPS power management solution fully based on open source code
2000-04-16 Uninterruptible power supply application brief
This application note describes the PIC17C756A as the heart of the UPS system. This document also discusses the basic operation of the UPS in detail.
2006-07-17 TI's DSP controllers target power conversion, motor-control apps
Targeting digital power conversion and motor-control applications, Texas Instruments has added four new members to its TMS320F280xx digital signal controller family
2007-10-12 TI boosts power management line with acquisition
Texas Instruments Inc. has acquired Powerprecise Solutions, Inc., a fabless supplier of portable power management ICs
2012-01-02 The lowdown on power line communication
Here's a discussion on power line communication and its segments, applications, and challenges
2007-06-19 Power supply to enable green, energy-saving data centers
APC-MGE is preparing an uninterruptible power supply that will address two of the biggest concerns facing data centers today: the need for increased power density and the need to be green.
2000-04-16 Power supply application brief
A digital power supply solution is more manufacturable and is easier to design than the analog solution. A power supply, which has variable voltage and current control output, can use the PIC17C756A chip to perform traditional analog function in the digital domain. This application note discusses the PIC17C756A, as a device capable of generating the voltage and current needed with HW PWMs
2007-10-09 Omron power relay gives 40A switching capacity
A power relay that provides up to 40A switching capacity per pole on the normally-open (NO) contact has been introduced by Omron Electronic Components LLC
2002-03-04 MGE compact UPSs boost power density
With across-the-board space and power density issues continuing to drive power conversion, MGE UPS Systems bills its new Pulsar Evolution family of UPS as the smallest, most powerful UPS in its class
2003-04-04 Falcon ac power source targets tough noise
Falcon Electric Inc. has integrated several power blocks common to the company's UPS to create its SVR series
2000-05-04 Designing a low-cost USB interface for an Uninterruptible Power Supply with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63001 USB Controller
This application note describes how a cost-effective USB Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) interface can be built using the Cypress Semiconductor single-chip CY7C63001 USB controller.
2004-02-23 Cisco offers power-over-Ethernet products
Cisco Systems has bolstered its early support for IEEE 802.3af POE by expanding its support for the standard across most models of its Catalyst switches.
2004-05-12 Ballard, Alpha to develop fuel cell backup power systems
Ballard Power Systems Inc. and Alpha Technologies Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and field test backup power systems
2013-05-08 650V power chip runs super junction MOSFET
Infineon Technologies' C7 series boasts the world's lowest R DS(on) of 19m? in a TO-247 package and 45m? in the TO-220 and D 2PAK packages.
2004-04-26 STMicro rolls out gate driver for IGBT, power MOSFETs
STMicro has introduced an advanced gate driver for IGBT and power MOSFETs that includes control and protection functions
2014-08-14 MIT blazes power electronics trail
Several of its work on ultra high-frequency conversion and ultraminiaturized converters feature size reductions and efficiency improvements for applications including giant server farms, lamps, and handheld devices.
2005-03-14 UPS extends on-line backup down to 500VA
Emerson Network Power's Liebert GXT2-500 extends the GXT family of true on-line uninterruptible power supplies down to 500VA to meet the increasing demand for low-power yet highly critical apps
2006-04-18 UPS cuts downtime yet again
Tripp Lite's SU5000RT4U and SU6000RT4U UPS tout a unique power distribution unit that allows UPS system maintenance and component replacement without power interruption
2002-07-19 Sealake UPS battery has 24Ah capacity
The UPS1224BM UPS battery from Ningbo Sealake Storage Battery Co. Ltd offers a nominal voltage of 12V and a capacity of 24Ah for a 20h rate.
2005-12-28 PoE modules boost advanced wireless, VoIP apps
Phihong USA's new power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products include a one-port high-power midspan for high-speed 802.11N access points, and a redundant power source (RPS) with up to 180 PoE ports for VoIP and IT applications
2002-08-09 Modular UPS extends scalability
The Galaxy PW line of UPS has a scalable architecture and is claimed by the MGE UPS to be one of the most robust backup solutions for the IT and critical-process infrastructure.
2002-04-19 MGE UPS scalable inverter meets NEBS telecom standard
MGE UPS Systems' Topaz S4 inverter is a scalable, N+1 dc/ac power system for mission-critical telecom and datacom applications
2000-05-04 Implementing triple conversion single-phase on-line UPS using TMS320C240.
This application note discusses the different implementation aspects of a DSP-based on-line UPS design using a TMS320C240.
2002-07-02 High-density 12kVA UPS from HP draws on smart output
Touting a new high in power capability and a proprietary "wireless paralleling" architecture to address fault-tolerance, HP is billing its UPS R12000 XR as the industry's most power-dense UPS in a 10U enclosure
2014-09-26 GE sol'n powers high-volume small cell networks
The Power Express Remote Combiner boosts wireless capacity by ensuring that even the most remote small-cell communications node on the network receives enough power to handle peak voice and data requirements
2005-05-11 Extended-range UPSes from Tripp Lite field industrial apps
Tripp Lite's new line of 3-phase SmartOnline UPSes, true double-conversion systems, extend to the 20kVA and 30kVA region for computing, networking, telecommunications, and industrial environments.
2002-06-11 CNB markets 65Ah SLA for UPS
The CP65-12 SLA battery from Chang Nan Battery Ind. Co. Ltd has a nominal voltage of 12V, capacity of 65Ah, and is targeted for use in UPS systems.
2002-01-30 Centralion interactive UPS boasts elegant, user-friendly design
The Micro Centra (5Centra) interactive UPS from Centralion Ind. is offered in models with and without handle.
2002-08-15 Benson UPS device features lighter weight
Benson Power & Controls Pvt Ltd's Gold Series of online UPS devices is claimed by the company to be more than 50 percent lighter than competing devices
2002-11-14 APC ships 1U rack-mount UPS
American Power Conversion Corp. has expanded its Smart-UPS line with the addition of a series of 1U rack-mount UPS with capacities of 750VA and 1kVA
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